Pedro Del Mar presents Mellomania 20 (CD1) REVIEWED

Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Full details: Here
Scored: 10/10

Pedro Del Mar is the driving force behind his own record label and is also an internationally acclaimed DJ/Producer and radio host. Over the years he carefully built a rock solid reputation with his internationally known “Mellomania” radio show and his releases on almost every major label. With this brand new double mixcompilation “Mellomania 20” Pedro brings an energizing, high-class trance set based on the music we get to hear during his acclaimed radio shows.

The “Mellomania” series, with their wonderfully term-contradicting title and exotic covers, have been something of a Central European preserve. There they’ve enjoyed a following that started out cult in 2004 and has turned into a clockwork-regular CD pick-up for continental European trance lovers.

I have put together a written review for (CD1) The Club Sessions to give you a taster of what this compilation has to offer, next week I will review (CD2) The beach sessions which is the next part of this outstanding journey through Mellomania 20.

I’d like to mention that upon reviewing, I found it tremendously difficult to select a few tracks to recommend to you, in other words every track is remarkable in it’s own way and well worth mentioning.

I can’t commend this album enough at this point, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and feel honoured to share my thoughts and select my favourites with you today.

Pedro Del Mar & illitheas – Bahia Del Sol (illitheas Mix)
The intro track for this album instantly takes you in flight with an uplifting melody, sweeping synths, soft cushioned pads and atmospheric vocals that lock you inside a dream-like setting from the word go. It’s a superb start.


Richard Durand featuring Ellie Lawson – Wide Awake (Full Vocal)
A crunching bass that sets the mood with perfection. Winding melodious tones combine a progressive theme, blessed by the sun-drenched vocals of Ellie Lawson – Great track coming from Richard Durand.


Dash Berlin featuring Emma Hewitt – Disarm Yourself (Club Mix)
Everyone knows Emma Hewitt is the female spirit of trance, and this collaboration with Dash Berlin is a match made in heaven. You can expect heart-wrenching vocals that soak up in to your soul, whilst being gently disarmed by a stupendously good melody.


Stonevalley – Alcatraz (Sequentia Remix)
Straying away from the vocals and in to pure progressive heaven, I recommend to you ‘Alcatraz‘. From the word go this track dives straight in to the ocean of emotion, and captivates. A succulent bassline drives the sweet hook forward, whilst energetic stabs and intricate details kick out and consume the listener. It’s a very playful track, which harbours many hidden depths to delight you along the way.


Adam Nickey presents Blue 8 – Livia (Original Mix)
A production that instantly screams quality as the bassline moulds itself flawlessly in to the main hook. It’s a quick start that unravels a supreme breakdown, littered with sparks of magic, delicate piano pads, and a rotational break that softly lingers before gathering itself and slowly stepping it’s way back up in to the progression.


Pedro Del Mar & Blue Tente – Road To Zanzibar (Pedro Del Mar Mix)
This track very much reminds me of an Andy Blueman production through and through, it definitely has that atmospheric film score feel to it, you can just imagine yourself soaring through the clouds at exceptional pace whilst the inspirational melody nurtures you along. Stunning track.


Will Holland featuring Jeza – Start Again (Juventa Remix)
Moving along we have ‘Start Again’, from Will Holland (note: new album from Will here). From the very first time I heard this track, I instantly connected with the lyrics, I’ve been there just like many of you, a time when things go terribly wrong, rough times are always inevitable but with strength we see it through.

Will Holland has done a really nice job of the melody in my opinion, he keeps the drive strong and yet adds lots of background sounds that sit very beautifully within the main lead, thus creating depth in the overall sound, whilst guitar strings reflect lingering memories the gentle piano brings hope.


Etasonic – Resume (Etasonics Sentimental Club Mix)
My last choice from CD1 has to go to the massively atmospheric track ‘Resume’, it blows every emotion out in to the open with it’s rock solid melody, hefty chords, huge riffs and gut-wrenching drops, needs to be heard in the big room to fully appreciate. Loved it!


“Mellomania 20” by Pedro Del Mar is now available in all shops and on all known portalsGrab it Now

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