Ruben de Ronde – They Are Not You Reviewed

Release Date: 7th of March
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Walking the fine line of trance, house and progressive, we find Dutch DJ and producer Ruben de Ronde right in the middle of all things. No borders can stop this talent from touching the very edge of different styles, from the trancy ‘Forever In Our Hearts’ to the deeper, arousing progressive ‘Stoer’ and the pumping ‘They Are Not You’.

Since 2005, he’s poured out his sounds straight from his own label, ‘Statement’, as well as working extensively with Armada Music. A slew of remixes have made his name rise amongst the A-class. Ruben de Ronde is right here, right now, ready to face the broad and promising horizon.

They Are Not You – Original Mix
A climb, kept very simple by tweaking a few kicks, batted beats, hats and claps which construct – very nicely, a lighthearted atmosphere, the perfect beginning when preparing the listener for the big break ahead. As the melody appears in all its delightful glory, you are met by a selection of balearic tones, soft pads and shimmering lines, intent on mesmerizing from the word go. You can literally feel yourself folding in to, and around the sounds as they absorb you from within. Ruben de Ronde has designed a melody to die for, if you love those melodic beats and smooth washy moments, then this is most definitely one you should be checking out. Perfect for chillout!

They Are Not You – Danny Chen Remix
Danny Chen, lifts the mood by introducing a seductive vocal, which seamlessly sweeps in and out lifting the atmosphere to a shiversome state. Teaming with compassion this rendition penetrates the heart with ease, manipulating your emotions Danny Chen then applies earthy tones that fill the track with warmth, which only seems to captivate you even more. I was well in the moment, and once you listen you will understand why. Although the main lead respectfully keeps the original intact, Danny has incorporated many interesting elements that fill the sound up beautifully. Club favourite!

They Are Not You – Paul Rigel Remix
Paul Rigel spices things up by introducing lots of, what I would best describe as quirky pops, jerky twists and dissipating silences. It doesn’t take him long to dive right in to the lead and craft his own influence on the original, and he does it very well indeed! I especially enjoyed the way this rendition rolls from front to back, whilst making sure to fill the sound with something new to tantalize your taste buds. Paul Rigel has given this track a freshness that stays with you long after you have finished listening. Radioplay!

I love this package actually, there is a rendition to suite all, something for every occasion and a release that you will always play more than once, simply because you discover a new sound that you missed the first, second and third time you listen. Which for me, makes this release all the more appealing – Great work!

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