Who is REALLY killing our Trance scene?

Who is really killing our trance scene…? Is it the artists who continue to live each day, producing and bringing us fresh, new music, for the love of music?. Or could it be those who live their lives slating, creating rumours and knocking the trance scene and artists down?

I am not going to start this article by pointing the shaky finger or naming and shaming, but I am going to share with you a few things that I have seen happen more and more over my years within the music industry, the trance industry to be exact. Although I am well aware it is not the only reason our trance scene is apparently in a bad way; I feel the following is just as important and as far as I know no one has highlighted it yet, please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not expecting anyone to agree with my thoughts and feelings, nor do I care for those who want to tear me down for them, but I have an opinion just as anyone else, and here it is. #Hatersgonnahate.

I see and hear many people arguing that our beloved trance scene is dying off, has become stale and every track sounds the same, yet when artists try to deliver a new sound or create a new style some apparent fans continue to knock it down with feedback such as, “This isn’t Trance” “Wtf is this” “This is shit” ”You are shit” “What the hell happened to you?” “Go F*ck yourself“ and so on, nice eh?. You cry out for something new and yet try and kill it off before it grows. In addition, it knocks down the confidence of our artists, which in turns knocks the confidence of labels who then go on to stop our artists truly being themselves, thus leaving our artists nervous and confused about what to conjure next. Please think about it for a moment, for our trance music to thrive the artists need continuous support, support from those who really care, when you see insulting comments and attacks made towards an artist stand up and defend them. Stop complaining about the growing changes in our scene and focus on improving your musical scope by trying out the new sounds, there is a lot of new talent and skill out there at the moment seeping through every day. Of course, not every genre is to my taste either but that gives me no right to attack or personally offend the artist who produced it, I would rather just choose to move along, not hold any grudges and find something I did enjoy instead.

Here, is a fine example of how “some” of our trance community can behave towards others, most of, I am sure, didn’t really mean to insult Guetta but, they chose to follow a crowd, which perhaps at the time seemed “like a cool thing” to do. David Guetta “The House DJ” gets to No1, a spot he should have garnered many years ago to be truthful. Why? Fanbase, his fanbase is larger than most of our trance artists, therefore, that support should and did take him to first place. I can’t say I am the biggest fan of David Guetta but, I do respect his productions. David Guetta releases music he knows his fans will enjoy, hence the massive following, he has created his own unique sound and no one could ever take that away from him. Not to mention he sells the music like nobody else. He is a legend in his own right, yes he is not a trance artist but whoever said DJMAG‘s top ten was only for trance artists anyway. DJ Mag, the artists, or you?

Moving on, so he gets to No1 and knocks down Armin Van Buuren who has been a firm favourite for many years already, Guetta celebrates just as any other artist did and what happens? Firstly he gets booed on stage and then his fan page on Facebook on Facebook gets bombarded by trance fans slagging him off, slating his work and generally being down right nasty and very insulting towards him. Floods of uncalled for messages and personal attacks stream through for days via various social networking sites. You can see a small portion of that negativity here and here, although, please understand the following examples have been fairly moderated. Acceptable behaviour? I didn’t think so, to the point I actually felt quite embarrassed and sympathetic. Someone said to me a while back on twitter “he probably doesn’t even care” I thought, you’re probably correct, but it still doesn’t make it right. Sadly, since then I have spotted an escalating attitude from our community towards our trance artists too, and it turns out that after much research it has gone on for quite some time. Just scan through the videos on youtube and you will see it for yourself, it’s quite an eye opener. Of course, I am not saying that you can’t have an opinion, but when your words become aggressive and personal towards the artist in question, that in my eyes is when you have taken a step too far.

“Boredom, after all, is a form of criticism”. Wendell Phillips

Trance music will always remain in the hearts of many for years to come because it encourages emotion, happiness and euphoric states of mind, the very reasons many of us refuse not to follow it, but what does it mean for trance in the future if those growing pockets of our diminutive community continues to be disrespectful, uncaring, and extremely negative towards it? Negative energy only leads to a depression, therefore, if you don’t like the genre or sub-genres anymore then simply move on to something else. There are more than enough genres in the world right now that will accommodate even the most fastidious among you, so why continue to stay involved with a scene or genre that you have grown to hate? Why persist in trying to destroy it by vigorously attacking it with insults? Why go ahead and annihilate the creativity and confidence of our artists?

So now I ask you, who is really killing our Trance scene?

“Criticism and pessimism destroy families, undermine institutions of all kinds, defeat nearly everyone, and spread a shroud of gloom over entire nations”.  Gordon B. Hinckley