“My very own space on the Internet: a nice quiet place; suchlike a library containing nothing but Music Industry related musings”.

I have wanted to set up an online study type blog for sometime now, a secret space that retains future experiences and musings.  A blog that will house my work catalogue,  new-found experiences, within the music industry and achievements. An online (memo) journal that will help me to become a successful player within my career. I have needed a space like this for a very long time, a space filled with things that muse and expand my thoughts and ideas, a place of captivating interest that will encourage me to come back from time to time when lacking inspiration.

I came up with the idea after scouting the Internet for these very musings, don’t get me wrong there are millions of things online that can easily muse a person however, finding this within one sole source seemed impossible. I have lost endless hours researching endless pages across the ever-growing manic web, found snippets here and there, but I have always come away feeling exhausted and VERY un-mused by the end of it all. For this very reason I have decided to create my source.

I’ve been happily involved within the music industry sector for a long time now, almost 6 years in fact. However; my passion for the music industry goes way back. The very first time I can recall reflecting this passion, would be when I was approx 5 years of age. I would dance around to the sounds of Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, and War of the Worlds. Courageously creative artists were in abundance back then, unlike todays music industry that has been shrunken by commercialised bullshit. Trying to find a unique artist these days is like hunting for a hair grip in a haystack, 0% possible.

My imagination as a child was feral, I often found myself  in a small patch of grass in a park, surrounded by a picturesque garden filled with beautiful flowers, this special little place was hidden behind a huge building, a huge building steeped in Victorian history and cold-blooded deaths. Colossal statues would guard the entrance to this magical building, I often thought they were guarding me too. For this very reason this secret space had turned in to my little place, a place I could creatively meditate without distraction. I would gaze up at the blue sky and see the most amazing animals running through the clouds, creating even more animals within the trails they left. I loved this place, I loved my imagination, an imagination that became so by music.

Listening to Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, and War of the Worlds lyrics and stories, would urge me to pencil my way through countless pieces of paper, illustrating the music from an appreciative little mind, my childlike thoughts would stencil my daydreams zapped with many spectrums of bright colours,  and shapes. I still believe to this very day that without those very artists I wouldn’t be as passionate about music as I am today.

Your “passion”  for things in life is more important than you think. Always follow your heart, keep striving for those very things you feel passionate about and you will always find exactly what you want from your life.