Danny Chen – Oceanside / Yoru Reviewed

Released by: Statement! Music
Release/catalogue number: STM016
Release date: Apr 3, 2011
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

The American DJ and Producer Danny Chen is a relatively new name in production land, nonetheless he has done two outstanding remixes for Statement! Recordings. Now he debuts on Statement! with a single release. He has made two great catchy tracks, which manage to stir emotions and be dance floor friendly at the same time. This guy is one to watch in the future, and with this EP the future is now!

Danny Chen – Oceanside:
With it’s rich rolling bass, penetrating stabs, oxygenated whispers and fostering beats, it’s a sublime start that envelopes from the word go. The melody appears in an undulating motion, which seems to pause life for a brief spell…before lifting the tempo and continuing the journey through a playful construction of mild hi-hats, crisp percussion, and punchy toms. The additional elements are beautifully arranged, listen carefully as each new sound seamlessly falls in to play.

The breakdown liberates as it floats around the timeless sweeps, a shimmering light conducts the rainfall and the endearing strings begin to captivate – It’s a remarkable moment, one that I wish had only lasted longer! As the claps applaud the break, the melody comes back in to play and continues strong till the end.

Danny Chen – Yoru:
A pounding bass kicks out with immediate effect, the clash of cymbals paint a mystical sky, whilst the deep climb unravels a highly driven melody, teaming with tight beats and subtle sun-drenched tones. It’s a powerful start, that gets your body moving right away.

The breakdown sweeps in baeleric, the gentle plucks of the guitar replicate a chilled out sundown, whilst the timeless breaths cast a refreshing karma. It is a moment that leaves you on a high note – a true reflection of appreciation.

Another stupendously good EP coming from Ruben De Ronde’s label ‘Statement’, who offer the devine production skills of Danny Chen once more, he delivers not one, but two tracks of supreme quality that will be fully appreciated by any listener.

Although both tracks would do well in the big room, I’d personally recommend ‘Yoru’, for Radio and ‘Oceanside’, for creating that emotional atmosphere that will sweep clubbers from their feet on the dance-floor.


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