Release Date: 06.06.2011
Label: Streamlined
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Recently being dubbed as “the man of the moment” by Armin Van Buuren, a name like Tom Colontonio does not go unnoticed, but his music, is simply unforgettable. Tom belongs to a successful new breed of DJ/Producers who have taken the scene by storm, and are giving the established globally acclaimed artists a run for their money. Tom is now on the pinnacle of breaking through to super-stardom.

After releasing a vast number of tracks on a variety of labels such as Discover, Vandit, Conspiracy and Armada along with a number of other labels, which has kept him very busy over the past few years. He has also had appearances on most major radio shows such as PVD’s VONYC Sessions, Tiesto’s Club Life, Armin’s A State of Trance, and many others.

Tom Colontonio’s latest offering goes by the name of Trinium: A prodigious bass blends with perfection, the soft melodious theme, tightly compact beats and meditative lines. From the word go you will find yourself enthralled as the rich hook begins to revolve around the exceedingly delicate synth-work. As the rolling bass picks up the pace an injection of fluid looping elements are introduced, filling your imagination with a potent sound-scape of endearing emotion.

Trinium devours the senses, it plunges you in to the heart and soul of the track, where you can’t help but feel totally overwhelmed by the meticulous structure and beauteous sequence of the melody, all the while it gently rotates and curls itself in to and around your mind. As we come to an end the pounding heart wrestles to let the listener go – leaving you in total awe at Trinium’s hyperemotional power.

Check out the preview below and make sure you grab a copy on the release date as listed above on Leon Bolier’s label Streamlined. I am going to give this track a firm 10/10! Great work Tom.

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