Its been a while

It’s certainly been a long while since I logged into this blog. In that time, so much has changed in my life, in my work, in my heart, and in my mind.

Once obsessed with trance music, overly impulsive, and determined to make a rigid stance. Not afraid to shout my beliefs from the rooftops, carefree, and highly motivated. In ways I miss my old self while in others I do not.

I am still heavily involved and focused in the music industry not much has changed on that front. Though, I’ve seen a lot, some good and some really ugly. Over time that ugliness has shadowed my judgement, it has broken me in more ways than one. Consequently, I have learned to keep my mouth firmly shut. Not entirely, just a lot more than I used to do. Some of you will see that as a blessing, right?

Sometimes it is easier to just forget, brush aside what is really going on around you, and concentrate on your own work. It’s easier, than to speak up for others, while taking the sullies on the chin. Easier, to walk away and close the door on the world behind you.

Nevertheless, I’m still left with the same question clambering my head – have I made the right choice?