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    Interview: Rachel Rixham Talks with John ’00’ Fleming & Bryan Kearney 

    One of the true legends of not only the UK, but world trance scene John ’00’ Fleming and one of its fastest rising stars and Passion resident Bryan Kearney to take the controls of Passion The Album – Volume Two.



    Rachel Rixham: It’s a real pleasure to grab this interview with you guys today, let’s start with a brief artist introduction, tell us a little bit about yourselves.

    John: I’m John 00 Fleming, the bloke that moans a lot about the trance scene!

    Bryan: 28 years of age and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I specialize in energetic club driven music.

    Rachel Rixham: John ‘OO’ Fleming admired by many, you’re by far one of the most solid and well-respected artists in our Trance scene to date, you’ve stuck to your guns and always delivered admirable talent and flawless productions skills throughout the years, can you tell us what Trance Musictruly means to you?

    John: I discovered Trance music in 1990 and like to feel like I’ve dedicated my ultimate best to this genre that I dearly love. It’s this reason I like to stay true to the Ethos of trance music, because it seems to becoming a forgotten pastime these days. The true form of Trance music is the most powerful form of music I’ve ever experience in my life. Trance should do as it says on the tin, trance you out.

    Rachel Rixham: Bryan Kearney a name quickly climbing the ranks, and showcasing an extraordinary talent, tell us where this musical quest began for you? and how you feel you have developed over the years.

    Bryan: It began at the turn of the century when I became obsessed with dance music. I worked my way through pirate radio, into the clubs, into production, started playing nationally and then playing internationally. I’m still quite new to the industry so I believe that the journey is far from over.

    Rachel Rixham: John you’ve always been one to air your honest thoughts and opinions and for that many value what you say, highly – including myself. Your latest blog entitled “Unsocial networking” goes on to mention that being original and spotted isn’t so simple – I have to agree, it seems as though for an artist to make something of themselves, all they have to do is pay for a huge marketing team to do all the work for them, as you also mentioned in your article….

    Can you tell everyone at home, where you feel things started to go wrong in the Music Industry?

    John: Greed and fame hunters. The scene used to be full of pioneering talented DJ’s and producers pushing musical boundaries, unfortunately these very same producers get overlooked and pushed aside by heavily marketed guys and are slowly disappearing. Promoters and clubs have stopped booking these very talents guys and are replaced by marketed superstars.

    It’s a real shame, the best guys in this scene used to play the newest groundbreaking music, in today’s World they play all the well know tracks and produce pop hits.

    Same question to you Bryan.

    Bryan: To suggest that things went wrong is a bit of a subjective matter. Things evolve in certain ways and it’s up to people to adapt to these changes in order for yourself to progress as an artist. Obviously the issue of illegal downloading has always being a talking point with regard things going wrong. There is barely any money to be made from making music anymore, it’s mainly your gigs that brings income in. The music industry is as it is today and it’s up to you to make it work for you or against you. To offer resistance to it will only stop progression. Of course it can be difficult at times.

    The economic downturn has had a major effect on the music industry in the same way as a lot of other industries. At the end of the day I’m involved in making and playing music for a living which is a dream come true. There are a lot of things within the scene that annoy me, the frauds, the shams, the politics. The way that certain artists masquerade themselves as musical geniuses when they have no idea about how to even make their own music. I feel sometimes that the business side has overtaken the musical side of the scene. This is just wrong. It should always be about the music. At the same time I try as much as I can to solely focus on myself, that’s the best way for me.

    Rachel Rixham: In addition to the above, we have a question to you both, from one of our Beatsmedia readers, “Frederick Mathews” he asks: What’s the Future of EDM & Trance in your personal opinion?

    John: Things need to split, this new form of pop Trance doesn’t sit with real Trance. They are two completely different scenes. Historically there have always been two scenes, commercial music and underground. We need those underground clubs back, the ones that support new talent.

    Bryan: I honestly feel within my own heart that the true sound of trance is going to return in the next 12 – 18 months. I think people have had enough of the commercialism, of the bullshit marketing, the bullshit PR, the fake followers on Twitter, the fake YouTube hits, the fake Facebook fans. The sound will return to what made it amazing in the first place. The music.

    Production & Methods

    Rachel Rixham: Moving along, for those not acquainted with your prestigious Radio shows “Global Trance Grooves”, and “Kearnage” please tell the readers what they can expect from the shows and where they can catch the sessions live?

    John: Global Trance Grooves is heading into its 9th year, time flies! The format seems to be working, I play music I believe in and will never sell out. All the guests are DJ’s or producers that I have played alongside and that have impressed me, may they be known or unknown. The show is growing year by year, we have a massive amount of downloads each month!

    Bryan: You can hear my radio show every month on Afterhours.Fm. The show takes place on the fourth Saturday each month at 17:00 G.M.T The show is also available as a Podcast from iTunes.

    Rachel Rixham: John your label “JOOF” houses some very impressive talent, such as The Digital Blonde, Magnus, J. Michael Kober and many others. Can you tell us what you look for in an artist before signing them to your label, furthermore what we can expect from the label in 2012?

    John: JOOF recording isn’t a label that releases hit records, it’s a platform to allow producers to spread their wings and experiment. I work closely with all the producers to ensure each release is well engineered, produced and a high quality product. At one point we never turn around and ask ‘will this sell’, all we care about is the quality of the music. The label will be 15 years old next year, so we’re doing something right.

    Rachel Rixham: In regards to “JOOF” Chris Gough asks: When can we see “J00F Editions”, headlining Scotland?

    John: I want to take JOOF Editions around the UK, so hopefully very soon. It’s just a matter of finding the clubs and promoters who understand the ethos behind our brand and making sure they can provide the right environment.

    Rachel Rixham: John, In addition to the above question, would you like to tell us more about your feisty progressive track “Fight The Darkness”, which I’d like to mention features on the new compilation “Passion” Vol 2. What was it like working with Sascha Cooper and can we expect any more collaborations with Sascha in the future?

    John: I found Sascha on Youtube! I loved the sound of her original work, so I approached her and asked if she wanted to be on one of my tracks. We’ll be doing more for sure.

    Rachel Rixham: Bryan can tell us about your track “We’ll Never Die”, I notice a remix from Sebastian Brandt is due out on the 14th December 2011 and a feature on ASOT? How did the collaboration between you and “Jamie Walker” come about? and where does the inspiration come from for this big club banger?

    Bryan: We’ll Never Die is a throwback to the classic trance sound of previous that seems to have being lost in a sea of commercialism and dwindling BPM’s. It’s a resilient message that this sound will not fade away and that my label will not succumb to the latest trend or fad. Jamie is an extremely talented young lad and has a massive future ahead of him and he was a pleasure to work with. I chose Sebastian Brandt to remix the track as he is an amazing producer and I love his sound. I was delighted that he agreed to remix the track and I was buzzing when it was featured on A State Of Trance. It’s a big honour and a massive achievement for a relatively new independent label like KEARNAGE to have stuff featured on the biggest trance show in the world. More of this stuff is on the way.

    Rachel Rixham: Talking about future, another one of our readers “Dave Bell” would like to know when or if at all John, you will release a massive box set of all the CD’s you have released in the past? – avid fan!

    John: Crikey, that would be a LOT! I wish I could, but CD’s are an old unwanted format these days. The World doesn’t have the infrastructure to sell CD’s these days with HMV, Virgin megastore closing their doors along with independent shops. It’s truly sad. There are a handful of online stores, but by the time you pay shipping etc, people get put off and download it online.

    Rachel Rixham: Before we move on to the new compilation, two questions our readers especially enjoy. Can you walk us around your studio, what can we expect to see there? and what equipment will you be purchasing next? (That question is for you both)

    John: As things stand, it’s a building site! I’m halfway though having a new studio built. I’m having the floors, walls all insulated, acoustically treated. At the end it will be a top notch pro studio, and I cant wait! I’m pretty much doing everything in the computer these days, but I still spend a lot of money on the most important tools in the studio, monitors. I wouldn’t live without my Dynaudio and Pioneer monitors.

    Bryan: Haha you won’t see very much. It’s a very simple set up that I have just recently upgraded. I have just ordered a custom built 16 gig PC which will be run by an i7 processor. I have a set of KRK Rokit 5’s which I use as monitors. I don’t use any hardware. I use Cubase 3.2 at the moment but I will be upgrading to 5 soon. It’s a simple set up beside my bed.

    Passion The Album – Mixed by John “OO” Fleming & Bryan Kearney 

    Rachel Rixham: The first question would have to be, how did you both come to the agreement to mix this new compilation together?

    John:: We’re both DJ’s that play regularly at Passion, so it seemed a natural choice from the big bosses at Passion.

    Bryan: The agreement wasn’t between myself and John, we were both asked by Enhanced Music and UK Superclub Passion to compile the CD.

    Rachel Rixham: When two artists are behind putting together a new compilation, I can imagine the disagreements are plentiful? Or were you both very well behaved throughout the process?

    John: Musically we’re both different, so luckily we didn’t clash with tracks…..good job too because I forgot to check Bryan’s tracklisting before I missed mine!

    Bryan: To be honest myself and John didn’t really have much communication in the process of putting the CD together so there were no disagreements between us. We just worked away by ourselves. We were, as always, well behaved 😉

    Rachel Rixham: A predictable question but a must, how long did it take you to complete “Passion The Album”? And are you both truly satisfied with the results?

    John: I must have around 30 compilations under my belt now, so I starting to get a dab hand at them. I programmed the mix on a flight back from LA, then mixed it when I get home.

    Bryan: It took me about 3 days in total to complete the actual mix which includes both sequencing and mastering. I drew up a draft of about 35-40 tracks for which I received clearance to use. Unfortunately not all labels were so forthcoming with their tracks. I was also limited by certain labels so it was difficult in that aspect.

    Rachel Rixham: Passion The Album features a plethora of high-quality producers, such as John “O” Callaghan, Lee Haslam, Daniel Kandi, TrancEye, Airwave, and John Dopping to name a few, not to mention “JOOF” residents E-Clip, Cosmithex, and The Digital Blonde. How did you go about selecting which artists would feature in the new album? Or was it a case of that track delivers the correct vibe for the album, so yeah let’s go with that?

    John: I don’t look at the artists involved, I chose the music as a tool for me to unfold the musically story, that dictates what gets used or not. The progression of the mix is the most important thing to me.

    Bryan: I looked through my tracks, got the key of each track and started piecing things together track by track. I really wanted to bring as much of a journey aspect to my CD as possible so I start off quite techy and then into the full on trance stuff. It is a quite diverse mix. There are probably parts that won’t appeal to everyone but that’s the music that I like and that was the message I was trying to convey. If I’ve opened up a new type of music to one person for the first time I’ll consider it a success. I’m happy with how it turned out and look forward to compiling another. I really love mixing up tracks as much as I am an extremely creative person.

    Rachel Rixham: John what did you hope to achieve with your mix in Disc One? And what 3 tracks from your mix do you feel best represents the overall sound?

    John: I hate listening to albums where I skip certain moments or tracks, so I try and avoid that with my albums. I treat every mix as if it were one long remix so each track vibe blends seamlessly to the next one, before you know it, 78 minutes has gone by and the mix has ended. You have no idea where the time went? To me, that’s a good mix.

    Bryan: I wanted to bring a mix that was bursting with energy whilst remaining interesting to the listener at the same time. It’s full on at times but also has the more melodic parts to give you a break before smacking you in the face and off we go again. The three tracks that represent the mix best would be David Moleon – Tinitu (my techno side), Ridiculous (my tech-trance side) and the Jamie Walker Remix of Lost In You (my trance side).

    Rachel Rixham: So the album came out on the “14th November 2011” on the Enhanced and Assured labels, and has already garnered much praise from the masses. To finish off, can we expect a further collaboration in the future from you two?

    John: The combination of the two styles seems to work, so why not!

    Bryan: Never say never.

    Rachel Rixham: Finally, with the compilation now complete, what are your plans next? A much needed rest perhaps? Or do you have anything pencilled in that we should know about?

    John: I wish….I’ve been non stop touring and have much more to come. Now that my artist album is out of the way, it’s time for me to release some serious dark heads down Trancers. Oh and I mustn’t forget my JOOF Editions events, we’re bringing the serious underground vibe of clubbing back.

    Bryan: I’m currently on tour in Australia and about to travel to New Zealand for my debut over there before returning to play in Melbourne. I’ll then be flying home to Ireland for Christmas to spend time with loved ones and thankfully I won’t be seeing an airport for a while as I’ll be playing right across Ireland during the festive period. I’m looking forward to it.

    After the huge success of thefirst Passion album mixed by Lange & Genix we are pleased to bring you the second edition from the UK Superclub.

    This time, one of the true legends of not only the UK, but world trance scene John ’00’ Fleming and one of its fastest rising stars and Passion resident Bryan Kearney to take the controls of Volume Two.

    Buy CD: http://bit.ly/PassionVol2 
    iTunes: http://bit.ly/Passion2iT
    Beatport: http://bit.ly/Passion2BP

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    Pedro Del Mar Talks In-Depth About His Career So Far! 

    Pedro Del Mar, an established name in Trance music worldwide both as a DJ and a producer, but also as a label owner and radio programmer.

    With a career behind the decks which has taken him from the USA to China, Ibiza to South Africa and beyond… over sixty countries to be exact, Pedro Del Mar is a DJ who’s international reputation is renowned thanks to his Balearic and Uplifting influenced Trance set’s which also delve into the styles of Progressive and an edge of House.

    The true scale of how popular a DJ Pedro Del Mar is, is shown by the fact that he has twice appeared in the top two hundred of the prestigious DJ Mag poll and (for a good number of years now) has had a place in the top fifty DJ’s on thedjlist.com.

    As a producer Pedro Del Mar has had numerous hit singles and remixes with a whole foray of the biggest labels in the scene, including the likes of Sony, Jive, Armada Music, Magic Island Records, Black Hole Recordings and In Trance We Trust. His tracks have received support from the worlds elite, with names such as Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Paul Oakenfold, Gareth Emery, Paul van Dyk and Roger Shah, all keen followers of the Pedro Del Mar sound.

    Not to miss out on yet another feather to the cap of Pedro Del Mar, his Mellomania brand is a worldwide sensation with a huge radio pull on both terrestrial and internet stations worldwide. Add to this his well received and ever-popular Mellomania compilations and the fact that he is the managing director of Shah-Music (Germany) and you have a real showing of what this guy can do.

    Even though the year 2011 has just started, his releases schedule is already completely filled with new singles on Armada, Black Hole, High Contrast and Shah-Records and with three album releases over the next months he might belong to the busiest producers around the circuit. And after having had a gig break in 2010 due to familiar reasons, he is already touring again the world’s continents.



    Rachel Rixham:
    Our readers would love to know how this prestigious musical career began for you, what age would you say music started to really influence you, and can you remember the artists you would relate to you the most back then?

    Pedro Del Mar:
    It all started when listening to Dancefloor in the early 90s, with bands like Snap, La Bouche, Haddaway and so on.

    Around 94/95 I spent the first nights in real dance clubs confronted with the real club music, especially due to my brothers DJ gigs and residencies, by that time I wasn’t sure I wanted to become a DJ. However, I needed money to pay for my driving license, so I started working as a LJ (light jockey) in Stuttgarts, the most popular club “Zenit” where Roger was a resident, playing 10 hours sets every weekend.

    One day the boss came up to me and told me that they needed a warm up DJ and without asking, he told me I should do it or I can look as well for another club as a LJ. So that was where my own DJ career began.

    The artists that influenced and inspired me most was and still is my brother. Not that I try to copy him or whatever, but I’m really impressive by how he works and the quality he gives out.

    Who started the musical journey first yourself or Roger? and do you feel you have both helped to influence each other along the way?

    Definitely Roger. I think he started working on his first tracks when he was 17 or 18. And as he is a few years older, he started before me. I would even say that I would not be in the music industry if he wouldn’t have been himself.  When I started as a professional in the music industry it was really great to work with him, originally I was doing the business side of the work, whilst he did the creative part in the studio. Has been a great win-win situation for both sides next to a lot of fun!

    In addition to the above question, in what way would you say your parents have helped support you, have they always been in full support or was there a time, they became a little worried that this wasn’t the best option for you?

    They do definitely have their part in the success we had over the years. It was them who launched the Shah-Music company in the mid 90s to give Roger and later myself our own platform to release tracks. That is definitely one of the secrets of today’s success, that we have always been independent from others and could always do whatever we wanted to do including developing our own styles.

    When starting out things can be really tough, what would you say has been the most challenging moment, and how did you get yourself through it?

    I’d say that was around 8 or 9 years ago. We previously had a lot of success in Germany and with my first Pedro Del Mar single called “Harder?!” we had the first global hit single with sales charts entries around the world and a commercial release in more than 60 countries on all major labels like Universal, Warner, Sony, Jive but also Black Hole and so on.  It was the time when club music became really commercial and when the end of the amazing German club scene started by all those low quality cover versions.

    We in our team discussed what to do, should we become millionaires (what could have easily happened) with music we don’t like ourselves or should we stay straight and keep pushing for high quality music whilst releasing on the cool international labels like Black Hole or Armada music, as well as doing the quality and cool stuff on our own labels. So yeah we’ve chosen that international way and had some hard years, but we always believed in us and in the end all went fine.


    What inspires you the most for trance and what keeps you going?

    Life! Life inspires me most. The most important thing in music are emotions. The daily life and what is happening in my own life in my environment but also my experiences when I’m on tour do inspire me a lot. I’m always trying to process my experiences in my tracks and during my sets.

    I don’t wanna judge other music styles like Techno as all styles do have their right to exist, but in trance with all its sub-categories you can express best your feelings and emotions through nice melodies or emotional vocals.

    For me the trance music is the most emotional music on earth, even though I have to say that I’m personally very open minded and do also like a lot of other electronic styles but also some Rock or Pop bands. As long a track or a band touches me, I like it.


    Can you remember your first release? If so, what was it called and how much would you say your music has changed over the years?

    Sure it was “DJ 2L8 – La Chica”, it was released around the time when I started DJing. The tune itself didn’t change my life at all, but the music has changed a lot. Today I’m happy that I can produce and release whatever I want. I’m really open-minded and also love progressive-house music even though my heart will always stay trancy.

    For those small few not acquainted with your work, name 3 tracks you’ve released that they should check out?

    Pedro Del Mar feat. Emma Nelson – Feel [Pulsive Media]
    Pedro Del Mar feat. Ridgewalkers – Tears Of The Dragon [Magic Island/Armada]
    Cold Blue & Del Mar – 11 Days/Seven Ways [Black Hole]

    Your studio set-up can you tell us a bit about that?

    Honestly I’m working on a small set-up. I used to work with Roger in his studio or with other music friends like DJ Cosmo or Ole Van Bohm. Since 15 months I’m working on my own with a 100% PC setup.

    I started working on Ableton, but working today on Cubase and actually thinking of purchasing the new Cubase 6 which seems to be really amazing. But as I was used to work Mac based with Logic and as most of my friends to use it, I guess that sooner or later I will return back to Logic.


    What VST plugins would you recommend?

    There are a lot of great VSTs out there. But must haves are: Native Instruments Komplete, Sylenth, Refx Nexus, Omnisphere. If you ask me, these four are essential for every club music producer!


    Your radio show Mellomania has been an inspiration for many over the years, not to mention gathered ample support from fans worldwide, can you describe to our readers what the Mellomania show is about, and what people can expect when tuning in for the very first time?

    I’m actually running three different Mellomania Shows:
    1. “Mellomania Deluxe”: based on the original show concept we’ve launched 10 years ago, it is a two hours show concept. First hour is Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Balearic and slightly Trance followed by a “Mellomania Chillout Moment” whilst the second hour is 100% emotional and euphoric Trance ending with a “Remembering The Good Old Days Classic”.

    2. “Mellomania Vocal Trance Anthems”: launched three years ago it seems to be the world’s most successful Vocal EDM show. During the weekly 60mins you can expect a mix of the latest upfront promos and the biggest vocal anthems of all times.

    3. “Mellomania International”: monthly two hours show with first hour mixed by myself and specials in the second hour or guests incl. Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk and others.

    Furthermore where can everyone catch the latest episodes?

    Due to the legal situation that some labels like Armada don’t allow podcasts with their tunes I don’t have an official podcast on ITunes as I wanna keep the tracklists full with the highest quality and don’t wanna spend thoughts of any legal situations. So the easiest thing is to tune in to the shows every Monday evening:

    Mondays 20.00-22.00 CET: Mellomania Deluxe on http://www.etn.fm
    Mondays 22.00-23.00 CET: Mellomania Vocal Trance Anthems on http://www.di.fm (Vocal Channel) You also find all syndicated stations in more than 30 countries for all shows on http://www.mellomania.com


    What’s on the way? any exclusive information you can give us on upcoming releases from your labels?

    The upcoming weeks and months will bring busy days for me as we have amazing tracks on all three labels in the pipeline. Next to many great single releases you can expect several compilations and artist albums, incl. four artist albums in the chillout/ambient style but also numerous new own Pedro Del Mar releases.

    Mellomania 20 – firstly congratulations on your 20th Jubilee – We can see quite clearly from the track list that this is a celebratory edition, how long did it take you to put this compilation together from start to finish?

    It might sound crazy but I already started working on it straight after the release of MM19 back in November. I always try to have the tracklist as exclusive as possible with as many unreleased tracks as possible mixed with some of the biggest tunes of the moment, so I’m always scouting new talents or new tracks for the next editions. So I would say it took me around 5 months with the key work from December till February.

    I’ve always been really impressed by the exotic Mellomania artwork, who designs the CD covers for you?

    The previous 19 Mellomania releases have been produced by a German guy called Dirk Mertins on behalf of Klubbstyle Records and by Mellomania 20 we have two different artworks. One for the world, designed by Hugo from Black Hole and the German one in the old design by Dirk.

    You said let me quote “The CD is divided in two parts reflecting the styles of the global Mellomania radio shows, which also reflects my DJ gigs”. Can you tell us more?

    As already mentioned I’m really open-minded as a consumer but also as an artist. I don’t like being limited within a certain style. Even though Trance still plays a key role in my sets, I also love Progressive House and other styles too.

    Whilst CD1 is 100% emotional and euphoric Trance, CD2 includes various influences, starting with Progressive House going over Balearic tunes and ending with Progressive Trance or even Trance tunes. It’s similar to my current DJ sets, I don’t wanna play 2 or 3 hours the same style of music or doing the same BPM but taking the people on a journey through various influences, sometimes a bit slower, sometimes faster or even an edge harder, but always emotional.

    You’ve also mentioned “The majority of the 38 tunes from the album stem from across the world and are exclusive and unreleased so far”. Tough question for you, name 5 tracks from this superb compilation that you feel reflect the Mellomania vibe the most? Can you also give us a brief description of the 5 chosen.

    That’s not fair as it is hard to choose just five of the many exclusive tunes, but let’s give it a try:

    1. Pedro Del Mar & illitheas – Bahia Del Sol: the official anthem of the MM20 and opener of CD1. Orchestral introduction ending in an euphoric trance anthem.
    2. C-Systems – Love Again: really dreamy and sunny vocal tune!
    3. Spark7 & Magdalene – Rebirth: It is no secret that Spark7 is one of the biggest talents in my eyes and he joined forces for this tune with 16 years old (!) Magdalene who composed this piano line!
    4. illitheas – Another Day: illitheas is such an outstanding talent. He has this special feeling for emotional breakdowns and euphoric melodies. His new solo single is another master piece and I’m sure it will make its way on the world’s biggest playlists.
    5. Alphadelta – Sandcastle: really sunny trance anthem. Already doing fantastic on all my gigs!

    3 words that best describe the Mellomania 20 compilation experience?

    Sunny, emotional, mellomanic


    Finally, with the compilation complete, what can we next expect? Any exclusive information you can share with us?

    I’m already working on my new “Pedro Del Mar – Playa Del Lounge Vol. 2” on Black Hole Recordings. It will feature 100% unreleased exclusive tunes in the styles of Chillout, Ambient, Downbeat, Acoustic and Lounge Music incl. the one or the other own track. But producers from around the world are welcome to submit their unreleased tunes for this album as I’m just starting now and most spots are still open.

    Next to this I’m releasing various own singles incl. the ones taken from the Mellomania 20 album but also some more tracks I didn’t announce yet. And it can also happen that I’m releasing my first solo artist album at the end of the year or early next year, we will see.

    On the gig front I’m trying to tour in as many countries as possible and I’m also happy to give my debut for Gatecrasher in April in Singapore!


    Shrey Shah:
    Any chance we will see more colabs with Roger Shah?

    We would love to do but our schedules do not allow it this year. Roger just finished his new outstanding artist album with some really huge collaborations and he won’t do any other tracks aside of the releases taken from the album over the next 18 months. But we will see what will happen then! We are definitely both up for it!

    The concept of Mellomania (train of sound) – whose idea was it?

    I don’t know if i invented this kind of party but it was my idea to launch the “Mellomania Train Of Sound” event series as part of my exclusive and smaller events. Originally i wanted to tour internationally with this concept but it is not that easy to realize as you need a lot of permissions to host such a party. That’s why i did it so far in Germany only.

    Daniel Huber:
    What has been your greatest accomplishment in your life thus far?

    That’s hard to say especially as I don’t like judging my own work, but what I’m really proud of is that I can say that I didn’t produce anything so far just for economical reasons but I’ve always been honest to myself.

    Any special words for friends, and fans who have supported you along the way?

    I really wanna thank all Mellomaniacs all around the world who have supported me for more than a decade. The feedback and comments keep me on form 100%. Without your support we would not be doing this interview about the Mellomania 20 CD album.

    I’m really thankful about how nice you’re treating me over the years and I really hope to give you a bit in return with this CD or with my gigs or radio shows. I do really appreciate your great support! – Thank you!

    Mellomania 20 is out now in all stores online – you can find out more here and read our latest reviewright here

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