ALBUM: Imagine the World – Mixed by Misja Helsloot Reviewed

Imagine The World, Vol 1 – Mixed by Misja Helsloot
Label: Above Recordings
Release Date: 13th March 2011
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

The 12th of March saw the release of the new mix CD presented by Above Recordings and mixed by Misja Helsloot. “Imagine The World” a brand new trance mix-compilation. The concept is all about giving young talents a chance to be a part of this series.

VOL 01 is not locked up to a specific genre in trance but we take the listener through a journey around the world. You can expect easy-listening and melodic tunes, catchy rhythms, epic parts and warm melodies. Imagine The Word is a perfect album which gives the listener opportunity to really feel the music. The album has a soft, catchy and melodic start that builds up to a lovely climax with faster tempo. Each song on the album tells you a story and takes you on a journey around our world. When you listen to this album, imagine how you want the world to be: Imagine The World!

VOL 01 is mixed by the Dutchman Misja Helsloot, whom for many is a legend in trance around the world and specially here in Norway. He has visited Norway many times over the last 10-12 years and Above Recordings felt that getting him to mix this very first album was a perfect start to of the new series.

Misja is not a newcomer when it comes to mix-compilations, he has mixed albums such as: In Trance We Trust, Forbidden Paradise, Oslo Central, Trance Nation etc.

“After some years not doing a mix album, I am honored about the fact Above Recordings asked me to do the first edition of their new series “Imagine the World”. For this mix album I will need loads of new and exclusive tracks. As usual I will make a mix that will start easy melodic, but within 80 minutes it will be tough and uplifting.” – Misja Helsloot

Matao – Planet Z (Original Mix):
As the album notes, one is to think of how we would like the world to be upon listening, and this track is the perfect mind-opener for such a request. You can expect a light and airy melody, throbbing beats and delicate strings to quench your imagination. Planet Z, stimulates your senses from every angle and prepares you for the album ahead.

Newton pres. Celsius – Touchdown (Original Mix):
Yes the name says it all, Touchdown, this fabulous production by Newton pulls you in, the gentle exhale motion relaxes, whilst the melody so delicate, so emotional, lifts you in such a way that it’s hard not to hold back a tear or two. Imagine yourself floating through the realms of life, throughout the good times, every emotion you have felt within your life, envelopes right here, right now – embrace it.

Jason van Wyk & Audien – Someday (Original Mix)
This flawless tune – namely Someday – carries all the innocence one could ever need or want. The gentle vocal lines overwhelm, the melodious pleasure enthrals. Whilst in the depths lies mystery, not everything is as perfect as it seems, a small insecurity questions faith. Listen carefully, thoroughly, there is more for those who choose to really listen.

Not only is this an outstanding track but it has been created by two of most talked about producers of the moment, Jason van Wyk and the shockingly fabulous Audien. What a superb collaboration, I do hope they come together again real soon.

Virtual Vault – Offshore (Original Mix):
The next track I’ve chosen has to be Virtual Vault’s Offshore, with it’s thundering bass, plucky strings, and copious emotional atmosphere. Another superb track that takes you beyond the production, close your eyes inhale the sounds, let Virtual Vault take you Offshore for a while.

Misja Helsloot – Hoover (Original Mix):
For me this is where the album truly takes on a life of it’s very own, now Misja Helsloot takes the stage, he mischievously digests everything you have felt so far, and powers up a stonking track. Expect warping lines, choppy percussion, and a sic hook; unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Amex & Jason van Wyk – Moments (Van Dresen Remix):
A great place to put this track in my opinion, it gives you a nice little breather after the last, and yet continues to lift and build the pace as it goes along. Although Amex and Jason have created an absolute beauty with this track, I feel Van Dresen’s, interpretation has given it an extra boost which shines through without question.

Newton – Nachiketa (Original Mix):
The last track I’m going to recommend to you, is Nachiketa, in all honesty I think this has to be the most emotional out of the bunch, simply because it starts of so powerful, and yet as the breakdown unfolds, you will find yourself on the highest mountain, arms to the skies, soaking in the euphoria whilst looking down on the most breathtaking view of all: our earth, an image we have all seen, a place we feel most connected to, this place we call our home.

I believe it’s a very special moment when a track can make you truly appreciate your life on earth, a moment that stays within us for a lifetime. Newton I take my hat of to you for this, you have given me a quick reminder of what life is all about once more. Thank you!

This is by far one of the best albums I have reviewed this year, infact possibly last year too. Each track carefully selected tells an imaginative story, whilst delivering something very special which leaves you feeling refreshed. Don’t miss out – Imagine the World for yourself, It’s a truly exhilarating experience.

Full Tracklist

01. Matao – Planet Z (Original Mix)
02. Newton pres. Celsius – Touchdown (Original Mix)
03. Jason van Wyk & Audien – Someday (Original Mix)
04. Remaniax – Floatation (Original Mix)
05. Virtual Vault – Offshore (Original Mix)
06. Kaan Demirel – Summer Lover (Original Mix)
07. Incipient feat Ida Skorild – Euphoria (Original Mix)
08. Water Flame – Black Sun (Original Mix)
09. Misja Helsloot – Hoover (Original Mix)
10. Amex & Jason van Wyk – Moments (Van Dresen Remix)
11. Aivem vs. Vilmo – Beautiful J (Original Mix)
12. Misja Helsloot – Festina Lente (Original Mix)
13. Newton – Nachiketa (Original Mix)
14. Avenger – Medina (Original Mix)

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