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    Interview: Rachel Rixham Talks with John ’00’ Fleming & Bryan Kearney 

    One of the true legends of not only the UK, but world trance scene John ’00’ Fleming and one of its fastest rising stars and Passion resident Bryan Kearney to take the controls of Passion The Album – Volume Two.


    Rachel Rixham: It’s a real pleasure to grab this interview with you guys today, let’s start with a brief artist introduction, tell us a little bit about yourselves.

    John: I’m John 00 Fleming, the bloke that moans a lot about the trance scene!

    Bryan: 28 years of age and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I specialize in energetic club driven music.

    Rachel Rixham: John ‘OO’ Fleming admired by many, you’re by far one of the most solid and well-respected artists in our Trance scene to date, you’ve stuck to your guns and always delivered admirable talent and flawless productions skills throughout the years, can you tell us what Trance Musictruly means to you?

    John: I discovered Trance music in 1990 and like to feel like I’ve dedicated my ultimate best to this genre that I dearly love. It’s this reason I like to stay true to the Ethos of trance music, because it seems to becoming a forgotten pastime these days. The true form of Trance music is the most powerful form of music I’ve ever experience in my life. Trance should do as it says on the tin, trance you out.

    Rachel Rixham: Bryan Kearney a name quickly climbing the ranks, and showcasing an extraordinary talent, tell us where this musical quest began for you? and how you feel you have developed over the years.

    Bryan: It began at the turn of the century when I became obsessed with dance music. I worked my way through pirate radio, into the clubs, into production, started playing nationally and then playing internationally. I’m still quite new to the industry so I believe that the journey is far from over.

    Rachel Rixham: John you’ve always been one to air your honest thoughts and opinions and for that many value what you say, highly – including myself. Your latest blog entitled “Unsocial networking” goes on to mention that being original and spotted isn’t so simple – I have to agree, it seems as though for an artist to make something of themselves, all they have to do is pay for a huge marketing team to do all the work for them, as you also mentioned in your article….

    Can you tell everyone at home, where you feel things started to go wrong in the Music Industry?

    John: Greed and fame hunters. The scene used to be full of pioneering talented DJ’s and producers pushing musical boundaries, unfortunately these very same producers get overlooked and pushed aside by heavily marketed guys and are slowly disappearing. Promoters and clubs have stopped booking these very talents guys and are replaced by marketed superstars.

    It’s a real shame, the best guys in this scene used to play the newest groundbreaking music, in today’s World they play all the well know tracks and produce pop hits.

    Same question to you Bryan.

    Bryan: To suggest that things went wrong is a bit of a subjective matter. Things evolve in certain ways and it’s up to people to adapt to these changes in order for yourself to progress as an artist. Obviously the issue of illegal downloading has always being a talking point with regard things going wrong. There is barely any money to be made from making music anymore, it’s mainly your gigs that brings income in. The music industry is as it is today and it’s up to you to make it work for you or against you. To offer resistance to it will only stop progression. Of course it can be difficult at times.

    The economic downturn has had a major effect on the music industry in the same way as a lot of other industries. At the end of the day I’m involved in making and playing music for a living which is a dream come true. There are a lot of things within the scene that annoy me, the frauds, the shams, the politics. The way that certain artists masquerade themselves as musical geniuses when they have no idea about how to even make their own music. I feel sometimes that the business side has overtaken the musical side of the scene. This is just wrong. It should always be about the music. At the same time I try as much as I can to solely focus on myself, that’s the best way for me.

    Rachel Rixham: In addition to the above, we have a question to you both, from one of our Beatsmedia readers, “Frederick Mathews” he asks: What’s the Future of EDM & Trance in your personal opinion?

    John: Things need to split, this new form of pop Trance doesn’t sit with real Trance. They are two completely different scenes. Historically there have always been two scenes, commercial music and underground. We need those underground clubs back, the ones that support new talent.

    Bryan: I honestly feel within my own heart that the true sound of trance is going to return in the next 12 – 18 months. I think people have had enough of the commercialism, of the bullshit marketing, the bullshit PR, the fake followers on Twitter, the fake YouTube hits, the fake Facebook fans. The sound will return to what made it amazing in the first place. The music.

    Production & Methods

    Rachel Rixham: Moving along, for those not acquainted with your prestigious Radio shows “Global Trance Grooves”, and “Kearnage” please tell the readers what they can expect from the shows and where they can catch the sessions live?

    John: Global Trance Grooves is heading into its 9th year, time flies! The format seems to be working, I play music I believe in and will never sell out. All the guests are DJ’s or producers that I have played alongside and that have impressed me, may they be known or unknown. The show is growing year by year, we have a massive amount of downloads each month!

    Bryan: You can hear my radio show every month on Afterhours.Fm. The show takes place on the fourth Saturday each month at 17:00 G.M.T The show is also available as a Podcast from iTunes.

    Rachel Rixham: John your label “JOOF” houses some very impressive talent, such as The Digital Blonde, Magnus, J. Michael Kober and many others. Can you tell us what you look for in an artist before signing them to your label, furthermore what we can expect from the label in 2012?

    John: JOOF recording isn’t a label that releases hit records, it’s a platform to allow producers to spread their wings and experiment. I work closely with all the producers to ensure each release is well engineered, produced and a high quality product. At one point we never turn around and ask ‘will this sell’, all we care about is the quality of the music. The label will be 15 years old next year, so we’re doing something right.

    Rachel Rixham: In regards to “JOOF” Chris Gough asks: When can we see “J00F Editions”, headlining Scotland?

    John: I want to take JOOF Editions around the UK, so hopefully very soon. It’s just a matter of finding the clubs and promoters who understand the ethos behind our brand and making sure they can provide the right environment.

    Rachel Rixham: John, In addition to the above question, would you like to tell us more about your feisty progressive track “Fight The Darkness”, which I’d like to mention features on the new compilation “Passion” Vol 2. What was it like working with Sascha Cooper and can we expect any more collaborations with Sascha in the future?

    John: I found Sascha on Youtube! I loved the sound of her original work, so I approached her and asked if she wanted to be on one of my tracks. We’ll be doing more for sure.

    Rachel Rixham: Bryan can tell us about your track “We’ll Never Die”, I notice a remix from Sebastian Brandt is due out on the 14th December 2011 and a feature on ASOT? How did the collaboration between you and “Jamie Walker” come about? and where does the inspiration come from for this big club banger?

    Bryan: We’ll Never Die is a throwback to the classic trance sound of previous that seems to have being lost in a sea of commercialism and dwindling BPM’s. It’s a resilient message that this sound will not fade away and that my label will not succumb to the latest trend or fad. Jamie is an extremely talented young lad and has a massive future ahead of him and he was a pleasure to work with. I chose Sebastian Brandt to remix the track as he is an amazing producer and I love his sound. I was delighted that he agreed to remix the track and I was buzzing when it was featured on A State Of Trance. It’s a big honour and a massive achievement for a relatively new independent label like KEARNAGE to have stuff featured on the biggest trance show in the world. More of this stuff is on the way.

    Rachel Rixham: Talking about future, another one of our readers “Dave Bell” would like to know when or if at all John, you will release a massive box set of all the CD’s you have released in the past? – avid fan!

    John: Crikey, that would be a LOT! I wish I could, but CD’s are an old unwanted format these days. The World doesn’t have the infrastructure to sell CD’s these days with HMV, Virgin megastore closing their doors along with independent shops. It’s truly sad. There are a handful of online stores, but by the time you pay shipping etc, people get put off and download it online.

    Rachel Rixham: Before we move on to the new compilation, two questions our readers especially enjoy. Can you walk us around your studio, what can we expect to see there? and what equipment will you be purchasing next? (That question is for you both)

    John: As things stand, it’s a building site! I’m halfway though having a new studio built. I’m having the floors, walls all insulated, acoustically treated. At the end it will be a top notch pro studio, and I cant wait! I’m pretty much doing everything in the computer these days, but I still spend a lot of money on the most important tools in the studio, monitors. I wouldn’t live without my Dynaudio and Pioneer monitors.

    Bryan: Haha you won’t see very much. It’s a very simple set up that I have just recently upgraded. I have just ordered a custom built 16 gig PC which will be run by an i7 processor. I have a set of KRK Rokit 5’s which I use as monitors. I don’t use any hardware. I use Cubase 3.2 at the moment but I will be upgrading to 5 soon. It’s a simple set up beside my bed.

    Passion The Album – Mixed by John “OO” Fleming & Bryan Kearney 

    Rachel Rixham: The first question would have to be, how did you both come to the agreement to mix this new compilation together?

    John:: We’re both DJ’s that play regularly at Passion, so it seemed a natural choice from the big bosses at Passion.

    Bryan: The agreement wasn’t between myself and John, we were both asked by Enhanced Music and UK Superclub Passion to compile the CD.

    Rachel Rixham: When two artists are behind putting together a new compilation, I can imagine the disagreements are plentiful? Or were you both very well behaved throughout the process?

    John: Musically we’re both different, so luckily we didn’t clash with tracks…..good job too because I forgot to check Bryan’s tracklisting before I missed mine!

    Bryan: To be honest myself and John didn’t really have much communication in the process of putting the CD together so there were no disagreements between us. We just worked away by ourselves. We were, as always, well behaved 😉

    Rachel Rixham: A predictable question but a must, how long did it take you to complete “Passion The Album”? And are you both truly satisfied with the results?

    John: I must have around 30 compilations under my belt now, so I starting to get a dab hand at them. I programmed the mix on a flight back from LA, then mixed it when I get home.

    Bryan: It took me about 3 days in total to complete the actual mix which includes both sequencing and mastering. I drew up a draft of about 35-40 tracks for which I received clearance to use. Unfortunately not all labels were so forthcoming with their tracks. I was also limited by certain labels so it was difficult in that aspect.

    Rachel Rixham: Passion The Album features a plethora of high-quality producers, such as John “O” Callaghan, Lee Haslam, Daniel Kandi, TrancEye, Airwave, and John Dopping to name a few, not to mention “JOOF” residents E-Clip, Cosmithex, and The Digital Blonde. How did you go about selecting which artists would feature in the new album? Or was it a case of that track delivers the correct vibe for the album, so yeah let’s go with that?

    John: I don’t look at the artists involved, I chose the music as a tool for me to unfold the musically story, that dictates what gets used or not. The progression of the mix is the most important thing to me.

    Bryan: I looked through my tracks, got the key of each track and started piecing things together track by track. I really wanted to bring as much of a journey aspect to my CD as possible so I start off quite techy and then into the full on trance stuff. It is a quite diverse mix. There are probably parts that won’t appeal to everyone but that’s the music that I like and that was the message I was trying to convey. If I’ve opened up a new type of music to one person for the first time I’ll consider it a success. I’m happy with how it turned out and look forward to compiling another. I really love mixing up tracks as much as I am an extremely creative person.

    Rachel Rixham: John what did you hope to achieve with your mix in Disc One? And what 3 tracks from your mix do you feel best represents the overall sound?

    John: I hate listening to albums where I skip certain moments or tracks, so I try and avoid that with my albums. I treat every mix as if it were one long remix so each track vibe blends seamlessly to the next one, before you know it, 78 minutes has gone by and the mix has ended. You have no idea where the time went? To me, that’s a good mix.

    Bryan: I wanted to bring a mix that was bursting with energy whilst remaining interesting to the listener at the same time. It’s full on at times but also has the more melodic parts to give you a break before smacking you in the face and off we go again. The three tracks that represent the mix best would be David Moleon – Tinitu (my techno side), Ridiculous (my tech-trance side) and the Jamie Walker Remix of Lost In You (my trance side).

    Rachel Rixham: So the album came out on the “14th November 2011” on the Enhanced and Assured labels, and has already garnered much praise from the masses. To finish off, can we expect a further collaboration in the future from you two?

    John: The combination of the two styles seems to work, so why not!

    Bryan: Never say never.

    Rachel Rixham: Finally, with the compilation now complete, what are your plans next? A much needed rest perhaps? Or do you have anything pencilled in that we should know about?

    John: I wish….I’ve been non stop touring and have much more to come. Now that my artist album is out of the way, it’s time for me to release some serious dark heads down Trancers. Oh and I mustn’t forget my JOOF Editions events, we’re bringing the serious underground vibe of clubbing back.

    Bryan: I’m currently on tour in Australia and about to travel to New Zealand for my debut over there before returning to play in Melbourne. I’ll then be flying home to Ireland for Christmas to spend time with loved ones and thankfully I won’t be seeing an airport for a while as I’ll be playing right across Ireland during the festive period. I’m looking forward to it.

    After the huge success of thefirst Passion album mixed by Lange & Genix we are pleased to bring you the second edition from the UK Superclub.

    This time, one of the true legends of not only the UK, but world trance scene John ’00’ Fleming and one of its fastest rising stars and Passion resident Bryan Kearney to take the controls of Volume Two.

    Buy CD: 

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    Who is REALLY killing our Trance scene? 

    Who is really killing our trance scene…? Is it the artists who continue to live each day, producing and bringing us fresh, new music, for the love of music?. Or could it be those who live their lives slating, creating rumours and knocking the trance scene and artists down?

    I am not going to start this article by pointing the shaky finger or naming and shaming, but I am going to share with you a few things that I have seen happen more and more over my years within the music industry, the trance industry to be exact. Although I am well aware it is not the only reason our trance scene is apparently in a bad way; I feel the following is just as important and as far as I know no one has highlighted it yet, please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not expecting anyone to agree with my thoughts and feelings, nor do I care for those who want to tear me down for them, but I have an opinion just as anyone else, and here it is. #Hatersgonnahate.

    I see and hear many people arguing that our beloved trance scene is dying off, has become stale and every track sounds the same, yet when artists try to deliver a new sound or create a new style some apparent fans continue to knock it down with feedback such as, “This isn’t Trance” “Wtf is this” “This is shit” ”You are shit” “What the hell happened to you?” “Go F*ck yourself“ and so on, nice eh?. You cry out for something new and yet try and kill it off before it grows. In addition, it knocks down the confidence of our artists, which in turns knocks the confidence of labels who then go on to stop our artists truly being themselves, thus leaving our artists nervous and confused about what to conjure next. Please think about it for a moment, for our trance music to thrive the artists need continuous support, support from those who really care, when you see insulting comments and attacks made towards an artist stand up and defend them. Stop complaining about the growing changes in our scene and focus on improving your musical scope by trying out the new sounds, there is a lot of new talent and skill out there at the moment seeping through every day. Of course, not every genre is to my taste either but that gives me no right to attack or personally offend the artist who produced it, I would rather just choose to move along, not hold any grudges and find something I did enjoy instead.

    Here, is a fine example of how “some” of our trance community can behave towards others, most of, I am sure, didn’t really mean to insult Guetta but, they chose to follow a crowd, which perhaps at the time seemed “like a cool thing” to do. David Guetta “The House DJ” gets to No1, a spot he should have garnered many years ago to be truthful. Why? Fanbase, his fanbase is larger than most of our trance artists, therefore, that support should and did take him to first place. I can’t say I am the biggest fan of David Guetta but, I do respect his productions. David Guetta releases music he knows his fans will enjoy, hence the massive following, he has created his own unique sound and no one could ever take that away from him. Not to mention he sells the music like nobody else. He is a legend in his own right, yes he is not a trance artist but whoever said DJMAG‘s top ten was only for trance artists anyway. DJ Mag, the artists, or you?

    Moving on, so he gets to No1 and knocks down Armin Van Buuren who has been a firm favourite for many years already, Guetta celebrates just as any other artist did and what happens? Firstly he gets booed on stage and then his fan page on Facebook on Facebook gets bombarded by trance fans slagging him off, slating his work and generally being down right nasty and very insulting towards him. Floods of uncalled for messages and personal attacks stream through for days via various social networking sites. You can see a small portion of that negativity here and here, although, please understand the following examples have been fairly moderated. Acceptable behaviour? I didn’t think so, to the point I actually felt quite embarrassed and sympathetic. Someone said to me a while back on twitter “he probably doesn’t even care” I thought, you’re probably correct, but it still doesn’t make it right. Sadly, since then I have spotted an escalating attitude from our community towards our trance artists too, and it turns out that after much research it has gone on for quite some time. Just scan through the videos on youtube and you will see it for yourself, it’s quite an eye opener. Of course, I am not saying that you can’t have an opinion, but when your words become aggressive and personal towards the artist in question, that in my eyes is when you have taken a step too far.

    “Boredom, after all, is a form of criticism”. Wendell Phillips

    Trance music will always remain in the hearts of many for years to come because it encourages emotion, happiness and euphoric states of mind, the very reasons many of us refuse not to follow it, but what does it mean for trance in the future if those growing pockets of our diminutive community continues to be disrespectful, uncaring, and extremely negative towards it? Negative energy only leads to a depression, therefore, if you don’t like the genre or sub-genres anymore then simply move on to something else. There are more than enough genres in the world right now that will accommodate even the most fastidious among you, so why continue to stay involved with a scene or genre that you have grown to hate? Why persist in trying to destroy it by vigorously attacking it with insults? Why go ahead and annihilate the creativity and confidence of our artists?

    So now I ask you, who is really killing our Trance scene?

    “Criticism and pessimism destroy families, undermine institutions of all kinds, defeat nearly everyone, and spread a shroud of gloom over entire nations”.  Gordon B. Hinckley

    • Chintan Kamani 12:34 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Nice one Rachel… Now I love you even more… 🙂

      • Rachel Rixham 12:52 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Don’t love me – love the artists 😉

      • DREN 11:40 am on December 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        its just music all genres has its good and bad artists. BIG DEAL. its upto YOU the consumer and fan to pick the best of the genre in YOUR mind. What you think is good music in all honesty could be garbage to some one else.

        I think the article is good and i sense a lot of people are focusing on the wrong aspects of it. The article is merely raising a question. In my mind whats really killing the scene is people who are sooooo closed minded that they are stuck in a time warp of music and dont want to let it evolve along with the creative evolution of its artists. TIMES CHANGE PEOPLE!!! and so do artists and music and fashion. but dont worry there will always be those producers making the style of trance that suits your tastes. Simply follow them and stop being babies.

        The music evolves and moves forward with or without you wether you like the new sound or not. Thats whats killing and stifling the scene more than anything is people wanting it to stay stuck in the era that was best for them and expecting it to stay that way forever. If trance didnt add outside influences into the music it would be boring stagnant and stale. In my opinion I heard worse trance when it was hitting its first big wave of popularity in the late 90’s when every radio song had a super cheap trance remix and we thought it was dead then lol.

        Trance is here to stay maybe not exactly how you would like but hey thats why you gotta dig deep to find your groove! 🙂

      • Cabanacat 8:07 pm on December 16, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        “Don’t be a prisoner of your own style” -Armin van Buuren
        “Stay Openminded” -Roger Shah

        Good point. There’s no reason to bash artists.

    • Rafael 12:41 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      absolutely right!

    • Harris 1:19 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      You write an article saying you are not going to name and shame but then you start going on about David Guetta? If you are willing to mention 1 name for your article why not go the whole way and mention what is really killing the Trance scene. David Guetta does not write Trance music and has nothing to do with killing the sound. The real thing that is killing the Trance scene is the whole “Swedish House Mafia” sound that artist are producing and playing. Most tracks that come out have this “One” stabs in it which means they get mainstream appeal so DJs such as Ferry, Armin, Tiesto all can play these main room at mainstream festivals. Another thing that is killing the trance scene is the influx of Vocal Trance and Cheesy vocal trance. You listen to Dash Berlin and you will hear one after another of crap vocals.

      I blame this on labels as they are only taking tracks produced with this sound now. I know as I am a producer and have hear this for the past few years. Labels like Armada Music = Vocal Trance, Spinnin Records now is steering away from Trance and going more into progressive house with Aviccii and the likes.

      More and more producers are moving to these sounds now, not by choice but to get a release. Gone are the days of banging 140 bpm Trance and yes I mean real Trance not this crap they call trance now at 130 bpm.

      So this is what is really killing our scene, not what you wrote above in your article.

      • Rachel Rixham 1:27 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t believe I said it was the soul cause? I merely offer suggestion. I’m sure I left “My Opinion” with a question – So, who is REALLY killing our Trance scene?

        Usually, name and shame means to mention specific names I didn’t mention any names other than yes Guetta, his situation with DJMAG opened my eyes as to what is truly going on, when any trance artist makes it to NO1 you don’t see House, Dubstep or any other genre fans coming to their page and slagging them off do you? no this was only the case for Guetta. Proving that our “Trance” community isn’t as respectful as it should be, regardless of Guetta collecting NO1, it gave our community no right to abuse him in that way, and if it wasn’t online, many people would have been arrested for harassment. I am merely trying to express thoughts as to how we can improve it in the future.

        Have a good evening & Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • progrez121 7:15 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I Agree with what you have said about most of your part BUT its also the pitch raising stuff and electro stuff is to blame as well. However, I don’t agree with your comment about 130 bpm trance, I can show you a number of tracks from the 90’s which ranged from 110 bpm to 150 bpm so your argument about trance only being at 140 bpm is completely and utterly false.

        130 bpm

        110 bpm

        128 bpm

        124 bpm

        120 bpm

      • Saad (@saad_durrani) 6:23 pm on December 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        140bpm killed Trance in its essence. Trance was supposed to be in tuned with rhyme and not uplift.

      • Sinc 2:17 pm on December 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Perfect comment, Harris. I agreed 100%.

      • Hansel 8:28 pm on March 19, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        You talk about the Swedish house mafia sound like the guys went out and said hey I want to make some mainstream bs song that will rise up the charts to kill trance. That’s wrong. Listen to one of axwell’s sets and you’ll notice something, he is a house producer. (listen to his mystery land set). Music scenes die all the time it’s a natural progression, rock and jazz were once at the forefront of music and now they’re not. Trance was the epitome of electronic dance music and now house is starting to catch up/pull away; give it a little bit and all the house fans will be hating some new kind of music. Swedish house mafia isn’t killing trance, criticism isn’t killing trance, and David guetta isn’t killing trance, time is just moving on.

    • Ryan Vesny 1:31 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply


    • Harris 1:33 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      David Guetta is not a Trance artist. He has never produced a Trance track so I don’t know why you mentioned this with him being Number 1. He is only number 1 as he producers main stream electro and has a huge fan base worldwide (25 Million Facebook fans) . Yes its your opinion but a narrow minded one that doesn’t cover a real knowledge of Trance.

      I am only commenting on this as your article has gone viral online and you will have many responses to this soon from other people who will have their thing to say about it,

      • Rachel Rixham 1:36 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Harris…. I never claimed Guetta was a trance artist, I was merely trying to point out that, he had every right as another genre artist to take a place in the DJMAG Top ten. It is not Trance Mag….

        The only thing relating to Guetta and Trance here is the way our community behaved.

        I’m glad to see it’s gone viral, it seems many artists feel that there is something in this, they want their community to know…(food for thought)

        PS: I live every day for #Trancefamily I only want to make it last forever. I am FOR not against.

        PPS: Why did you remove most of your comment? I could have sworn it was longer before I replied.

    • Sudipta Kumar Gogoi 1:37 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Top 10 er for this. Words I have been defending the same too in several forums. If you say you LOVE trance, where is the point in HATE other types….love don’t come with hatred. Its putrid.

    • timmy boy 1:41 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      good read that 🙂 who knows were the trance scene will be in a year to come ….. i just hope we have more people supporting it and producing it

      thanks , timmy boy

    • djCapital T (@djCapitalT) 1:47 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      its a good article but i do have to give some credit to Harris here.. he is also right.. i agree that it has to move forward but it is def taken a turn towards the “mainstream”.. there is very little difference in the genres anymore they are all bleeding together and getting watered down, its hard to find good music (im a dj, a trance dj at that) the line between house, progressive and trance is almost gone… i tend to stick to the 133-135 bpm “progressive” trance with the dirtier bass lines today but i came through the scene listening to most of the 140 bpm stuff (which has been completely ruined by the “generic” sound you referred to imo) and the big names tour playing the same 15-20 tracks over and over (probably for marketing reasons) from their own label so they have lost the variety that used flow in their sets back in the day// this is also killing the “interest” and following.. i have more fun listening to a good local resident dj sometimes because they have to play different stuff every week to stay employed.. the bottom line is that there are probably a LOT of reasons we keep hearing “trance is dead” .. in the end your article nailed it on the head.. we the “trance family” have to stick together and keep it alive..

    • Carlos Racines 1:51 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      “Haters gonna hate”…such a stupid phrase….nobody goes to the roots of Trance when it comes to defend the sudden death of Trance..nobody realizes that this issue is being brought by its own pioneers. People that know Trance, demand Trance that’s why we don’t accept anything that doesn’t sounds like it. Now are you talking about Trance? Cause somehow you differ from it in some points. And that’s the big mistake, Trance is not EDM, is only a part of it, its not the whole it. So when it comes to fresh sounds we expect them to be Trance not house, not Dubstep not any other genre but Trance. And guess what, it all sounds like everything but Trance, then that’s when you get the “WTF” “this isn’t Trance” and so on…get it? cause IT DOESN’T sound like it. People like you lose sight of where the problem really is focusing on the fans?? LMFAO really? The fans demand Trance, that’s why we’re here and that’s what we want, if we don’t get it, then deal with it!! Michael Jackson was known for POP if he switched to Salsa you think people would still call it POP? ….Dig in sir.

      • Rachel Rixham 2:02 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Now Carlos is there any need to be so harsh with your views?

        I have heard many TRANCE tunes come out and they are TRANCE, and people still slate it, and state how bored they are, or how it sounds like every other…there is only so far you can take a genre until you need to introduce new elements. We can’t drag down our artists for trying something new, to keep it going. Can we not at least allow them the space to evolve? This is 2011 not 1992, Trance can’t remain stuck in that era. It just won’t survive.

        Carlos I have loved trance since the early 90’s I have been an avid follower for countless years, I’m 33 not 18. I respect your opinion, as with everyone elses, but my point is give the artists a chance. Again we have no right to insult them.

    • Carlos Racines 1:59 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Dig in lady lol…sorry…One more thing…Guetta has a bigger fan base..and guess who they are and why? Before Akon, Black Eyed peas and Rihanna and all those commercial artists, Guetta has a pure House sound. After them Guetta’s became part of the American commercial music. He is mainstream now, not because of House or EDM but because he join these artists to make money. He is all mainstream now, without them he would never be in that spot. His fan base is probably the same that likes Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga< his fan base doesn't belong to EDM, belongs to POP and Hip hop cause those were the artists he collaborated with….

    • Stephan Torres 2:11 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      While I know that Guetta’s Number 1 spot in DJ Mag wasn’t the most agreeable for the Trance scene, as well as myself (But then again, I’m not a person who tries to vote on the magazine anyway), I have to say that Trance is starting to sound more progressive and housy. I also know that Trance never really had a definite sound to it, but it’s starting to sound more like everything else, and to disagree on your point, unnecessarily so. Ferry Corsten is going down the House route, heck, Tiesto is already there, Above & Beyond is starting to go there as well. Let me go down the earlier years of Trance, because (for me, anyway) it had a definite surreal, amazing sound to it, and some songs were almost breathtaking, literally. I am an 18 year-old, and it’s hard to find people who are into Trance (Much less, classic Trance) as much as me, and to me, The mid to late 1990’s-early 2000’s were the best in Trance for me, even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time. The Trance now, has no soul (from my perspective) and has no feeling. Great artists, such as Wippenberg and Michael Woods, were amazing Trance producers, but now they are on the right-wing House direction and that saddens me. This is my opinion though so I’m sure that it will be criticized and slandered as so.

      • Mark 12:48 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Ferry Corsten was always Progressive House. But you are right, when he was Gouryella(Ferry Corsten & Tiesto) and System F, he was trance. You forgot that when PUNK came out, that was not trance. Ferry was already there and Tiesto followed.

    • djCapital T (@djCapitalT) 2:41 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      late 90’s -early 2000 was def the era of trance with soul.. i agree 100%

    • Pauline 2:59 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Wow. What I got from the article was, let’s stop criticizing and hating, if we don’t like something just move on. Then what see in the comments is a bunch more criticism and hate! Negativity is a pesky problem for sure. Just remember its love that makes the world go round. Ok? That’s why I love trance. It’s the stuff that makes me fall in love with the DJ. Seriously, I’ve been having major crushes on certain DJs! It’s an ongoing love affair with my headphones… You know, it’s usually love that haters hate the most, don’t you think?

      • Rachel Rixham 3:01 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        “What I got from the article was, let’s stop criticizing and hating, if we don’t like something just move on. Then what see in the comments is a bunch more criticism and hate!”.

        ^ Exactly Pauline – I’d say that my case is now proven 😉 stop the hating and share a bit more compassion.

    • Thomas Le 3:30 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, I’d say that us fans are giving #trancefamily a bad name. I agree that we slam our artists with WTF etc., when they post something new fresh from the studios that we perceive as not trance, when we should just listen to see what the artist brings to the table and learn to appreciate their efforts in uplifting the #Trance scene/genre. When DJ Mag presented David Guetta with the Top 100 DJ award, I admit that I was one of those idiots that slammed down hard as to spam DJ Mag’s Facebook Page posts with hate speech about David Guetta breaking Armin van Buuren’s award streak (which I am currently banned from because of former actions). Fast forward to today, I find myself listening to some of Guetta’s tunes on Youtube (how IRONIC no?). I suggest that we all need a “reset” and just enjoy what #Trance is all about; happy ears, happy state of mind, and of course happy partying hard! And if someone doesn’t like it still, explore the forest of other musical genres!

      • Rachel Rixham 3:36 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        It takes a lot to admit that and I fully respect you for it. Good job Thomas!

      • Paulette 3:24 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I was also very disappointed in the behavior of a lot of members of #trancefamily after Guetta won the DJ Mag award. I mean I said myself that I don’t think he deserves it but I sure as well did NOT go to his fan page and write a bunch of hateful messages like a lot of people did. If you don’t like a Dj, fine share your opinion with your friends but I dont get what some people thought they were going to get out of writing that stuff on his wall. I actually felt bad for Guetta, that was totally uncalled for and embarrassing for the rest of us trance fans.

    • Harris 3:48 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Armin van Buuren & Ferry Corsten – Brute

      Now that is killing trance. Many artists are now following their sound including Sied van Riel who I used to like but now his productions are moving mainstream especially now he is in the Armada stable. Carlos made a good point. The Pioneers of this genre are the ones pushing it to the brink of mainstream. It will be only a matter of time someone like Afrojack or SHM team up with the big Trance names and then it will merge that gap (perfect example Tiesto).

      • Angus Gibbins 7:20 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        They’re not the pioneers of trance music

        Guys like Oliver Lieb, Jam & Spoon and Cosmic Baby are the pioneers.

      • Daeron 9:38 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        well you shouldn’t stick to these main artists then, cause you got to know that there are a LOT of people you think (quite) the same way you do, and so they produce trance as they have always loved it. Fast paced, uplifting. 140bpm and up. In fact I am one of those. But I also like some of the stuff going around these days, mostly like dubstep, hardstyle, dnb, etc…

        • Daeron 9:41 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink

          Just broaden your horizons, you’ll see trance is not dead. There are plenty of artists sticking to it, the good ol’ way.

      • Mark 12:45 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Why is it with you with being so stubborn and ignorant?. Fine trance is trance, but you are forgetting that MUSIC IS UNIVERSAL. Who wrote the law that trance is just trance?. Did you?. I used to listen to hard trance and trance only. Hated anything else out there. But you know what?, my ear’s matured. I spin and listen to Trance, House, Progressive House/Trance, Minimal and Techno. I got to be honest, I did get tired of how Trance has the same beat, tempo and melody. That’s the reason why many people that used to listen to Trance has moved on.

        You know who’s is killing trance?, people like you. Elitist that don’t want change and slam on people, artist and whatever because of the change they make.

        • Wilder 7:33 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink

          I’ve been listening to EDM since 1988 and dj’ing since ’95. In ’88 there wasn’t all this genre bashing. The music at that time was all called TECHNO (not even close to what the genre Techno sounds like) then came the term house, then acid house, then dream house/melodic house then trance, melodic trance, hard trance, psy trance, tech trance while “house” was morphing into tech house, deep house, progressive house etc etc etc. As time went by it seemed as if there was a new musical subgenre to the latest subgenre to its latest subgenre. It seemed as if genres were multiplying as fast as technological advances in computer processor speed. Before Intel could release 1.2 gig processor AMD had a 1.5 on the market and before it could take off Intel had released a 2 gig chip and so on and so on.
          In order to keep up and stay or appear to stay relevant in the scene, certain media and individuals of influence battled to be the first to title a “new fresh take on genre X” with a new label tag. These were attached to any NEW sound not so much as to help the music buying/listening public but more for the street cred these institutions and individuals received, and heaped upon themselves as the “elite” who first “discovered” these new sounds. It seemed as if those people took more pride in the creation of a new genre tag than for the music creation itself. Never mind the ARTIST without whom, had he/she NOT been thinking and experimenting with adapting and changing/combining sounds, this ability to take credit for “naming” the new music style wouldn’t exist at all.
          MUSIC is constantly evolving, changing, growing. If you know where to look and have a keen ear you’ll find that there are still plenty of banner, pure, emotive, blissful, euforic trance tracks coming out on a regular basis. You have to search harder to find them sometimes, but they are there. I went through the mid 2000’s being a huge fan of Armin Van Buuren and Above and Beyond, now those guys have become a little cheesey to me. That said, I still respect them not only for what they do but for what they’ve done for the trance community as a whole. Before those guys though there is a whole host of names that laid the foundation that AVB and A&B build their sound upon.
          I now listen to house, trance, psy trance, hard trance, breaks, progressive in its many forms and find solace in many many releases. I don’t pidgeonhole myself into ONE category of music. Be diverse, evolve, open your minds to several styles, and if you can’t do that, at least respect the listeners and artists who create sounds you can’t stand.
          That is the point of the Guetta reference in this article. He’s obviously not trance, but BPM isn’t running a Top Trance DJ in the world competition. It’s the Top DJ in the world. For trance fans to heap tons of crap onto Guetta’s FB page because he topped Armin for the number 1 position in the world reflects not badly on Guetta, but you the slaggers and HATERS that would play the part of the poor loser and have to resort to such immature behavior. I for one say go get’em Guetta. They guy is in his early 40’s and is just NOW being recognized as relevant by those in the scene elected to do so (DJ MAG, among others). I say keep up the good work. Those of you who like your trance euforic, keep searching it out. If you’re patient, you’ll find it and be rewarded. If you’re only listening to EDM because some of your friends are and you don’t understand that music evolves, sometimes not to your liking, then you need to find something else to listen to. It’s the way the world works. Ciao.

      • Saad (@saad_durrani) 6:33 pm on December 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        “Brute” is neither killing or saving trance. It is a Ferry Corsten production with Armin sounds, here and there.

        As far as Ferry is concerned, he is labelled as “trance.” He was never a trance producer. His production has varied and at times have been ahead of the industry.

    • Ruth 4:05 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Well so what Harris … what about the people who DO like all that kind of thing … why should their tastes be ignored just because they don’t suit yours? There are plenty of artists that do make “trance” trance … follow them, support them, support their music, while you’re writing negative comments about one artist you could instead be making positive comments about another and encouraging their craft!?

    • Daniel Craig 4:41 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      This is quite simple actually, some people grow out of it, they adapt into new things, they understand the language inside music. Some others, were never real trance lovers, just regular music “modistes” in other words, millions of people are “IN” with the hype, what ever it might be. What i don’t understand, and it bugs me a little because, it really isn’t so hard to comprehend, there’s is always a time for everything in this life. “A time for war, a time for peace, a time for silence, a time for holding on.” – Paul van Dyk – Says it all really. There’s always an era for things, there was an era for trance music, before that, it was goa, same with techno, there used to be a time when techno was thumping fast paced and poorly produced! Things simply evolve and transform. Ask your mom what kind of music she likes, she’l tell you she loves her Beetles and Elvis, still today she rocks to them. Its the same thing, an era. Quite simple, if trance is being destroyed, then so it happened with Elvis, with the Beetles and Britney Spears.

      • Ryan Frame 1:12 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I have to agree and disagree with a couple of points written here so far so bear with me: I want to address the issue about many of our ‘classic’ trance artists selling out. Yes Tiesto had (I don’t even regard him as an artist anymore because In my opinion his new music is rubbish as he was not born to play it. He was known as a trance god. His best productions I feel were trance and there is no one out there today who can say his new material does any justice to his old stuff) Yet tiesto doesnt represent what I call the big 4 (formerly big 5 with tiest) Armin, Ferry, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold. Ferry Might be tending towards the same direction as tiesto and I even heard one fellow DJ mention he was the first guy to sell out. Nevertheless I DON’T think that the genre is in any way compromised and will still exist because there are those producers out there that love the sound of trance and can’t see themselves making anything else. I truely feel Armin for example will always be making the great tunes he always has.

        Which brings me to my next point about modern trance diverging from the fundemental techniques that defined the very genre. Yes I have to agree today we get a lot of ‘trance’ that sounds more like house. With the likes of Tiesto and Sweedish House mafia, and even Guetta its starting to form its own genre called trouse. Human beings love the sound of trance but they just dont know it. I mean who doesnt love the feelings of euphoria and ecstasy that the arpegios and synths trance music induces? The problem is much of the world don’t go and research this type of phenomenon and therefore cannot find empiracal proof that it is solely trance music that induces these feelings. People by nature are followers. That is why mass media, mass consumption and popular culture is so effective, because they feed on the stupidity-if thats what you want to call it- of man.

        Thus most people don’t know about trance. But when they hear the amazing melody even from avicii’s levels. The song becomes an instant hit. This melody evolved from Trance music even though avicci doesn’t identify himself as a trance artist-But subconsciously he is paying homage to trance.

        I find the Trance Genre evolving and it isn’t so bad. Screw the DJ Mag, its a popularity contest and it finally showed this year with Guetta being number one. It should’ve come earlier as Rachel mentioned, but it came nonetheless. It is sad but we shouldn’t be trying to convince “unenlightened” people to see trance as we do. Its a gift to be able to identify with trance. Now why it might be a good idea for us to popularise it so that we can hear it in the clubs again and not having to listen to nonsense as dubstep or electro. That is not what I want the genre to be again. Thats how things were in the 90’s, and as fashions have a way of coming back again. So trance will be popular again. Just give it time, nothings more uncool than trying to impose something on the mass population that has recently fallen out of favour. I like the underground scene of trance now. It is a family. a #trancefamily. Only a few things in life can bring about this comeraderie, speak to rugby players or soldiers. They will know what I am talking about.

        Finally I want to leave you with my observation: I recently bought Paul Oakenfold’s “Nevermind the Bollocks, its Paul Oakenfold” album. I noticed the trend he was moving towards is back to trance’s earliest roots. Ie the goa days. (Yes oakenfold was a Goa trance artist turned uplifting trance) But I believe Paul is showing why he was once a number one (on the DJ mag) and has been in the industry for so long because he is starting a trance renaissance. Bringing us back to the fast 140bpm’s of goa, with the roaring, stadium like meolodies of anthem, epic and uplifting trance. This combination highlights the pastiche of the ’90’s (Goa days) with the early 2000’s (Uplifting days) So I feel this is the direction trance is heading. And in my opinion the future is not as bleak as we’re making it out to be.

        Ryan Frame 18

      • Rachel Rixham 10:57 pm on December 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I love this comment Daniel!

    • Fez 5:31 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I agree w/ Rachel’s article comments till certain extent ’cause it makes sense to me that many fans w/ their downright negative criticism are hurting artists and the scene. But I also agree w/ some posters as to how the Trance as we know isn’t really Trance these days among the big Trance jocks/ producers. The so called “trouse” music style is killing it. The Swedish House Mafia sound and Dubstep is the next big hype so many are following it in mainstream. The S H Mafia sound is just so boring (subjective) but I have very much disliked its influence into the Trance scene. But on the same hand, am glad artists like Solarstone, Talla 2xlc, Orkidea, Airwave, Bobina, The Thrillseekers, Jorn Van Deynhoven, Sean Tyas, JOC, Will Holland, Tritonal, Gareth Emery, Daniel Kandi, etc are around to make proper Trance music. I don’t have to keep listening to the Ferry’s and A&B’s of the world if they keep going the House/ Vocal Trouse route. “Brute” was such a disappointment not b/c it wasn’t a Trance choon but b/c it was a simple, repetitve, boring club track w/ no real substance or feel, imo. Anyway, long live Trance. / #trancefamily

    • ameyahofficialAmeyah 5:34 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      imo the big killer for the trance scene where that everybody is using the same samples and presets.
      1 example is the big Rompler Nexus. u can get exact the same synth sound like your favourite artist and can copy it by recreation simple and fast.

      what else comes in my mind are the flood of youtube tutorials we can found for that lead and this bassline – its ok but on the other hand we can get a lot more artists out of that – that might sound the same.

      atm we are on a way where most of the listeners think we should stay with that old kind of style – u know plucks, lushy pads and really emotionally.
      then the progressive(arty leads) style comes – still really trancy.
      but was a bit boring after the time and to many artist copied it.
      back in the days as i started listening to to trance which was in 2001 everything was unique and everybody could do what he liked today u have a really big push behind to sound like artist X.
      and then there is pressure to get some radio plays on different shows. and a lot of artist tried to get these with copied sounds and concepts all the way.
      i think an artist should have the space to experiment – and that means to try out a wooble small wooble bassline inside a trance track – why not, when it suits?!
      im really with u rachel with the opinion u have here.

      and to guetta i requote a simple sentence from i tutorial i watched about melody – “keep it simple, stupid!” thats what guetta did – and when u are on a dance floor and want to dance there – guetta’s tracks are perfect for that.
      i guess nobody had voted for guetta so much when djmag did not a facebook voting on the other hand.

      and the some here probably know that some artists have ghost writers that another point why some of the tracks are sound a bit the same. i read it somewhere a few days ago.

      conclusion i dont know where we end with our lovely trance … but i hope it will make me happy to listen to it in 5 years aswell.

    • jm112 6:02 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      What killed trance is Beatport top 10 and 100 and legal downloading .. one nice thing back in the day was vinyl u had physically find tunes ..Also the quality of tunes are crap now , back when u could play 1 track the whole summer theres no more Summer anthems its anthems of the week now … Being a Dj I stick to my guns play what I love and find hidden gems be original dont be a … Cookie cutter dj that plays top 10 find tunes that u love to play not because some big name plays them … bring back 140 then all be fine also dont press the snyc button lol

    • Fez 6:15 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Just wanted to add that am not against genre mixing or blending. Am also not against an artist(s) changing musical directions but if it’s bad music or marketed as an wrongly labeled category, am going to be critical about it as a fan. “You Have Got To Go”, “Brute”, “Every Other Way” (AVB remix), “Down To Love”, “Aatchoo” etc aren’t Trance choons.

    • jm112 6:25 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      good point what Daniel said . The hype now is Dubstep and I think its going kill its self because everybody is hopping of the bandwagon, the first thing i say to dj’s i meet for the first time what to u play if they say dubstep In My head Im like This cat cant beatmatch and has shitty taste in music lol .. I love trance to death but Im a Ture EDM lover I Love ( Deep House , Tech , Progressive house & D’n’B ) I feel trance is going to be fine EDM goes in Waves look at trance 97 threw early 2000’s it was massive right now its a rebuilding stage … I feel that trance needs find soul look at Atlantis – Fiji first time I heard That i was shit this is massive … I love that Oakie is going back goa , Markus Schulz is sticking to his guns developing his sound , count Tiesto out after making 20 million a year he was shit i can play crap electro house and SHM shit lol and peeps will still like it lol Trance will never die …..

    • mark wilcock 7:00 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      You people are all so stupid. There is so much fkn great trance out there being produced by the likes of Aly & Fila, Sophie Sugar, Bjorn Akesson, Sebastion Brandt. I can’t say this often enough, when asked by an old person “what is trance” the answer is simple=uplifting classical music with a thundering beat!!!!

      • jm112 3:38 am on December 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        totally agree bro all those producers make amazing stuff We control is massive Suncatcher is also amazing producer too

    • Angus Gibbins 7:16 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Definitely agree with you re Guetta. Regardless of what anyone says he’s been DJing for longer than a lot of trance fans have been walking on this earth. He’s worked damn hard to get where he is and who is anyone to take that away from him?

    • Willem 9:42 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Rachel,

      I want to say that you do bring up some points of interests, but alas, I think the overall argument is flawed. Real trance is gone, the old scene, the old sound, the actual state of trance has long been lost to the suffocating sounds of today. If you look at the ‘evolution’ of trance, it has lost that rhythmic hypnotism that once classified trance for what it was. Nowadays, the trance elites as even you name it have abandoned the sound and style of trance that once made them trance elites. Progressive trance has evolved into Progressive dance; a form of electronic music that is meant to be danced to in the clubs to coincide with the alcohol levels in one’s blood, and not to coincide any longer with the euphoric levels in one’s heart and soul when listening to trance.

      Your point that DJ Mag is not solely meant to include trance artists is spot on though, and I could care less that David Guetta is No.1, because he is, because of his fanbase and that is was DJ Mag measures it’s Top 100 poll. It is not because the music skill, talent, or influence, but rather the impact a DJ has on the club scene and well that is fine, after all, it is a Disc Jockey, not musician poll. But alas, do note that when Tiesto won his 3 No.1 spots and Armin his four, they also won out of their ability to produce amazing live shows and sets, not necessarily their CDs and musical creations, and for that reasons I wouldn’t even say that neither Tiesto or Armin won their No.1 spots as trance artists, but rather Progressive House and Progressive Dance artists respectively.

      Even the modern Progressive Trance scene (a la 2003-2008ish) has already evolved into this decade as a more dancable, radio-likeable form of electronic music. Just look at the styles and approaches of Above & Beyond (seriously, listen to their podcasts Trance Around The World from episode 1 to 400, and you’ll see that midway, around #250 their sound and the sound they emolate through artists, such as Lange, Arty, and even Cosmic Gate) have all changed their trance into dance. Sied van Riel and Sander van Doorn are other trancers that have altered their sound to a more danceable style.

      But artists such as Airbase, Van Gelder, Aly & Fila, Matt Skyer, and more do deliver the evolved, modern approach to progressive trance that retains a sense of high energy and evokes a trance-like state.

      To put it best, I don’t think we’ll return to the trance sound that once was able to create anthems such as Universal Nation and others.

      You have to at least be able to see that there is a glaring underlying theme here that a lot of people who were into trance in its heyday have some validity to their distress. Trance has evolved, but unlike other forms of electronic music, it has evolved into factions in which there are noticeable ground for negativity, criticism and alarm for a renaissance of the ‘old sound’ or at least that truly euphoric feel that trance and progressive trance once gave.

      • Ryan Frame 5:34 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I loved your response Willem. I just want to mention that I don’t share one view with you; that is I have a strong feeling that there is a tendency for the genre to move back to its ’90’s heyday. All things in life are cylclical. Take the mens fashion trends for 2012; Much of it is based on the 1950’s preppy subculture. Thats not to say it will take 60 years for the old 140bpm goa baselines we all loved to come back in. But it could be 5 years, or 10, even next year trance might find itself looking back to its glory days. I honestly feel the innovators of yesteryear as Paul Oakenfold illustrated in his latest albums, that 140bpm will be back sooner than we think. But you make an excellent point. There are enough artists out there who still make the trance we love. We just have to get over our love with ferry and Cosmic Gate. its a pitty but I am confident things will fall into place. As I always say: Once a trancer, always a trancer.

        It is also important to note that we are engaged in this debate over trance’s evolotution but I bet you the same thing can be said about true House music lovers. I am not one of them but I can bet you anything that some of the pure house fans are not happy with today’s cheesy electro melodies.

      • mark 6:06 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        This is what I was trying to say, thank you…

        • mark 6:07 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink

          I meant this comment for Willem.

    • Chris Melton 9:45 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Great article Rach! While i’m not a fan of Guettas new stuff, there is a reason he has 25 million fans. If people didnt like it they wouldnt follow him would they? Why are you all getting so hyped up about him being no1. Armin still has his show! He still delivers. A&B have their own show, you can listen to them. Are you really being held at gun point to listen to Guetta? Dont let it bother you so much. There are too many factors that may or may not be contributing towards the decline in Trance popularity, and i dont think its ANYTHING to do with Guetta, SHM etc. Personally, and it is only my opinion, i think things just generally change fashion. People will get sick of Guetta. People will get sick of SHM. Its like fashion. Genres i find are quite cyclical. What would you say to a house music fan that hated trance? Would you tell them to piss off and tell them they didn’t have a clue about what they were talking about? If you are die hard trance, then thats fine. There are still some quality quality trance labels that still provide your fix. Go listen to Activa, Will Atkinson, John Dopping, JOOF, Simon Patterson etc etc. Its ALL still there. For the people that are tired of this style go and grab some Armada stuff. If you are sick of that then go grab some Anjuna or Enhanced. If you dont like that then listen to some of the smaller labels that put out quality trance, Unearthed, Infrasonic, Perceptive etc etc. Now from a producer/DJ point of view (which i am), If you’re living depended on gigs, you had family, a wife to support, wouldnt you try and gear yourself towards getting more gigs? Its an extremely difficult void to be in. I think so anyway. Just wish we would embrace artists styles more. They will produce whatever they like to, and who are you to tell them any different? Are you going to bash them for having the freedom to produce music they like? If i asked you to stop your job because i didnt like the sector you were in, would you do it? Of course not. Personally i think everything just fuels from jealousy of skill or talent, i really think that IS the source of all the hating in the music industry. I want to repeat that you are not forced to listen to music at gunpoint. Stop being negative about music, and channel it into something more constructive. No one likes a trololololol. Cue the huge “Fuck You! Its people like you that kill trance comments” 😀 Chris.

    • Llewellyn 10:52 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Its not the fans that are doing anything…djs/producers understand that whatever changes they make are going to hav sum positive effects and some criticism..there is always criticism and it will never disappear no matter what….and yes I totally agree with the point that guetta doesn’t deserve that spot….I bet that more than half the fans that voted for him didn’t even hear a liveset of his…same goes for armin…his fame along with his vocal productions has won many untrue trance fans…so I’m not slating a specific genre…I’m just stating that the dj mag thing is bullocks…..Now on to the killing the genre thing…well its just not our trance genre that’s hurt….fanatic house fans will also agree that it aint da same….even millions die hard hip hop n rnb fans don’t like the new sound of the genre…its all converging into something bad…and I do believe that at the end of the day its up to big producers to change this coz I do not blame new producers since all they wanna do is get their record on label….on a lighter note all these genres still have producers that are keeping the scene alive….there may be few but there still is some out there….I for one am into the new uplifting psy trance sound…its fresh…labels like night vision, subculture and discover keep pushing the boundaries….I do feel this is the future of trance….specifically acid tech layers….The scene is not dead and far from it… Trance is not as exclusive as before since the merge of house and hence the mainstream effect….however nomatter what we will still get underground stuff…that’s a positive thing…we just gotta look hard enough n support new talent when we see it….

      • Ryan Frame 5:40 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Great analysis. That is exactly how I feel; especially when it comes to the re-emergence of the goa sound with modern uplifting melodies.

    • Jayvir 10:55 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      My only qualm is that people like david guetta have become cross-over artists because they have made anyone think that they can make dance music.Hip hop and pop artist think they can slap a bass line on a vocal and call it dance.This just floods and kills the market and takes away money from those edm artists who are purists

    • John Stainsby 10:56 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      People that moan are generally people that moan about anything, usually for the sake of moaning . why ??
      Because they sit at home alone (probably at there parents) , in there pants in from of there computer most of the day and night, don’t have many friends , only there forum buddies who they have never met. Are usually weak and frail and see trolling , spamming , shouting whatever you want to call it a sign of machoness , they think it makes there penis grow 6ft and all the woman will want to sleep with them. When they have finished slagging off whatever they wanna slag off , whether its trance, dub step, Guetta , CDJs , Ableton , whatever , they then go off and finish there evening playing COD or second life . Wake up losers , live in the real world, let people enjoy the music for what it is , MUSIC , whatever genre or who plays it , if its good , its good END OF !!!! Rant Over 🙂

    • Daniel 11:06 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Ah so I see, the fans who pay massive amounts of money following the scene are the ones to blame? When we spend 10% of our monthly pay on tickets to events and then more on the tracks and albums… sleeping in shit hotels and waiting hours in airports and coach stations. yet its us who is killing the trance scene? We are not allowed to show our unhappiness. .

      Sorry that does not wash with me. I blame the labels who send back albums to producers and ask for more vocal tracks because it sells better.

      I am not someone that knocks change in fact I encourage it as I like pretty much all EDM. Trance music is good at the moment there is still loads out there that is interesting, I also hate it when people start slagging off artists who change their style.

      I can also see why punters get annoyed when house slips into trance sets. You would not see trance in a techno set so why in trance? If you are doing a house set advertise it as so.

      This scene would be nothing without the fans and DJ’s and we all respect eachother because without either one there would be no scene.

      Also stuff DJ mag its always been a con and trance producers need to shun it. Has not done J00F any harm.

    • Michael 11:14 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I’ll admit when I first heard Guetta got #1 in DJMAG, I raged but then realized he deserved it, he was smart, brought out an album with all the big name pop artists. I enjoy some of his music.

      Anyway, it’s modern times, move with the times is all I’m going to say.

      All the producers mentioned have to make a living, they have to move their productions to where the money is. I’m an avid follow of trance, well it was just trance at first, it’s now progressive house as well. Tiesto is a perfect example for this, still my idol even though he changed genre’s, he was the one that made me open my eyes and learn to enjoy other genre’s and I’m glad he changed.

      Also a quote from Armin van Buuren:

      “What makes trance work so well is that it doesn’t stick to one style, and can incorporate electro, minimal, whatever it likes.”

    • João Dias 11:18 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      “Guetta releases music he knows his fans will enjoy, hence why he has such a mass following, he has created his own unique sound, and no one could ever take that from him”

      Only Don’t Fully Agree With This Part… the Rest Full Support!


    • Hessel 11:27 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Ruth made the comment of the day…!
      Encourage the Dj’s you like, post everywhere how brilliant it is…it’s the only way you will get people to listen to it. By posting negative comments, you will only push people further away from Trance. Trance is about the euphoric state of mind, being insanely happy, enthusiastic, energetic love. Personally, I can’t see any other style that can both deliver so much energy combined with so much emotion. It’s the reason I’ve been a real Trance addict for over 15 years now. I heard Armin & Ferry introducing Brute on an outdoor festival in Holland, the place went insane. I love that track. And yes, it’s not the banging 140 trance, it’s still a dancefloor killer. BUT! the banging 140bpm trance is still produced!
      Focus on the positive side of things. What would have happened if no artist would ever have the guts to try something new? Would there ever have been pop/rock/jazz/edm/etc at all?
      And yes, I have been sort of disappointed by Tiesto’s change of style. It’s not my thing anymore, but I moved on as well…Instead of seeing Tiesto, I go to other events where I DO find my sort of music. and i LOVE it! 🙂

    • Paul Thomas 11:35 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      The negative comments simply back up this excellent article. “Armin & Ferry tracks are killing trance…” “SHM are killing trance…” No, they are not! It’s bitching about who’s making and playing what which is the most damaging.

      We live in a scene which is built on evolution. People collaborate, experiment and step outside of the box. In my opinion that’s what is so exciting about EDM.

      Great piece, Rachel.

    • Daniel 11:43 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Rachel? If you were a real trancelover, had the real passion for it. If you listen to trance and get the feeling that your breath almost is taken away, and your emotions are so intense that tears fall…. You wouldn’t be writing this. I don’t hate you. Yes trance is going towards a road wich we real trancelovers dislike…. And it is not because we hate just to hate, (some yes) but rather the fear that once what was trance and gave us that feeling we couldn’t describe never will be awakened.

      Trance is more than just music to us. For some of us trance is actually our lifestyle. For some of us it means so much, that without it, the regular day isn’t the same. Before pointing fingers towards the people that hate, you need to have a solid ground to support your statements. It is better to rather lay out the facts, and say: trance is changing, for those who doesn’t like it, learn to adapt. But on the other hand, the real question should be: Why does trance have to change in order to live? Difficult question to answer.

      #trancefamily felt once united…. and we’re affraid we wont anymore…. Not only because of the changes in trance music, but also the lack of understanding what trance really was and making the newcommers understand. I can imagine the worst case scenario for a real trancelover: names like usher, taio, lady gaga, rihanna, etc Entering a stage alike ASOT, TRANSMISSION etc…. you see the wrong in this? If not to argue bout it is pointless. The fact that you wrote your article shows currage, but im just saying. It is not only about the artists feelings, but also the fans, and what they felt before, they dont want to lose. Pointing out the fans as haters, is not right. This is a very sensitive subject for trancelovers. And something you allready knew, without fans an artist is nothing…

      • TinaM 9:35 am on December 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        This is exactly what I think. Very well said.

    • jackiewragglovestrance 11:56 am on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Rachel, most of the negative feedback comments (which are not constructive or objective) have massively helped in illustrating the very point you are making! Without even realising it, a few people who have commented have highlighted themselves as a perfect example of what is really killing the “trance” scene in many peoples opinion. After all, to me, and hopefully to many others.. “trance” does not describe the actual elements of the music (bpm, vocals, not being “mainstream”) but it epitomises an idea, a state of mind that includes escapism, tolerance and mutual understanding, freedom to create (for the dj) and share euphoria (for the crowd). This is clearly what has separated the “trance” community from other genre-specific communities which I do not feel are as strongly represented or connected.

      The internet and forums such as facebook have clearly strengthened our ability to connect as a community and share opinions and the bigger the community grows the more obvious significant divides have become. Perfectly used, the example of the behaviour towards David Guetta is one of the few times I have actually felt slightly ashamed to call myself part of a community that would berate and abuse someone for being popular in another genre that never claimed to be “trance”. Where is the modest and unassuming member of the “trance community” that would merely smile and feel quietly sorry for the people who do not get what we do from the music we love so much. There is so much room for love in this scene and definitely no need for the pessimism, hate fuelled puritanism and attacking of popular figureheads of other genres.

      It seems to me that the divide grows, between those who merely listen to the music and appreciate most forms of it as creative even if it is not something they would listen to again, and those who listen to the music with the intention of criticising and tearing to pieces something that has been created by one person with the intention of bringing joy to others…. listen to it and if you don’t like it put something on that you do like, do not alienate members of you own community for finding it stimulating and enjoyable and paying to download it, therefore reinforcing the DJ’s faith that it is enjoyable to a large amount of people.

      The positive element that stems from this dispute (where unfortunately many comments come from hate and pessimism) is that each and every one member of the “trance” community is massively passionate, at least we can look at that and feel proud. The worry for me is that this divide will ever be reflected on the “trance” event dance-floor, the place we go to escape together and share those unforgettable moments of euphoria. If that ever happens then that is when the “trance” scene will really be dead to me.

      • Daniel 7:48 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Just asking you….. Not going to critisize though 😉 How can you find the unforgettable moments of euphoria, in Guetta’s music?

        Many people here talk in a negative way, and have problems critisizing in a constructive way..yes. But that is no reasond to hang them out and say: You see Rachel, you’re making your point!! Not everyone reacts the same way towards changes. Some are impulsive, some analytic etc… I agree with people finding the music they like, rather than beeing negative to the changes. But still some of those DJs had a major impact in some people, and i believe for them it is not that easy to let go of that, and just adapt.

        But you have many good points though 😉

    • George 12:11 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      sorry but i have to disagree with one thing.. when you say david guetta has his own sound and no one can take that away from him do you mean Kelly Rowland or Akon singing.. Davin Guetta is number 1 because he is the only DJ to mix electronic dance music with well known RnB and pop artists and thats what makes his fan base big not his “unique” sound, the guy cant even mix two tracks at an event of 40 000 people. In terms of musical talent i have seen DJs never heard of before who can rock the stage and deserve to be up there a lot more than Guetta.

    • Dawideeek 12:43 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      There are many artists who used to create trance but now they make ‘crap’ like it’s called… (in the past – for example Blank&Jones, a while ago – for instance Tiesto, now more and more famous artists) . But is it bad that they want to follow their own ways? And why exactly we are focusing on the most famous artists? Even if Tiesto or another trance superstar suddenly change genre into house, there will always be the artists who are going to keep the beautiful powerful and original trance alive, I mean such guys like: TrancEye, Ronny K., Ultimate, Steve Allen, Manuel le Saux, Blue Tente, recently Pete Silver, Darren Porter… there are plenty of them, but we don’t see them because WE CAN”T SEARCH ACCURATELY! (If you hear only ASOT or Tiesto Club Life, you miss 75% wonderful and pure trance!) The trance scene doesn’t end on Armin, Tiesto and Ferry! ‘Trance is gonna dead’ because we have a flap in front of our eyes and we can’t notice beautiful trance music in this gigantic swamp of different music! Second reason is that there are hundreds of different styles in trance (the style of Armin, the style of Simon Patterson, the style of Giuseppe Ottaviani etc.), each person like a few of them and doesn’t appreciate another styles. So if such a person can’t search accurately, as I meant, the person doesn’t hear any new interesting tunes or hear a boring reccurent pattern and his or her favourite trance styles are thought to getting dead in his/her opinion. So that’s why we hear such sentences: ‘trance is dead’, ‘wtf is that?’ or sth like that. Thirdly – DJ Mag – the popularity doesn’t always mean skills. It’s obvious but I’m embarrassed with behave of some trance listeners who can’t understand that other people have another taste and prefer Guetta than Armin van Buuren. Fouthly – trance listeners, don’t worry! Some house/electro artists are coming back to trance now :)) Paul Oakenfold we love you!

      • jm112 4:08 am on December 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        totally agree so much good tunes are missed if u dont dig for them … there are still really good producers out there … Suncatcher , Michael Dow , Akira Kayosa, Arctic Moon , Temple One , many more i cant think of for Epic trance… all you need to is to dig for some good tunes .. trance has so many genes

    • Shaon Chowdhury 12:46 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Have to agree with Stephan and others. Late 90’s to Early 2000s were by far the best years for Trance music. There were other tunes before eg Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar but those years were by far the best. But unfortunately as stated before, that eras dead and I doubt they’ll ever return as these eras are rarely cyclic. Also, I have to agree with Carlos and co, it’s not David Guetta killing the scene. It’s his mere presence or more accurately his productions which causes other producers to shift to his style. Not because they like it but because they need to survive and build some sort of a career by producing solely music. Hence, you don’t see many “old skool” Trance any more so fans are forced to either listen to crap music or listen to old skool tunes as there’s nothing remotely similar to true Trance coming out. Imo, that’s why many ppl dislike David Guetta. His music is causing style mergers where there are no distinct styles but one conglomerate style.

    • nabiel 12:53 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      da nly reas0n y david has s0o much of fans is bc0z…..mre dan half r fans of rihana or flo rida etc….s0o he didnt dsrve h0rse shit…… TRANCE4LIFE…..

    • Josdar 1:03 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Totally agree. Give new music a chance !

    • Kelly Feeley 2:23 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I think Daniel sums it up perfectly there!

    • Nick 2:31 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      i don t understand this huge debate and the haters. there is still some “trance” with 140bpm but not just on armada etc. music evolves and will never stay the same and
      thats a good point to creativity. of course there is always one sound which is famous at some point and everyvone wants to make the same than.
      i agree with rachel saying, that ppl. who just critize should move on. but apparently those ppl have too much time, spending on internet with their smartphones and complain.

    • Adam 2:40 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I wrote this on a facebook post after reading your ‘article’;

      “This is a tragic article written by someone clearly undereducated in the art of writing. The poor hormonal girl is sitting quite apparently on one side of a rather sturdy fence. It’s poorly written and incoherent with little aim other than …to incite.

      Aside, people are entitled to criticise anything they should so please. Likewise, if they love something so dearly, they are quite entitled to defend it from polluting factors.

      You cannot come to such damning, distasteful and down right pig headed conclusion as this misinformed catastrophe without first even so much as acknowledging the passions and motives behind the people that are said to be ‘negatively criticising’ such things.

      How can you possibly comprehend the argument if you don’t understand other people’s perspectives, experiences and more importantly their ’emotional attachments’ to such a subject.

      It would be highly surprising if she understands her own emotions, let alone those of the people who have channeled their hearts and souls into something for over 12 years of their life.

      The argument seeks to undermine a generation of people’s love and in my opinion is obtuse.

      My future advise to Rachel would be to ruminate until there is an informed and balanced argument in place before disgorging in this manner.”

      PS – If you ‘didn’t care what other people’s views were’ then you wouldn’t have felt so compelled as to post your blog in the first place, or for that matter, dictate to other people.

      Goodluck with your writing career. Happy moderating. I won’t be revisiting.

      • Nathan 4:48 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Adam, you are a mirror for your own words, if you had taken a few minutes out to consider the context, to read back a few posts on this small personal blog, you would clearly see the irony in your words.

        You are correct, one “cannot come to such damning, distasteful and down right pig headed conclusion as this misinformed catastrophe without first even so much as acknowledging the passions and motives behind the people”. Indeed, “how can you possibly comprehend the argument if you don’t understand other people’s perspectives, experiences and more importantly their ‘emotional attachments’ to such a subject.”.

        Articulate you may be, however it is apparent that you may have other shortcomings on which you may find it beneficial to concentrate.

        • Wilder 7:45 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink

          Beautifully written Nathan! hahaha I got a right good laugh out of this reply. Thank you!

    • Sid 3:11 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      at the end of the day u like wat u like! i LOVE trance and its heartbraking to hear all this 😦

      it is so hard to categorize a track these days anyway so I just say ‘whats the point’

      i follow my favourite labels that release good music constantly one after the other and if i stumble across something else and I like it then 🙂

      There is no time for any other genre for me personally as there is so much Trance out there at the minute so I wouldnt say it is dead just yet 😉

    • Chris 3:29 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Ok, so we should enjoy the 99% of the crappy productions that are getting a release each week in order to help the scene?

      You’re so wrong… Why I should enjoy an “artist” that copies another one? Because Armin, Above & Beyond, Ferry etc. say that the track is cool/huge/great?

      I agree on your Guetta view though…

      In my opinion, trance should go underground again to survive… I would love to never see again an emotional-Blueman-type release, or a housy-Arty-style tune…
      I will never stop slating the artists that produce crap and copy styles…


      If you think that criticism is killing the scene and not piracy or the copycats, I feel even more sorry for the scene and the people that follow it…


    • Dave 3:30 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Where do I start on this subject….. Well, I have loved trance music for years (I am now 33!) right from hard trance from UK DJs such as M-Zone and Mark EG to Ferry Corsten, Tiesto and Van Buuren with countless other artists/producers thrown in too.
      I think the fall in popularity of trance shows what the artist/producer is made of and where is/her heart lies. If you are talking people such as Tiesto then I’m sorry but his eyes and heart belong purely to the $. The sold himself out to the American market years ago and gradually his music has gone from pretty bad to complete commercial rubbish. The Tiesto that released the In My Memory album is now long gone. His Musical taste has evaporated and his ego is now bigger than his bank balance. I paid to see him at Sheffield Arena expecting several live PAs from vocalists but no, just Tiesto his over inflated ego and a a couple of CDJs. I can’t fault him though as he is doing well and is making money in a very difficult industry and is in a way just moving with the times. Other artists are following suit, Van Buuren now spends a LOT of time in America and the likes of M.I.K.E. Push is now branching out from trance into other genres. I am still loving trance but I find it harder to find GOOD quality trance but the likes of Simon O’Shine and John Waver are producing fantastic eurphoric and melodic trance. The down side to all this is not being able to find a good trance night at a club any more. Gatecrasher a name that pushed trance to its dizzy heights no longer play trance, gods kitchen rarely have an event….
      Trance IS out there and you just have to look for it. The music will never die, just look at the Happy Hardcore era now making a come back. Sometimes you need things to go wrong so you can sit back and just get back to the basics of what it is you are doing then the magic will happen. I have NOTHING against the artists who venture into other genres they have a living to make but you can’t always expect the loyal fans you had to follow you.

      • Ryan Frame 7:07 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I like your response Dave. Especially about the part about not being able to find a decent trance night at a club nevermind the exclusive trance clubs of the past. In Johannesburg however there are annual Godskitchen and Gatecrasher events. In fact I am going to Gatecrasher later tonight with Judge Jules. So I think the superbrands have still remained “loyal” for example Godskitchen brought Dash Berlin, Gareth Emery and Aly & Fila here in October. Cape Town has one of the three biggest Psy Trance scenes in the world. Johannesburg has a massive Trance scene in the context of todays popularity and can hold its own. Unfortnately all the clubs play either Commercial, Dubstep, Electro or Drum and Bass. It is as if the world has lost its mind

    • Eric Foley 3:30 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I have to disagree

      I dont think the scene is dying… may well be in a lull though…..but this is normal.

      One of the big problems with the Trance scene, is clubbers mostly only motivated to attend gigs if recognisable names are on the bill……this damages the development of an underground scene, which is the lifeblood of all EDM in my opinion.

    • L 3:37 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      If you have to ask people to “Open up and give it a chance,” YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. That is a SIGN of a problem when you gotta be begging fans to like your music. Most of us didn’t get into trance because we woke up one day and decided to be gracious. We got into it way back when because it was unignorable, in your face, undeniably quality music. Lately it’s just not.

      Im not going to get into what I think is killing it, because it’s all been said. Just one question:

      Why are we defending Guetta on an article about what’s killing the trance scene?

      • jackiewragglovestrance 3:57 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Because one point of view is that attitudes and behaviour displayed directly towards someone who has clearly never claimed to be producing trance music and is successful in the “genre” in which he chooses to produce is not nice behaviour and reflects well some of the intensely negative attitudes that are trivialising this whole scene far too much???

    • Realist 3:52 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Here is another reason is it not so popular… It is played out and not ‘kool’ for young people any more. I can guarantee most of the people having this discussion are probably in their mid to late 20’s.. How many 17, 18 year olds are actually into it?
      Simple reason music moves on and the big break with nothing going on sound trance seems to have now is redeemed boring to the youngsters getting into dance music… Music goes round in circles but now thats where it is. It has never been ‘kool’ to listen to the same music as your parents has it? but now people who are in their 40’s have kids hitting adulthood and it was the parents who used to go to the likes of Gatecrasher ect… the young ones like their electro or dubstep or whatever…. In turn whatever u want to say about helping the producers the fact is a lot of them have left the scene or jumped ship to another style and right now we are left with mostly poor releases…

      If you want to compare trance to anything compare it to the Hardcore scene in 1998 – 1999 because on a bigger scale (due to internet and worldwide interest) that is the direction it is going it can not be taken any further and for the next we while is pretty much dead. People in their late 20’s will find it harder to move on people in their late teens (not that their is many) will find it easy and when you go to a ‘Trance’ event over the next few years have a look around you at the age groups of people who are their then you will understand where I am coming from…

      • Ryan Frame 7:09 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I am 18 and have loved trance since I was 9 years old. I attended my first rave when I was 15 and I can assure you I am ‘into it’

      • Shaon Chowdhury 11:18 am on December 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I’m 19 and do agree with most of your sentiment. Trance isn’t really popular with people my age as opposed to other EDM genres like Dubstep, house etc. This is probably caused by the lack of “amazing” trance tracks i.e 90’s to early 00’s-esque tracks.

      • Stephan Torres 10:01 pm on December 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I’m 18 as well and it is really hard to find Trance lovers like myself.
        Any electronic music lover I know (Which, even then, is slim) listens to house, dubstep, etc. I’ve been on the lookout for a Trance lover (Preferably in the era that made it great in the first place.), but so far, no luck. I’ll still keep on hoping though. :3

        • Emilio 4:21 pm on June 8, 2012 Permalink

          I just turned 20 and ive been listening to proper trance since i was 7-8 onwards! influences from my dad and uncles etc…im bound to listen to it and i absolutely love it!!

          It is extremely difficult to find people our age who are into proper trance, infact i know 1 person…and hes my best friend 😀

          trance for me is about the melody and the goosebumps, as it is probably for everybody else who loves trance too!

          have a listen to that and prepare to receive the most ridiculous goosebumps of all time…

          also take a look at the top comment i posted 3 years ago on that link 😉

          hope you all enjoy that absolute stormer!! :D:D:D

      • Emilio 4:24 pm on June 8, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        in reply to Reallst…

        my dad listens to trance music and he is 57, i listen to trance and im 20 🙂

        guess why i listen to trance? because my dad influenced me to do so 😀

        so many inferior none-goosbumpy genres..

        one day trance will reign again 😀

    • Suprano 4:23 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      wana know my opinion? some artists born in golden period of trance. found their fanbase. now when they realize they wont sell good (bcuz piracy and bein lazy to create something awesome that needs much time and energy and idea) they attracted to mainstream music (house n electro atm) but as they cant compete house electro guros and get their fans they call it trance to keep their fans (by force of media) and ITS NOT EVOLOUTION IN TRANCE for god sake. they simply arent brave enough to say hey i produce house from now. in the other hand, when u are big bcuz of ur past performance and u cant keep it up (due to being bored or being lazy etc.) ull find artists with same condition, control the media and distribution channels and events, to prevent fresh ideas and talents come up and steal their fans( u read Money and fame). its sad, but true at our scene. if labels directed by non artist managers (like in holywood) we wouldnt see this condition bcus true manager always seek for fresh ideas and moving forward is every manager’s first periority.

    • ya mumm 4:40 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hardstyles better

    • TinaM 4:57 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Sorry Rachel, but you haven’t been listening to trance for a long time, haven’t you? Like the founder of #trancefamily who says he started to listen to trance music 2 years ago. I don’t know you but from reading your article I can guess you don’t know much about original primal sound of trance neither you know about artists who don’t release their tracks on popular labels. And you are narrow minded. Because… why should someone like an artist under every condition no matter what he makes when you can dig deeper and find a lot of other artists among who is for sure someone whos music you’ll like. Why do we have to make them a cult of personality like egyptian pharaoh. Telling them something’s not good isn’t a negative critic, but it should be a gift to them. So they know what they’re doing wrong, in our oppinion of course. So that doesn’t mean they have to change and make music we like if they don’t like it. They should do what they like and we should listen to what we like. If you’re accepting everything they make it means you’re too lazy to find music that you’ll find good.

      Give a chance also to other less known producers! This is what trance sceene needs.

    • Kamil 4:59 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Rachel’s absolutely right – you’re all ignorant stuckups who can’t accept the fact David Guetta is No.1. If you want a Trance poll, make your own one. I’m sure like everyone else, David worked hard for his success “OVER THE YEARS”, not just in 2011. Defending him is for the best, anyone offending Guetta has a serious problem. If you’d compare Guetta with some metal band, you’d go for Guetta. Plus you’re all simply jealous of where he is. Have you achieved the same? Doubtful.

      And now before you say I’m a trance hater, stop. I can’t stand dubstep and other rubbish that actually axed Judge Jules from BBC Radio 1, I’m 16 and I love Trance and I absolutely feel appalled that this modern rubbish is taking over England, if not, the world. All because of you, bollocking trance that it’s going crap and dying. You’re giving a call to the labels, radio presenters and producers that you DO NOT want Trance anymore. If you love it, WHY?!

      The trance scene is not dying. In fact, trance is now a mix of all genres, and varies at around 135-140 BPM, almost equivalent to Progressive House. And trance is becoming pop now, which is a slight shame, but it proves that Trance is a large influential part of EDM, if it goes mainstream. It is only artists like David Guetta who bring Trance into mainstream world, and artists like Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery stay in the underground league. In fact, trance is today larger than rock for instance, there’s no Queen or anyone generating audiences of over 20,000 people on gigs. I’m sure ASOT live shows generate around that too. And TATW and ASOT ARE the most listened shows in the world, no doubt.

      Trance is a fantastic genre, and I was introduced to Above & Beyond in August 2010, when I listened to their Essential Mix in Ibiza. I was astonished, and ever since, haven’t missed an episode of Trance Around The World. And the 2011 Essential Mix which is now shortlisted for the Essential Mix of The Year 2011, has been personally a musical masterpiece.

      Why is ASOT 550 going to be hosted in 6 locations worldwide, bringing thousands of people together?

    • MrDejan27 5:00 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Some of you don’t get the point that Rachel is trying to get out.

      If it sounds good, listen to it! If you don’t like it then don’t listen to it! Simple!

      You want to hear something you like but no one is able to produce what you want to hear? Then produce it yourself and stop criticizing others. No one person could ever please everyone in this world (or the EDM in our situation) it’s human nature to have an opinion and it is in no way, shape or form possible for everyone to have the same opinion so no matter what, there is always going to be someone that doesn’t like something, regardless of the fact of whether YOU think it’s brilliant or not!

      It’s almost 2012. The future is here whether you like it or not. EDM is bigger than EVER before. Everyone wants to be a DJ. Now, whether you like this or not, it’s inevitable, so you can either get used to it and appreciate the beautiful music that brings people together OR you can be a negative pessimistic hater who should switch to listening to something like country music lol

      That’s my 2 cents!


      • Daniel 8:33 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Unfortunatly you are making an ultimatum to the fans, wich is not good btw. Not everyone can produce because they have other gifts. I see you may be a person who’s good in comprimizing by not giving people any choice, to eithere like it or not! Hehe people have opinions, and a free mind. Who are you to say either like it or not?

        Yes almost everything changes with time, but it doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the changes and share our fellings about them.

        Just keep this in mind before your next post is: EITHER YOU LIKE IT; OR NOT!

        • MrDejan27 10:20 am on December 11, 2011 Permalink

          Lol yes Daniel, exactly my point. If someone can’t do something (Produce in this instance) then they shouldn’t criticize others for not producing what they want to hear. How is an artist supposed to know what people want to hear? And why should they not have a choice as to what they want to produce just like we have a choice to what we want to listen to? Like I said you can’t please everyone so the artist is going to do what any normal person would do in this situation, please themself! Produce what they feel is good music and what they like. People are not forced to listen to it of they don’t want to. And how is that not giving someone a choice? You either like something or you don’t (that’s a choice my friend) the ONLY way something is NOT a choice is if it is forced upon someone. And no one is forcing you to listen to anything. That my friend is the beauty of music.

          There are still more than enough music and genres in this world (whether it be old or new) to listen to for a lifetime. If you like the old stuff then listen to the old stuff, if you don’t like Armada then don’t buy music from Armada. Don’t like Guetta then don’t listen to Guetta.

          It really isn’t that complicated..

    • Kamil 5:01 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      In addition, Trance is in a league of it’s own.

    • Louise Scott 5:26 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I would say i was disheartened to see Guetta as number one, just because i feel the DJS of the trance scene work so hard and don’t seem to be that well known or appreciated in the world. (The same way judge jules influence on radio 1….. trance again has been pushed out of the way by him losing his slot).
      I find it frutrating that those outside of the EDM scene do not know what real trance is because of the commercial ‘chart’ acts like guetta portraying dance music as they do.
      I dont think it matters what bpm trance you like….whether it has vocals or not as music effects everyone different. I’m a huge fan of Anjunabeats and yet people slate me for liking the airey-fairy-ness…lol.. however it moves me so i couldnt care less.
      If trance effects you then it shouldnt matter who produces it, if it has vocals etc as it is a very personal thing. Its about your own journey.
      And just because trance isn’t as popular as i wish it was doesnt mean i am going to love it any less.
      Who cares who is number 1 anyway? Do we go to events to see the worlds no.1….. or the DJ who blows your mind? The #trancefamily alone going to events should be enough for the DJS we support to know how much we appreciate what they do.


    • Ameyah 5:52 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      omg lots of ppl here are agressive 🙂
      calm down …
      as said the point is: if u like it listen to it and if u dont like it – dont listen to it.
      pickup the tracks u like and ok …
      and let the other artists live their freedom.
      trance was changing all over their history. and this history started in the late 80s – maybe u check some older trance tracks out ull see what i mean …
      and another point is all in all – if a genre is not developing – it will get lost and die.

    • The Green Octopus 6:09 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Some of what I say here isn’t in response to the article alone, but also the comments here.

      No offense to any of this wording before me, but if sharp criticism of the artists and what they produce were the basis for trance’s “downfall” (such as it were), grunge would have never surfaced in 1991, Beethoven being offended by criticism of having “generic” symphonies would have prevented his masterpieces from surfacing and being ultimately appreciated, etc. Criticism is a necessary way of eking out the positive changes we so desire in music that we can find personally satisfying. But yes, it’s inevitable; yes, it’s often necessary; yes, there is a such thing as criticism that goes too far, but also criticism that doesn’t go far enough. In other words, don’t simply criticize criticism. After all, criticism is a person’s way of influencing the art itself, so please take consideration of that.

      Laurent Veronnez a.k.a. Airwave, Lolo, and dozens of other monikers, is a trance producing/DJing legend dating to the 1990s. Yet he’s going about also criticizing, not only other producers and DJs, but also his own label and his own productions. So, it’s an unfair claim to project this on people outside of producing or DJing (“former” fans, if you will.) Fans are not the only ones who are upset. It’s an infectious and unpleasant fact that trance is obsessed with its image (and this article exemplifies that.) This is unusual. I don’t see such insecurities in many other electronic genres, mostly just… well, trance, to be honest.

      Trance does get a lot of flak, and it’s not all baseless (though you never address what it is people specifically complain about.) And indeed, with open eyes, I’ve seen trance in all of its manifestations over the last 10 years. Honestly, trance is too broad of a term, I’ve decided. It can be 128 bpm or 145 bpm. It can take on tribal sounds, so-called “housey” sounds, abstract/techno sounds, synthpop sounds, and unabashedly epic “euphoric” sounds. Basically, trance appears oversaturated, because that’s just naturally attributable to its very wide definition. Sorry, but until people can conform on a tight, restrictive definition of what “trance” is, there’s always going to be this confusion. Thankfully, that’s where subgenres step in to clean house (progressive trance, tech trance, psytrance, etc.)

      And for the love of Pete, “progressive” is NOT a goddamn genre (ugh… I blame this confusion on AvB’s “A State of Trance” slogan, but anywho.) It’s only an adjective you affix to the parent genre you’re identifiying (i.e. progressive house, progressive trance, progressive rock, progressive metal, etc. etc. etc….) House is also an unfair victim amidst of all of this. There’s nothing wrong with something sounding “housey”, and I would venture that many who complain about this are only mildly aware of the breadth of the house genre. I don’t know, listen to Blue Six, or Jimpster, or Timewriter, or Dosem, or Luke Chable, etc… return to me with answers if you think these have any sonic connection to “housey trance.”

      I’m not sure what DJ Mag has any relevance to this whatsoever other than merely proving the point that many trance fans, it would seem, are at once both endeared by the prospect of garnering top spots in that magazine, but all the while, paradoxically, debasing “mainstream” vices for taking up the top spots instead. As a trance fan since the earlier half of the 2000s (and somewhat a zombie-fan now, having little connection to the current scene), in only recent memory has DJ Mag ever entered the consciousness of the importance of trance in relation to the entire electronic music scene. Great, Armin van Buuren was voted #1 DJ starting in 2007. Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto managed this as well during the last decade. Technically, all professed traditional trance sounds until around 2008 or whenever. But then deadmau5 surged with his sound in 2006, and many in the commercial house world joined the bandwagon in earnest, and incorporated house stabs with divas singing generically about love. Although divas have been with trance for well over a decade, pushing out one cheesy anthem after another, it has gotten crowded with other genres and DJs entering the fray. I personally dislike Guetta for reasons outside of his popularity (such as his indeed very misogynistic undertones and narcissism), but he has no bearing on me in terms of my opinion of the music scene in general. But anyway, what can I say: trance sounds the way it does now, because it has become much more profitable to ape Guetta, Avicii, deadamu5, SHM, etc. As for “emotions” or “euphoria” (that silly “Close your eyes” bit that charges up every ASOT episode), all of those qualities are superficial at best, IMO. I agree with the author in that regard: look elsewhere for that. I am interested in trance returning to its roots, so to speak, to have that particular trancey sound again.

      But I see two outcomes that I would strongly suggest to skeptical new trance fans or older fans who are yearning: either produce your own music that goes with those values you miss, or adopt a different sound with those values. I for one strongly encourage criticism, but don’t make it your end all-be all. Furthermore, promote the sound you enjoy and avoid the ones you don’t like. That’s how you impose your views.

    • Dave Trancetastic Mattox 6:27 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Personally I don’t think anything is killing trance. There are a few things I wish it could change in the scene or rather add, the younger generation getting into trance like in the 90s for instance, nowadays they have to put up with commercial music that’s brilliant in their eyes because they’re only young and don’t realise what trance is or can appreciate how good it is, another thing is money, take Tiesto for example, he’s made his name through trance and yes he has changed his style but he’s still a top DJ but his fan base has grown to because of that and lets face it, house/electro have a far bigger fan base then trance unfortunately which means more money no matter what tunes they produce people are still going to get it because of the name. I think if anyone could make a tune and get large sums of money for it just because of who you are everyone would be at it…… Trance 4Life!!! changed my life for the better because of the people involved and the positive energy it has 🙂

    • crumbs 7:01 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      This article doesn’t address anything. Nonsense.

    • Umar aka DJ Mafkees 7:27 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      You know what? we should appreciate every producers approach to music! As long as it sounds good to the ear and you can rave to the track i think its fine. No need to criticize great sounds.

    • Ryan Frame 7:34 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I would like to add that I think the problems facing the genre today are the event companies like ID&T who have single handedly destroyed Trance energy and Sensation. Trance Energy changed its name to Energy in 2010. It was also the first year they didnt sell out in advance and there was a huge cover up by ID&T to make the event still sound appealing. Surely this would’ve shown them that the people have spoken. But no because even though we sit here and say trance isnt the most popular genre in EDM anymore. It kindof still is… All the biggest festivals used to be so big because they attracted the greatest trance DJs on the planet. It was Paul van Dyk who said in an interview that he doesn’t identify himself with trance anymore but rather EDM; but he added that no-one could deny that Trance festivals bring the biggest crowds. Its the nature of the genre, and the nature of the #trancefamily As someone mentioned above. We are the closest knit community in dance music, and it is not clear to me why but I think its because The music is just so complex and beautfiul that it requires a special kind of person to understand it and the same personality trait that a person has that makes them Identify with trance also makes them the kind of person who likes to share their views and establish a formal association with other lovers like the trance family. Really scientists should study this phenomenon. I did read somewhere that there was a study done that found there was a correlation between ones IQ and ones taste in music. I cannot verify the validity of the study or its origin but its an interesting hyperthesis nontheless. Trance ranked up with classical and opera as the genre where the smartest people Identified themselves with.

      Anyway back to my point about energy and sensation: Sensations become a joke. Not one trance DJ appeared in its frontline Amsterdam event and also their ticket sales dropped. Its weird how ID&T changed their image to become more successful by appealing to the popular mass culture but they’re actually selling less tickets. In fact I even heard that the highlight of many peoples night was when they played Cygnus X’s superstring ( a Sensation classic and its original theme song) that the crowed got lifted. Superstring is a trance classic as we all know- and it was the most popular song of the night. So I beg to question. WTF?

      Apparently Trance Energy had to change its name to Energy because TIESTO told the organisers that he would refuse to be associated with a trance event of its nature. So ID&T gave in a bowed to tiesto and his cronies demands and changed. This caused a backlash from Armin and that is why he set out to show the world that his parties will take over from what ID&T and popular culture messed up. So that is why we see ASOT 500 on 5 continents and ASOT 550 with a similar intention. That is why I admire Armin he is trying to keep the genre alive.

      Its amazing how many of my friends went to Tomorrowland this year and thought it was the greatest thing ever. They only found out about it recently while I had know about it for years, In its trance glory days. So yes the onset of the Gyetta movement has made these festivals more popular. But then they become bunkum and commercialised and full of a crowed of uneducated, unenlightened heathens.

      I would like to cite on comment about us trancers not going to parties to see the DJ because of his rank. about a week after Guetta got his crown he came to Johannesburg and naturally I didn’t attend but many people went specifically because they wanted to see the world number 1 DJ (clearly not trancers) last weekend Deadmau5 came to Johannesburg and everyone went because they think he is the greatest artist alive. Everyone I spoke to only had negative reports on the party.

      So again I have to ask WTF is happening?

      • Ramy Nabil 8:35 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        i honestly couldn’t agree with u more but there is one thing that i dont agree on and that is that Armin is trying to keep the genre alive..i think it d be more accurate to say that Armin is trying to keep his version of Trance alive but that is not the only version of trance out there..problem with that is that ppl have forgotten coz Armin’s been number 1 for years so naturally ppl think he’s the best..i always say that Armin might be the number 1 dj but his productions are certainly not the best (starting out amazing and going downhill from there all the way till giving the green light on that horrible remix album of mirage)…i have to say ive actually been listening to classics A LOT more than i have been to the new stuff coming out nowadays..i stopped listening to ASOT too when the stuff became so damn mainstream…

    • Ramy Nabil 7:50 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      i have to disagree with you,’s the dj’s killing trance by moving away from the kind of music and the sounds that provide that feeling of higer emotion and euphoria..eversince that fucking SHM sound developed for HOUSE and every1 in trance has been using it and started calling it TRANCE for some reason..i was one of those ppl that defended trance when ppl said it sounds the same in every track coz they wouldnt listen past the beat..hell even house isnt house anymore..if ya listen to oldskool house ala Daft Punk and the likes and try to identify something of that in today’s music,that becomes virtually impossible..i feel that dj’s now are just trying to sell as many records as they can(im only talking about the mainstream dj’s,not those who are fucking badass and on their way to mainstream)..ive actually been finding that lesser known dj’s rite now produce much Trancier tracks than ppl like Armin (whom i honestly was his number 1 fan up until 2 albums ago)… hell i respect Tiesto for the simple fact that he jumped genres and stopped calling what he’s doing now Trance,unlike Armin, A&B and the rest of the sell out mainstreamers.. hell,even the lyrics for vocal trance aren’t what the used to..where are the likes of No one on earth, Satellite,Just be,Home,Shivers,Can’t Sleep,Good for me,beautiful things?? Stuff like that is non existent now imo…

    • Rachel Rixham 8:28 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply


      You state I should be thinking clearly before I make such a claim, and yet I started the article with “I am not expecting anyone to agree with my thoughts and feelings, nor do I care for those who want to shoot me down for them. But I have an opinion just as anyone else, and here it is plain and simple.” This is my personal blog, a place I share my thoughts, I am not changing my thoughts to suit people like yourself, nor will I change the way I feel to suit the critics.

      The article was merely “suggestion – not fact”. and may I note, left open with a question for feedback. You know for people to suggest too?

      I fully appreciate everyone’s thoughts and comments, but instead of attacking me with your critic, why not continue by leaving suggestions on how we can make things better? That was the whole point of this article, yet some are only using it as a way to attack, which I guess only proves my previous suggestion.

      • Daniel 8:54 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I know you did… But still, your article is a bit provocative, than it runs back to your statement; “I am not expecting anyone to agree with my thoughts and feelings, nor do I care for those who want to shoot me down for them”.

        I know you have your opinion, and it can’t be changed 😉 Just as i have mine. But still don’t you think that it touches many people, and that they will react in different ways? And i just think it’s wrong, if you’re not doing it directly, you kinda point out the fans for beeing to negative. I’m just saying. It is okey to share your views but you stear it towards a conclusion, which u have to excpect negativity. In one way you don’t give people any other chance but to attack, still you blame them for using it to attack.

    • Rachel Rixham 9:11 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Think of the article as you like, I have no problem with that. But don’t tell me it was a “Conclusion” when it wasn’t. 🙂

      “But still don’t you think that it touches many people, and that they will react in different ways? And i just think it’s wrong, if you’re not doing it directly, you kinda point out the fans for beeing to negative”.

      I point out that a minority of fans are negative simply because they are, if you don’t see that from some of the above comments, then you only have to track back through youtube to see that for yourself. I wouldn’t *Point Out* something that wasn’t true of course, if I did that would be wrong. Of course everyone is entitled to have an opinion on a track or release, but if we don’t like something, does it give us the right to personally attack the artist? Seriously, why not spend your hours finding music you do like, instead of tearing down aggressively those we don’t like? Doesn’t that make more sense?

      Blame & conclusion: Again this article was based on thoughts and feelings, which I left open, if you want to continue to see blame and conclusion in this article, then so be it. But I can tell you this, I feel very strongly about our Trance future, as do many others, and if It helps the future of our scene, with people being less aggressive and verbal towards the artist then why not at least try?

      I am sure about one thing though, my “suggestion” isn’t the only reason our scene is the way it is, there are many reasons, (many noted above) but those have been raised many times already, and fixed nothing, which is why I took my article through a different angle. Everything has been mentioned already – but the support for the artists and our aggressive community hasn’t, therefore I raised it, because deep down in my heart I believe that too can be just as damaging to the future of Trance music. 🙂

      Fair play to those who’ve left comments though, it has made this article a very interesting and informative read – Thanks

    • Jimmy 9:38 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      People are upset because trance artists gave up producing music that had soul to ride the popularity wave of commercial house. It’s disheartening when the majority of your favorite trance artists give up their lovely sound to appeal to what’s the current popular sound. The author makes it sound like trance fans should support an artist no matter what their sounds like. Give them room to experiment and grow with some new sound? Why? If I don’t like a song I shouldn’t try it force it. There are plenty of artists in other EDM genres who experiment with different genres and do it wonderfully. But when trance producers try something new to appeal to a bigger crowd rather than to create something beautiful, it’s really easy to see their intentions. I understand that it’s a business but it’s still sad to see. Why change something that already worked? When the popular thing isn’t commercial house or dubstep anymore what will the current trance producers do? Continue to ride the popularity wave or will they go back to their roots? Will their loyal fanbase return or will they abandon their artists just as their artists done to them? I think it will be interesting to see where trance is in 5 years or so. I can guarantee that nobody will be talking about the current soulless electro-farty trance in 5 years. No one will saying, “Yeah I remember that set where he put in that random dubstep drop, that was awesome”. It’s sad to see that the euphoric trance sound that still made you dance is gone, but that’s just the way it is.

      It’s funny to see how so many people actually care about David Guetta and the DJ mag (do people even read magazines anymore?). You #trancefamily nerds should be ashamed of yourselves that your cheese king Armin got beat at his own game. In result, you actually took the time to spam David Guetta’s page. People need to stop caring about the DJ mag poll as a whole. It lost its credibility years ago and poll standings will continue to get worse as EDM becomes even more commercialized.

      Solution? Stop supporting artists you don’t like and focus your energy on artists that you do like. You have every right to say you don’t like something, but do so in a mature and respectful manner; then move on. There are some trance artists that are making wonderful music, you just have to dig deep. You could also try other genres. Personally I find it hard to keep up with all the great EDM music. What I don’t respect is those artists who tell their followers their sound is trance when it clearly isn’t, misleading those who are new to EDM or are not as musically intelligent. At least Tiesto was truthful and said he was not in the trance scene anymore.

    • Daniel Salomé 9:53 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Personally i’m listening to trance since 2003 and I have been introduced to this genre by the set of Tiësto @ Trance Energy 2000 (the “golden” trance era).

      – Variety of early trance Music / the progressive disappearance of the diversity in trance nowadays :
      At that time trance DJs sets / compilations were really varied : epic, uplifting, progressive & vocal tracks were mixed with creativity and with a coherent construction transforming them to a musical journey.
      Trance could be mixed with close genres such as techno or true house without degrading the quality and the construction of the sets. You could hear a Sasha track or a Joris Voorn track and even a Mauro Picotto track in a trance set such as a Tiësto’s old one. AND it was not a problem for the fans at all ! On the contrary it was a sign of talent and open minding ! BUT trance tracks stayed trance tracks and not commercial soup or a Frankenstein track like nowadays… Trance was keeping its identity…

      For 3 years, some reknown (and not reknown) trance producers are doing trance tracks mixed with commercial housy elements making them inaudible and a lot of copy-pastes of the Sweedish House Mafia – One nonsense are being created every minute : some honest people (such as Tiësto or Ferry Corsten) call that TROUSE music !
      I have no problem with trouse music but the other producers PLEASE DON’T CALL IT TRANCE ! Trouse is trouse, and trance is trance !
      I have no problem with people making tracks for money, please don’t use the “trance” word to label your track ! It is a plague to sort the tracks in online stores such as Beatport, Juno Download or Trackitdown. If I take the top 100 trance in Beatport there are 90% of trouse in reality. The fault of the music labels 😡 New comers are considering now the trouse nonsense TRANCE ! And the reknown radioshows are not helping us at all…

      But for the current “genuine trance” tracks themselves I feel a lack of creativity, most of them (90% ?!) are a copy-paste & cheesy fest : excessive vocals, overused samples and presets, no diversity at all : BORING !!! Listening an episode of ASOT, TAWT or another reknown radioshow… It’s like being in a circus !
      Those videos resume pretty well what I mean :

      – The #Trancefamily thing :
      Now if you don’t lick the most reknown DJs feet, you become nothing… How many tweets I see every day licking the feet of Armin Van Buuren and vice versa DJs & producers licking the #trancefamily’s ones… It is really difficult for a begining producer to break through if you don’t make a typical commercial ASOT track. Personally I consider the #trancefamily thing like bullshit, like a plague. Most of its members have discovered trance 3 years ago maximum, are going to events to make stupid signs (HA the heart with the hands….) in direction of THE DJ ! Common guys and girls, if we go to a party it is for the music and not for the DJ ! We are not in the world of the Unicorns, damn it ! We don’t go to parties to make clowning, to make stupid things !
      Speaking of quality, most of the time everything THE DJ spins is kinda making these people wet even if it is the crappiest / not trance track in the world !

      So WHO is really killing the trance scene ? Certainly not the person listening to trance since ages and being more and more bored and disgusted by the way the trance music and its fans are going nowadays…

      My comment is not long enough to tell everything I and I think many people have on the heart…

      Some really interesting articles / interviews you should read and which complete perfectly my statement :

      Excuse me for my bad english.

    • Dawideeek 10:20 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Well… as long as music producers create their music from heart, trance will be read in full glory. If many of them forget about heart and prefer fame&cash, we’ll listen to the mainstream, not a pure trance. The less heart is put on trance, the more dauby it becomes. Simply.
      I’ve read these articles above and I must agree with majority of them… there are plenty more reasons for trance dying – our inattention (a lot of wonderful tracks is missed, too much trash is being noticed), trendy imposed by the most famous artists, money greed, influence of the commerce, illegal downloads of tracks in some sense, plagiarism and boring patterns being reproduced to infinity, money greed, fame, money greed…

      For me, a pure trance is something which squeezes tears of sadness, of happiness… stimulates uncontrolled goosebumps and your imagine and then you see these all places… deserts and pyramids at night while listening to Tonny Nesse’s ‘7th Wonder’, at day with Aly&Fila, frosty and dark winters with TrancEye’s style, meadows full of flowers with Suncatcher’s ‘Spring Break’, the powerful downpour with Garry Heaney’s ‘Lisbon’, sunsets over Cornwall cliffs with ‘Restless Being’ from Staircase&Soulside, constellations in the sky with Onova’s ‘Platitude’, inner calm with Ultimate’s ‘Towards Destiny’. And for the bitter end: katharsis after Andy Blueman’s ‘Time To Rest 2011’. These feelings – this is the measure of pure trance. Such music we shoud notice and do not pay attention in trendys… Fortunately, a lot of producers still use their hearts 😉 As long as they have souls, trance will have soul. That’s my opinion.

    • Ian 11:44 pm on December 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I agree – you just can’t please everyone. People will always bitch and criticise because it’s in our nature to do so. People love hating on things. I’m not saying I’m any different either.

      I hated on Tiesto and Kaleidoscope, immediately wrote it off as trash. It took some time to get used to but I eventually gave it a chance and even went to see his Kaleidoscope tour. It was one of the best rave experiences I’ve had! DJ’s need to experiment and keep things fresh – not only for their fans but for themselves as well.

    • Pedro 1:30 am on December 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Biggest pile of bullshit ever, the fans never wanted the artists to change their style for starters.

      What’s killing the scene ?

      Fans who will happily endure any shit their favourite lovey dovey producer throws at them

      Producers who established themselves in the Trance scene as Legends who decided to change their style to whatever is currently “popular”

      Producers who are trying to clone their favourite “Pop trance” producers thus resulting in more shite, ever hear the phrase “INNOVATE DON’T IMMITATE”

      Lack of access to good quality drugs, no matter how you look at it, the drugs played a big impact in the success of the scene 11 years ago when it was at its peak

      The digital era, gone are the days of quality control within music where a label had to be sure about signing a track because of the costs associated with pressing vinyl and distribution, now you can start your own label in 5 minutes and join in polluting music with crap 😀

      The fact we live in a throw away culture where nothing is built to last, there’s a reason why there’s hardly any tracks people would consider a true classic made within the last 8 years compared to the amount made between 94 to 2003 (Hell back in 2001 classics nights were playing stuff from 2000 1 year and a track was a classic)

      All these producers fucking about trying to be “Cool & Innovative” by throwing in shit from other genres that has already been done and done twice as better as what the hipster is trying to do.

      The bottom line is Trance was as close to perfection as humanly possibly, now it’s a broken shard of its former self split into retarded sub genres and no longer has any soul or identity like it once had thanks to fuckwit producers almagmating it with other genres.

      Morale of the story ? DON’T FUCK WITH THINGS WHICH AREN’T BROKEN

      • jm112 5:03 am on December 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        back in the day a producer could make 3 tracks a year and all of them be massive … every time i hear Solarcoaster intro damn this is epic i wish tunes had that quality now a days but producers need to slow down make some good baselines hooks and melodies not …. Trance needs to go back to its roots to rebuild and move on into the future

    • jm112 4:43 am on December 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Trance needs to go underground then it will be some good tunes out there look at trance and house in the mid 2000 there was some epic tunes look at these artist


      Axwell (
      Seb (
      Steve pre mix lol (

      all amazing tunes when house was still underground in the US I still like leave the world . One was over played

      There still Amazing trance out there

      ( beautiful vocal tune
      ( Awesome tune with some power
      ( huge up lifter
      ( nice dark tune
      ( huge dark prog tune

      theres so many good producers out there just need to dig also there a amazing tracks

      I really could give two shits about Guetta , Tiesto Armin and Ferry And DJ Mag
      Support the underground stuff find stuff that u love not because Armin said so lol

    • HolteEnder 6:43 am on December 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      While I don’t necessarily agree with your premise, I appreciate your passion for the music and willingness to engage in a controversial subject.

      It will be interesting to see where you go with this topic in the future.

    • someonerandom 7:55 am on December 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I cant believe I’m the only one sick of what trance is nowadays.

      Why is every song a god damn vocal song? It’s so pop, so cliche, a supersaw in every song, BOOM BOOM BOOM, and it climaxes and breaks down.

      Too much of the same old garbage.

      I support artists like Mat Zo, Arty, who come up with original stuff, nice progressive songs, good beats and no reptitiveness.

      I believe the reason why trance is dying or is dead is because its been bastardized by the artists. Too many pop vocals over cliche instrumentals.

      Mat Zo + Arty thank god for some common sense in trance

    • Hensmon 7:10 pm on December 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      trance isn’t dead or dying – im listening to a new banger right now

    • my name is trance 9:56 pm on December 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      unfortunately people like YOU killing it! think about and what you have wrote here…. its like – do whatever you want, ill follow you my belowed dj 😀 i dont care what you play or produce ill do everything to get your new cd!!! im your biggest fan – stupid groupie idiot in other words……….. most djs like armin doing everything to make more money and dont give a shit about Trance or fans or you…. now give me a title of your favourite TRANCE record 😀

    • Ramy Nabil 10:37 pm on December 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply


    • nathan 1:51 am on December 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      All I can say is soo true! I left hardcore for many reasons and some are true to what you said! If people don’t like it, tuff shit!

    • Smashy Dooblydoo SkyShaker Pitts 6:38 pm on December 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Welp…I’m an American punk rock guy who’s dabbling in trance for a while. Newborn-baby noobish to this scene but honestly thank you so much Rachel for this article. It is mega encouraging. Been following you and your partner’s beatsmediaUK site since its inception ^_^

      Trance and ALL of music is like pizza. —-So you hate the topping. But its still pizza right? Just not YOUR type. You date a girl and find out she ain’t yo type, your’e sure as hell not gonna ramble out knee-jerk insults to her right? LOL cmon yo…its still trance, just not YOUR trance =)

      Ya want it to stay oldschool or real? M’kay, you know where to look! Don’t let us get in your way and don’t leave scars. Words do hurt. We are human after all.

      I’ve been in multiple bands since 2003 and its true. The fans make the scene what it is, but only to an extent. Fans are never truly satisfied, and you learn to live with (and ignore) that as your success grows and recedes. But why should that worry you if your’e making music that makes you happy?

      People go into the music industry for many reasons but it ultimately comes down to either or all of these 3 things — money, respect/recognition, or for fun. As an artist, a fan base with record sales are merely sprinkles on the ice cream ^_^ And if your’e doing it for money —–and its working—–, how can someone say your’e doin’ it wrong? Evidently something is going right LOL

      Its just hilarious to see how Armin lovers forget his motto has always been “Never be a prisoner of your own genre”. Why break an artist down when they take that statement to heart? We must grow too =) —————————–But yeah Rachel superstoked you’ve addressed this on a blog as widely read as yours, your blog has blossomed into quite the influential one! Its about to be an awesometastik 2012!

    • Andy 2:16 am on December 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I just had to comment on this as it’s something I feel very strongly about, as an avid trance fan, I can truely say that trance IS dying because of a number of factors:

      1. Digital production – Since digital synthesizers and the use of recorded samples the sound quality of electronic music has slipped so far since the good old analogue days in which the trancey sounds were created and not emulated, analogue gave a nice rich sound and vibe whilst digital comes out with something which is flat and has no roundness to it, they say it’s more efficient and convenient but it sacrifices the life and fullness of the sound.

      2. The internet – there seems to be a correlation between the quality of music and internet access to everyone, with online download stores, record labels aren’t fussed about what gets released because it’s costing them hardly anything to make tracks available online, unlike the old days when there was only CD and Vinyl, now record labels can sign any old bedroom artist up and force feeding their music to us without fear of taking a gamble, so now terrible artists are slipping through the net and the more talented producers are struggling to be heard.

      3. Trouse – this horrible mixture is what makes up most of the “Trance” music that is released today, using house sounds with trance elements is a sin and they shouldn’t be mixed, when trying new things you don’t take two existing things and slam them together because you don’t get something new, you get something completely different. Trance music quality through simplicity but now you have all these retard sounds and effects cramming up space on a CD that it just sounds like one noise coming out of the speaker.

      You can slate me all you want and say “You’re exactly the problem” but I speak the truth, I’ve listened to lots of trance from before the early 2000s and it is of much higher quality than todays music, artists like BT, Oliver Lieb, Chicane, Solarstone, Tilt, Laurent Veronnez etc etc really knew how to work with audio and provide some amazing sounds and some still do, Oliver Lieb is still into the old analogue equipment and prefers his music on vinyl, chicane still uses some elements of analogue and some digital but he knows how to harmonize the two and keep the Chicane vibe and they’re making trance music the right way. Trance music has always been about being able to give people shivers and goosebumps but now it doesn’t anymore. I’ve listened to thousands of trance songs, new ones and old ones, from popular artist and unknowns so take it from someone who knows, Trance Is Dying, soon to be dead when the last decent artists decide to put their instruments in the attic, there’s been no improvement in the variation of sounds and melodies produce since 2009.

    • someonerandom 3:36 am on December 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      “Trouse” is in reality progressive house, and progressive house is exactly what trance used to be back before the advent of all these dumb uplifting songs.

      I hope uplifting trance dies a quick, painful, death. The two things wrong with trance today are cliche uplifting supersaw tracks, and too many pop vocal tracks.

    • Pete the System 4:50 am on December 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Some very intelligent and not so intelligent replies here, great reading!

      For me trance is not dying and i find that abit of a bold statement.It is just not as popular as the 90s and early 2000s when alot of us grew up in clubs week in week out! WHY? Because music changes just as rave was big then trance now its house crossing into the mainstream and the mainstream/joe bloggs listener is the majority, the true die hards were never the main bulk of clubs. to a certain extent house Places like USA is booming with more events than ever, all the festivals worldwide still have trance and there is still a massive global following, new labels replacing old ones with new kids getting into it each year and new talent immerging constantly at a devasting rate!

      If you look properly for music on beatport, trackitdown etc etc theres high quality productions in every form such as progressive trance, psy trance, epic trance, tech trance, trouse or whatever your into bpm wise or sub genre wise, theres also alot of stuff that smashing the genre rule and mixes lot of diff vibes in one track. You just have to sift through a sea of shite to find them at times, other times theres loads of high quality about.

      Luckily im into all forms of trance and also into techno, house, pop, oldskool etc and im loving the freedom now to mix the genres and just play good EDM that works for you and or your listeners.

      Its the narrow minded folk (each to their own there) that cause negetive vibes and make people think trance is dead etc when its not into just evovled into different forms and sounds.

      when i mix trance i start with some trouse or progressive and build right through into tech trance, epic trance and bosh 140 bpm and psy. I dont find it hard to find good music each month infact theres too much

      people who want trance to be like the old days its there just have to have a good look, modern production techniques and sounds in the same kinda format as old stuff with acid lines and pumpiong basslines, one thing annoys me is the lack of thought in some trance, i need to find stuff that tellsa story, creates a theme or visual in my head, also some of the newer stuff is over produced and has lost the rawness which gavce it a more intense feel

      The trance clubs/nights in UK are mostly monthly now because of a few reasons….

      The recsession means people arent out as much
      The fact that trance is often frowned upon due to drugs (the police, the public and the promoters/club owners all know now what goes on at trance nights) means less venues want the hassle when they can play commercial or house and get a slightly less druggy crowd in, they dont really want people reaching for the lasers and sweating there bollocks off while chewing the face of themselfs, they have caught on just as they caught on from the rave scene and era, the clubs are gettin watered down more and more in that sense, the drugs arent as strong its just a new era and things change like fashion, youth culture is always there but its always changing, trance is not the cool thing liek it used to be with everyone in cyber etc it is a house era dominated by pop stars and celebritys, the trance superclub era has been and gone and people need to realise that and move with the times, thats whats making them feel its dying when its not its just a different landscape!

      TRANCE IS ALIVE AND WELL! Flip sake even Oakeys back and Perfecto is shining again thanks to John Askew! Dont let the fact that house is the most popular genre now fool you into thinking trance is dying, its there its just not as popular in the mainstream….Trance is just UNDERGROUND abit at the min and i thought dubstep was ment to be the urban cool underground vibe, its commercial now! Trance will always be there wether its more underground or commercial…..



    • jg 4:03 pm on December 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I think its BC of the new.generation tat brings this type of hatred n I’m not.excluding myself but music hasn’t been the same since edm started like late 80s 90s. Once things become mainstream there’s a lot of.bandwagon n people think they know music just BC it is popular when they really don’t know where it originated. So fans want to keep the old school flavor like with the classic trance. For example tiesto, he’s magik series was amazing n first few Isos albums but he changed his style so ppl would argue about that. trance.its.just progressive n sounds way to mellow, n seems like I’m in a fairy tale .its not trance itndoesnt give tat enigmatic.feeling.anymore. tribal tech or electronic is called

    • jg 4:20 pm on December 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      ‘ Tech electro tribal IA called house. Really? Tats not house its called electro tech or whateverbit is but it’s not house. So a lot of people would argue BC they want to keep the classical or golden age of Edm.anyway Im into the trance when it started so as a fan of the real I understand y there is so much opinions n criticism. N “trance” isn’t.dying. electric growing here in NYC so u can see how popular its growing. Everyone joining the bandwagon LOL. So everyone wants to comment n act like they know what trance wen they just started listening to trance last week. Lol well sorry for the typos I’m on my phone n I hate typing on the phone o n I’m at work to so I can’t use a PC LOL.well please bring.bak he real trance music bring the golden age back.

    • Mike Angel 4:02 pm on December 14, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Music is such a potent and emotive thing to most of us. It is little wonder we take ownership and politicize our interpretation of what is appropriate to us. What has evolved in the last decade is the internet in both exposing the genre to a wider audience and allowing feedback without the usual social moderation and filtering. Couple that with an exponentially empowered ‘me’ generation and you have a recipe for a knocking machine to rival any fan base. Just stating a genre is on the way out has the possibility of gaining traction in this fickle global sandpit we call the internet particularly with all the added social media enhancements that have formed part of our daily lives.

      When Trance was at its commercial apex 12 years ago, it was the dominant sound in clubland. But it was overexposed and plagiarized by passengers instead of artists. Interestingly this is when the careers of three dutch favorites Tiesto, Ferry and Armin were only just ascending while the wheels appeared to be falling off everything else. Not so in hindsight, just the ebb and flow of a genre moving in and out of mass appeal. With the tourists departing for the next in thing some of the rubbish got weeded out and the genre cleansed itself at a more underground level. Some decent tunes came out and honest performances were a matter of necessity. Was the turn of the millenium the artistic apex? That is a matter of interpretation. Its definitely romanticized by those of us old enough to have played or partied back then. Is it dying now? Not in the cataclysmic sense of the word, but some quality control would be nice.

      I can deal with the homogenization with other genres as long as the results are interesting and not flat out mutations. Just lose the endless cliches because that’s what knocked over disco (which coincidentally created house) .

      One point I’d like to express, there are many who apply the tall poppy syndrome to Armin. ASOT is seen as the flagship show for the genre. Good on him for having a go and sharing his interpretation of Trance with the world. He never said Armada was a charity, although in some respects it does support a good cause. My interpretation of the mans work is it provides an essential entry point to the genre. If it catches your attention and wets your appetite for something else than it hasn’t done our cause any harm. And if he’s won another fan he’ll appreciate you for it.

      For me no one DJ has an all defining ear for whats good. The big names have hits and misses. I listen and play what moves me and take my own cues. As we all should.

      • Rachel Rixham 4:38 pm on December 14, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Very nicely written Mike, I couldn’t agree more with the following:

        “What has evolved in the last decade is the internet in both exposing the genre to a wider audience and allowing feedback without the usual social moderation and filtering. Couple that with an exponentially empowered ‘me’ generation and you have a recipe for a knocking machine to rival any fan base”.

        Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 😉

    • progrez121 7:40 am on December 16, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      “Trance music will always remain in the hearts of many for years to come because it encourages emotion, happiness and euphoric states of mind, the very reasons many of us refuse not to follow it

      Trance music has never been about happy emotions where did you get that idea from? Have you heard the likes Dee Dee – The One (Green Martian Remix), Alphazone – Stay, Airwave – People Just don’t care, Kai Tracid Trance and Acid (Derb Remix), Aquila – Dreamstate (Lsg Remix)? they have nothing to do with Happy emotions that you are referring to.

    • Russ 12:01 am on December 20, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I am going to be completely honest, I havent read the entire article as I am very busy and not that into trance its my least favourite of all dance music genres although I have always really liked elements of it that have now transcended the genre. All that aside because its not really that relevant I think I understand the general point here. My thoughts are that if you buy the music you like rather than download illegally as many people do then you might see those people making more of it. If not, you get Britains got x factor out of the jungle or whatever. People gotta eat!

    • Adam 11:22 am on January 12, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      *Excuse my English (not my native language).

      You have a bias: being part of the trance “industry”, instead of the “scene” or “culture”, which is a broader concept.

      You depict disillusioned listeners as badmouthed savages, which is not fair. Then you assume they are against evolution and experimentation:

      “You cry out for something new and yet try and kill it off before it grows. In addition, it knocks down the confidence of our artists, which in turns knocks the confidence of labels who then go on to stop our artists truly being themselves, thus leaving our artists nervous and confused about what to conjure next.”

      Wrong! The dissatisfaction is very specific and against a well established sound among the most important labels; in the last 5 years changes happened (which do not always equal to evolution) that lead to the now predominant trend of massive production of generic popgressive/farty tracks, the opposite of experimentation or innovation. Popular trance djs are the first ones who reject improving their musical scope; these djs or producers have the right to create any trash they want, but not to try to fool us by labeling that trash as “trance”, when that trash has minimal or no trance essence at all (“emotion, happiness and euphoric states of mind”).

      Regarding your last paragraphs, do you expect from trance listeners an irrational loyalty? well, they are djs/producers not football teams, and even in that case fanaticism is unjustified.

      Why expect the trance community to have a sheep, naive and dorkish attitude (not equal to positive), like the one reflected in tweets with the hash-tag #trancefamily? To dissent is natural in humans. Hint: Destruction isn’t coming from critical people.

    • Kevin 11:44 am on March 11, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Great article! Completely true 🙂

    • Saint Vee 9:25 am on March 19, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Its a great article. The problem actually goes beyond music. Online platforms such as Facebook have now become outlets of the frustrations and insecurities. People in general have taken to criticizing everything under the sun.

      Be is sports, music, art, literature or practically any form of expression. On the other hand this social media revolutions has corrupted many a sacred thing. I recently saw an article posted by Mixmag that was advertising their “Drug Survery”. Thats just cheap marketing to gain followers and an open call for further corruption of music forms such as TRANCE.

      I dont think this is gonna change anytime soon but there is no way i’ll be jumping on to that bandwagon. I’d rather be a happy minority than a part of an out of control majority.

      p.s. Big fan of your writing. Good to see such astute journalism still alive in the music space. Peace!

    • Darius 12:48 pm on March 19, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Trance going mainstream ruined the music. FACT.

      The music serves as a perfect mirror for the people going to the parties.

      Unfortunately, labels need to sell records & because there is more money in mainstream, there is less creativity of sound.

      Also, there are loads more mainstream people starting production. They all listen to the same advice on the internet to learn how to produce & listen to a certain type of sound they like – & try to mimic it.

      I’ve worked with countless new producers & they all make the same drizzle for this very reason. This is a big reason why “everything sounds the same”.

      Personally, I make old-school trance 🙂 Keep the sounds nice & emotive – as opposed to a synth which sounds like it’s been sharpened on a piece of metal – overproduced crap!

      Realistically the only way to bring back a true trance scene is to bring back the old melodic sound in small venues (100-500 people) – there will be no love lost!

    • sotiri 7:40 pm on March 19, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Trance is going to be dead in the next 2 years, if the trance lovers don’t defend the gerne! EDM is welcome but not that mutch 🙂

    • Nyron 4:47 am on March 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      I understand what u are trying to explain and I do agree with u on most factors that u have pointed out. As I have redd some of the comments, about trance and house music (house as in u guys refering to david guetta, Swedish house mafia, avicii), I just feelt that I had to set something straight here. Judging by ur knowledge of the EDM music, history and so on (this goes out to all of u), why do almost everyone, despite their knowledge of the music history and all the genres (old & new), why do u guys call it HOUSE, when clearly, It’s not house music? If it should be called anything with the title House, It’s should then be ELECTRO HOUSE, or even ELECTRO DANCE, lol. I can understand the new generation, the small minded, the ignorant, the unknowldgeable that has joined the EDM movement that they call it HOUSE, HOUSE MUSIC. But for u guys that have been in the EDM music industry for a long time, please set the newcomers straight. Dont kill what HOUSE MUSIC really is, dont let thereal House music genre fade away or be totally replaced by this other type of electronic dance music style. Cuz if u take a moment to remember, the trance genre was born out of the House genre, mixed with psy, rave, and other type of style, but u know what I mean, the 4/4 beat, the foundations… And I know that u know what kind of real House music im talking about. Im to tired to set up youtube links, which I probably should to enhance my point, but I’m typing om my phone right now and not on my computer, which makes it more difficult for me to operate stuff.. Anyways, this has probably nothing to do with the main topic, but I just feelt that i needed to write it down here.. which when I think about it It’s probably needlessly of me to do since the entire world calls it House what guetta, swedish house maffia and many more are playing theis days. Anyways, stay true, show love and respect, which is what music is all about. Cheers.

    • DJ ENERGY 9:02 pm on March 24, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      I haven’t even read 80% of these posts but I get the fact that people are disputing the legitamacy of the genre of trance, let me just say that trance is well and truly alive and that nobody need despair….. WHY well just fucking listen to the POWER of this u BASTARDS 😉

    • Rachel Rixham 10:09 pm on March 24, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      ^ Lol oi stop swearing! 😛

    • TranceFan 2:35 pm on March 27, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Lol trance will never die, theres heaps of trance djs/producers out there with the likes of sean tyas, markus schulz, shogun, arty, signum., john o callaghan, etc my hands will get sore just by typing all the producers/djs down. We even fortunate to have BT, one of the best producers in the entire world, if not the best.
      Armin is only 36 years old or smthn, he’s got a long way to go until he’s retired..
      sure trance sounds different than it was long ago, but trance has developed and evolved, like how people use cdjs instead of vinyl, its a fact of life. I’m proud of the trance scene, everyone is working hard to keep trance alive and strong. We miss the sensation and trance energy but its their fault, and they know it Lol.
      and tiesto… if he stayed in trance, he would literally have godlike status.
      Anyways, I’m sure armin is up to something 😛

    • Georgi 3:03 pm on April 5, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Nobody “killed the trance”, it just commited suicide by getting out from the underground scene to the flashy,mainstream stage .Just like the disco in the 70s, the rock in the 80s and the hip-hop in the 90s.

    • trancelovelastsforever 3:22 am on June 17, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      I adore trance its delicious. First of all thanks to progrez121 for posting that lolo -pop the cat’s adventure track wow just wow. Secondly I think one of the big problems with modern trance is that it is hard to live up to some of the earlier tracks. Tracks like Cafe del Mar, For an Angel, Adagio, Firewire, Silence, Sandstorm, etc are hard to match.

    • Ellie 12:21 am on August 5, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      People just need to accept and respect the fact that music is a very personal thing and they won’t always agree with what someone else likes. Just because they think something’s ‘shit’, it doesn’t mean it is to someone else. I really don’t get why some people find that so hard to understand. And why do people who claim to be trance fans go onto trance forums and insult trance music? The whole point of the Internet is that we can pick and choose what we read and listen to. Why hunt down videos they hate on YouTube just to write negative comments?! The Internet is an amazing way to discover new music, so why not use it to their advantage, rather than being bitter and stuck in the past because it isn’t like it was in ‘the good old days’? I love the trance classics, but there’s only so many times you can listen to them before they lose the impact they first had. When I went to my first trance rave I was overwhelmed by the sense of community and love, but from being on forums recently I’ve realised there are a lot of jaded people out there. If they left their computers for once and actually went out to a club with an open mind, maybe they’d re-discover why they became a dance music fan in the first place…

    • Brendo 1:27 pm on December 16, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      okay so where shall I start. Firstly I think everyone here is lookingat electronic music in a wrong way the BPM should not be the limiting factor that governs the genre of music, it should be the SOUND. I think it would be arrogant for SHM to say there music is completely house music, when in reality many of their tracks adopt elements of trance. In trance there is a long build up to the peaking of the you know trance sound/effect, what SHM have done is theyve cut out all the build up (lets call it trance foreplay) and instead taken the peakl, stretched it out and instead dropped it in there tracks with very little build up or trance foreplay lol. So really SHM and other similar house dj’s have restructured the shape of trance tracks and set it at a lower BPM. Now if you compared “house” music say 5-10years ago with music today theres no way u could put both in the same genre because the structure of a general house track 5 years ago has had some big structural changes to it by adding different sounds to it and aterations in the general shape of a house track, in fact if a house track today was introduced 5-6years ago instead it may not fit into either genre of trance or house since the SOUND back then was soo much different.

    • keith 2:17 pm on February 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      hey i understand what you are saying most trance nowadays all sounds the same especially 140bpm style trance,i think most trance djs and artists are ruining the scene themselves,(ITS ALL A CLICK), i have been a trance dj for over a decade now and have seen so many big names on the trance scene,they are all sheep one jumps the rest follow and they listen to the same trance and play it just to please the crowd,and if you dont play banging uplifting or tech your considered your not taking seriously just by playing different style trance.ireland’s trance scene has been dead here for years,its mostly ran by a few upcoming trance artists and afew big names , the crowd here are mindless drug takers thats it,and listen to the djs that play all the same style as each other,i can understand there is a big scene for 138bpm trance out there and few stay true to their productions thank god, but on the other hand is that most trance djs today dont even produce their own tracks.there is so many uneducated djs nowadays that cant even dj and just have the cash to pay a producer to make a trance track for them and are up djing of hundreds of people when all they want is fame and nothing more, they are pidgeon holed in the one trance sound also,i’ve seen so many trance djs the last few years (aly & fila,o callaghan,above and beyond etc) and none have impressed, 2000-2009 was trance’s best years,now me most trance djs are going down the cheese route big time or just the pure 140 no cheese stuf that is mindless also, and just want cash and a bigger fan base and not staying true to themselves(ferry corsten etc) i think its the lack of emotion nowdays that should be used when it comes to making trance or even playing it in the club,most trance djs today i think are just djing for themselves and are feeding people with garbage crowd pleaser trance tunes,i think most trance djs think that the hole world is looking at them and that this is what you should be listening to,like i said its only a following nowadays, but there is still few who are brilliant and stay true to themselves,good article by the way 🙂

    • Simonas Spindulinskas 6:57 pm on April 9, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Agree with everything, though I have to mention that I really can’t listen to Guetta. I’ll always remember tracks like “The World Is Mine”, but his new tracks are awful (MTV, you really destroyed him). And I wouldn’t say he’s the best.

    • Abbas Hasan 10:35 am on May 12, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      its been about 2 years now since i started listening to trance,i even want to become a trance producer next year,but now trance has changed,it has become more house,dance,and big room,do i go with the flow or listen and create real trance,the creator of trance Armin has changed,new comers are producing real trance,while 90% of the rest arent,i feel guilty of loving Armin and W&W and other producers,their songs go under the name of trance,when the music clearly isnt :/

    • Amar 8:30 pm on September 26, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      The reason trance has died out is because of many of the newbies who first come to the scene and oppose what they believe it to be promoting. There are scores of people who oppose it because they find it to be promoting drug abuse. People these days just think its sex, drugs, and rock and roll when in reality psychedelic music brings such joy to people as well as awareness and provides us with the basic necessities we require to live a peaceful, serene life, being happy, taking life less seriously and living at a more steady pace. Every track has a different story line and people can express themselves through it. The problem is narcotics coming in and sticking there long dicks up everyones ass, destroying the peace, and insulting the organizers and djs, making it impossible for them to pursue their passion and do what they love. Especially with dark psychedelic music, those organizing scenes really get percecuted for what they’ve built the entire foundation of their lives upon. It is because the trance scene opens the eyes of people and they realize exactly what todays society is based on and its call plain slavery and stress. I attend my first psychedelic trance party in 2007 and it change me for the good, I find I’ve become a better person and I appreciate positive energy and straightforward thinking. For me it isn’t so much about the drugs its more about the music and the awareness it brings about into your consciousness as well as the emotion and euphoria you experience. The best parties that happen are the ones with people who know the music and the scene well, the problem is newbies who can’t handle themselves in that kind of environment and other individuals who gawk at you with wide eyes because they’ve never scene an atmosphere as such ever before. Such individuals spread rumours, snap photos and post them on facebook and around the internet, as well as get a few shots of the organizers and put them in jeopardy thus destroying their image. In India this is a big problem. Their isn’t much profit out of organizing psy parties but it is more of a passion for those who find joy and awareness through dark psy. The reason it isn’t popular is because you’d never be able to commercialize it, it will always remain underground, limited to the people you can truly relate and understand, as well as keep their mouths shut.

    • Andres Felipe 3:20 pm on November 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Hi fans lovers!! first them all, like to say that this is a incredible opinión, and you have a lot of reason in the most things that you describe,
      i know that we are like the holigans of the EDM 😉 if one of our artists sell out to another gender,we will going to smashing him with offensive words in the all social media .this one of the things that we need to stop,
      but when the artista try to expand his music, that is something good, unless try with the same generic sound , thta all the other artists use in this days, a good example can be Leon bolier he was one of my favorite dj for a long time, he´s beautiful melodies and his amazing productions, make to me a fan! but now he is doing music with the same sound of the cheese house music, and that its not try to make new sounds, thats is copy the sound of the comercial artists and this way can be more successful in the edm área,

      what i trying to say , is that is cool to try new stuff, but dont sell yoursell to chessy generic sound,
      believe me , we will going support you, if you try to do more experimental and complexity sounds, because we love our trance family .

      Pdta:thanks for this awesome article, and the oportunity of share our thoughts

    • Kevin 1:11 am on February 9, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I disagree on almost everything, hard trance for instance stil exist aswel as producers that create similar tracks to what we used to hear in the late 90’s- early 2,000. I don’t care about armin at all, his music has always been horrible, people love to follow trends and trance has been one of the most popular in music this years, the trance fan base is filled with ignorant people with no knowledge about the history of trance, house, techno, etc. no wonder they see todays music as trance.

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