Paul Hazendonk – Sound Shifting: Versatility Reviewed

Paul Hazendonk – Sound Shifting: Versatility
Label: Manual Music
Release date: May 16th
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

CD1 – Body
Composes funky club, mouth watering grooves and classic body-bending lines. A sublime CD that as the name claims, surges the ‘Body’ with warm penetrative electronic energy, perfect for setting you up for a night on the dance floor, and even better for chilling with friends, a couple of beers, some nice food and the beats is all you’d need to get that party in full swing. Definitely the most vibrant of the two, and constructs a nice catalogue of tracks from the Manual Music label. Watch out for the hot new track ‘Furrr & Hazendonk – Het Spierenburg Effect’.

CD2 – Mind
Diving deep in to the ‘Mind’, this second CD takes on a whole new persona, totally unexpected you will find yourself consumed by spiritual melodies, that glaze your focus while illustrating the deeper side to an introspective electronica. Sophisticated beats, and sweeping lines lightly fragrance the air with breathy vocals, and washy moments, all the while the mystery lingers within the warping darkside, an explosion of catapulting bass, and bone-crunching percussion lifts the pace throughout, sure to captivate a wider audience.

‘Sound Shifting: Versatility’, couldn’t better describe this compilation, a name perfectly suited to illustrate the different mind & body zones this compilation takes you through – both CD’s offer a different journey through the true art of sound and versatility. Great selection of tracks that seamlessly nurture there way in to the next, whilst totally consuming the eagerly compliant listener from start to finish – Very impressive!

About Paul Hazendonk
Paul Hazendonk was born in the suburbs of Rotterdam in 1982. As a young kid he already developed an excessive interest for music, quickly discovering house music and noticing the deejays who were mixing records together. He found his passion..

Paul started his first label, Technique, back in 2002 whilst working at the infamous record company and store Basic Beat which was located in the heart of Rotterdam. Nowdays both Technique and Basic Beat are defunkt but Paul is more active than ever in the record business, being the owner of the Manual Music company. Manual Music releases music on various (sub) labels, takes care of artist management and bookings, digital distribution and music publishing.

Having always been a DJ first and a producer second, it took some time before Paul got busy in the studio, but in the last couple of years his name as a producer is getting more and more known globally, after having done releases on respected labels such as Diynamic Music, Sleaze Records, Little Mountain Recordings, on his own labels Manual Music, Stolen Moments and Melomane + many others.

Both his DJ and production style has evolved throughout the years from full on techno to a more mature sound, music with an infectious drive, blending elements of (deep) house, techhouse and techno, depending on time and place of performance.. But who cares for all those genre tags anyway, right?


CD1 – Body
01. Doubtingthomas – It Keeps You Occupied While You’re On The Flight
02. Thomas Lauren – Perception
03. Andreas Bergmann – Redeye
04. Aebeloe – Wait For Me
05. Furrr & Hazendonk – Het Spierenburg Effect
06. Aron Duijndam – Kazern
07. Lights Electronika – RA (Piek & Thinaik reinterpretation)
08. El Catrin – Fashionably Puffin
09. Vozmediano – El Che
10. Bas Amro – Sunday Rut
11. Klankarbeit – Yummie
12. Rauwkost – Pleasure Pleaser
13. Alexis Tyrel – Take It Slow
14. Boris Ross – Piece Of Mind
15. Examine – Be Square
16. Matador – Blond Slackers

CD2 – Mind
01. Dual Shaman – The White Rose
02. Lanny May – Mittelmeer
03. North Structure – Unfulfilled Wishes
04. Blashko – Comeback (Davor O’s return to the remix)
05. Aebeloe – Manu
06. PHM – Collapse
07. Groj – Anges D’Ekhydhia (Cora Novoa remix)
08. CardioWave – Long Island
09. Luke Mandala & Paul Hazendonk – Sparkle Pony
10. Roger Martinez – Moment
11. Egbert – De Minimal Die Nu Hip Is
12. Roland M Dill – Chocolate Brain
13. Rolando Vallice – The 2nd Argument
14. Noraj Cue – Mental Violence
15. Alessandro Diga & Nappa – April’s Sun

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