Release Date: Out on May 9th.
Label: Captivating Sounds
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham


The longevity of some classics is endless. Rocking crowds with their sounds since the early millennium, it’s the Dutch guys of Ernesto vs. Bastian that form a perfect musical symbiosis for more than 15 years already. ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’, ‘Thrill’, ‘Hyper Globe’ and ‘Every Inch A King’ left a mark upon trance history and the relentless drive that keeps the duo going will surely be there for many years going. With their latest double release on Captivating Sounds, Ernesto vs. Bastian are ready to blow the dust off your speakers once again.

Greek and Roman mythology describes Apollo as the god of light, sun, music and art. Quite the source of inspiration for a massive tune, now coming together in ‘The Incredible Apollo’, the A-side of their new EP. A tight sounding masterpiece filled with energy, enrapturing you instantly. If you’re up for a little trip to tech-trance wonderland, ‘Flight 101′ welcomes you aboard. Pumping beats, rough synths and a floor-damaging build-up. This’ll be a pleasant, but rocky flight!

Ernesto vs Bastian – Flight 101:
In true Ernesto and Bastian fashion you are welcomed by a cultivating hook, pounding thumps to the middle, some crispy hiss, tics and hi-hats to the left and plucking stabs that revolve around an eerie sample which I can’t for the life of me describe, but it finishes the build really well. It’s not long before Ernesto and Bastian dive straight in with their signature bassline, galloping melody and a hyperactive energy that lingers briefly sucking up every morsel of energy before unleashing the mind-melting power, which leaves you fist-pumping like a nut-job. Flight 101 is without question a dance floor mover, it has everything you want, epic lines, thrashing energy and a bassline that will leave you shuddering. Firm Favourite!

Ernesto vs Bastian – The Incredible Apollo:
The start is kept to a minimum, a few simplistic loops here and there, coupled with tight-beats and percussion, followed by a thriving build which reveals a plagued bassline, an authoritative lead and lots of extravagant detail. Ernesto and Bastian fill the sound with sizeable amounts of uplifting energy, thrashing down the atmosphere whilst nurturing you towards the skies. This is a hugeous track that will smash dance-floors worldwide.

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