What more can I say?

And so it continues, “A State of Trance 550 – Los Angeles”. NEVER have I been so disappointed with a communities behaviour that it has pushed me to the point of never returning!

Yes sadly, I am talking about trance, the most gifted and heart-wrenching genre of them all, created from the hearts and souls of so many producers and vocalists, incredibly talented artists at that. Yet, once again there is a small but loud minority of the trance community that are continually ruining it for the rest. “Gobshites”, that is what I would call them, topped by surprisingly; other artists now bashing each other online, I mean seriously, how irresponsible is that?. Many have something negative to say, many want to be seen following the negative crowd, and far too many want to hurl insults and make jokes at the cost of somebody else. However, it doesn’t make them look very respectable, decent or genuine, nor does it make any sense to act that way.

They claim to be passionate about trance, appreciative of the community vibe, and everything else that comes along with it, and yet, are still do nothing but clashing tongues, not to mention attacking every other genre that dares to come anywhere near. Those who genuinely love trance for all the right reasons are being forced away, simply because they cannot enjoy the music anymore, without being involved in a sick and very twisted community, whether this be online or at an event. I can’t convey how angry I am, so much so, that I may also have to move away from a genre I have loved for most of my life, simply because I cannot bear to see anymore of this closed-minded attitude, the reactions, the comments, the insults, the bullshit that the scenes gobshites have created. I hope you are all immensely proud of yourselves, and one day actually see what you guys have created for your “Love of Trance”.

Some of you maybe thinking “Why is she so wrapped up in all of this”, the answer is straightforward, Trance music has touched my heart on so many levels, I’m sure you feel the same way too right?. I was there when the mighty boom happened, dancing away and lapping up the euphoria of the 90’s, I have grown with trance right up to the millennium, and now 2012, and have very much enjoyed the new sounds that are evolving. I have cried with trance, fell in love to trance, and even given birth while listening to the sounds of uplifting trance. However with that, I have also seen the excruciating pain and upset multiply in that time too. The scene has gone from a once positive, respectable and unified vibe, to a very negative, disrespectful and “we know it all” attitude, and that change in itself makes me angry. Ripping in to the hearts of those that have given us something uniquely memorable, emotionally bound, and mesmerizing isn’t right. Not only that, but you are verbally killing each other with your nasty, and downright ignorant opinions, not to mention dragging down everyone else around you, why? “Promote what you love, instead of bashing what you Hate”.

Let me finish on one note, this isn’t to all trance followers and fans, this is a message to those small few, you know exactly who you are. Shame on you all for making such a beautiful genre and once friendly community, utterly intolerable!

I have nothing left to say! Click like, slate it, hate it, do whatever you wish, because quite frankly I couldn’t give a flying duck!