Forthcoming on Armada AVA
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham
Release Date: TBA

Here We Go Now: is the new upcoming track from Masoud Fuladi, which was written by Jaren Cerfand features the beautiful vocals of Hannah Ray. This track was recently included in Andy Moor’s latest compilation – Breaking The Silence Volume 2 released in March.

I especially admired the start of this track, a memory appears bringing with it an abundance of infatuated emotion, through tenderly placed strings, a memorable moment which in my opinion opens the track up beautifully. As we head in to the heart of the track, you will find the melody plentiful and charming, as it floats around swooshing lines and succulent bass. The tight-beats, and soft cushioned pads fill out the hook and the choppy percussion delivers warmth. The vocals from Hannah Ray start soft, and end strong almost as though building confidence within the storyline.

Overall it’s an impressive track coming from Masoud Fuladi and nicely chosen by Andy Moor. ‘Here We Go Now’ will be the third vocal release from Masoud following on from ‘Leave It All Behind’ featuring Josie and secondly ‘Blinded’ featuring Laurie.

Masoud Fuladi – Skyward: I was totally consumed from the word go as the atmospheric and emotionally charged piano pads carved there way in to my soul. It was a truly exquisite moment that hasn’t been captured in the video preview below, however it will be a hidden treat for those who buy it. As we move forward the track begins to take on a new persona, a thunderous gathering of the elements takes place before a sudden explosion of new sounds implode your senses. A highly driven masterpiece begins to unwind, a pounding drumroll, a deathly silence and the jolted madness unfolds in all of its exuberant glory. ‘Skyward’, has the capability of streamlining you in to space without you even knowing how you got there.

Like they say actions speak louder than words, Andy Moor knew he was on to a winner and again stood by the production skills of Masoud Fuladi and welcomed this second track in to his latest compilation Breaking The Silence Volume 2. Enough said, check it out.