Vitodito – Fairy Kiss & Where Is My Donut (Shah-Music) Reviewed

Release Date: TBA
Label: Shah-Music
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Italian Vito De Santis aka Vitodito already had a couple of releases on some great international labels. Now it is time for his new double A-Side EP ‘Fairy Kiss & Where Is My Donut’ to shine on our Shah-Music Digital imprint.

Vito de Santis aka Vitodito was born 1983 in the little town of Taranto in South Italy. At the tender age of only seven Vito fell in love with music thanks to his brothers passion for all things pressed on the black gold we call vinyl.

Gradually over the years and building up an appetite for music Vito fell in love with Trance after seeing above & beyond at the WMC back in 2005. Hooked on the uplifting melodic melodies, epic breakdowns and tight drum rhythms and influenced over the years by such an eclectic taste of music, Vito began to take the leap from avid listener to music producer and finally got down to business with learning the skills to producer his own records.

Now 5 years on and a lot of hard work under his belt, we see Vito grace our speakers with such releases as Malta and Never Mind and also remixes for artists such as Tiesto, Airwave, Crimson, David Folkebrant, Digital Horizon and Jorge Nava. Vito is also signed to Alter Ego Records, Neuroscience, Harmonic Breeze Recordings, Shah Music and with support from Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Rank1, Solarstone, Ashley Wallbridge, Daniel Kandi, Roger Shah to name but a few!

Vito is definitely set to be one of the rising stars in dance music.

Fairy Kiss:
A voluptuous bass line and thick looped beats deliver a highly driven start. However don’t get to comfy just yet, as you begin to settle in to the thumping pace, the hook suddenly takes on a new form, a dissipating silence opens the gates to heaven as Vitodito renders an atmospheric breakdown. Imagine yourself floating through soft pastel skies, meditatively focused, a chorus of angels conjure euphoric sensations that overwhelm. ‘Fairy Kiss‘ carefully hones a surreal theme throughout, whilst contributing an uplifting state of mind for the listener.

Where Is My Donut:
Stepping up the game Vitodito’s ‘Where Is My Donut‘ is the perfect follow-up to ‘Fairy Kiss’, although a little more progression is added, the timeless beauty is clear to see once more. The melody vigorously runs away with itself from the start, before quickly folding in to a beauteous breakdown, filled with swirls of emotion, soft pads and twinkles of light – well-deserving of your courteous attention. Listen carefully and allow your mind to ponder care free throughout both tracks, and you will find the result exceptionally palatable.

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