Mondo’s 100th release is ‘Nine’ by Lee Osborne

Release Date: 14/02/2011
Label: Mondo Records

Proclaimed by dance music luminaries as one of the most exciting new producers on the scene right now, the dynamic forward thinking artist Lee Osborne took the dance music scene by storm in 2010.

A DJ, producer and promoter for 10 years, and part of a well known infamous London collective alongside Ali Wilson, Matt Smallwood and Ben Gold, it wasn’t until his remix of ‘Automanual’ became Marco V’s most requested track in his live sets that people really started to sit up and take notice.

After the huge success of his debut release last year with the seminal “Eight”, Lee Osborne is back with the aptly titled “Nine”.

Lee’s ability to fuse big room melodies with groove fuelled percussion is second to none; “Nine” encapsulates this with its big hands in the air riff, rolling bass-line and imposing addictive groove.

On the flip, the much sought after production skills of Ali Wilson spin the original mix on its head. Ali provides his distinctively recognisable mark, adding extra tantalizing elements to the groove and building upon the already huge Osborne breakdown to epic effect.

1. Original Mix
2. Ali Wilson Remix

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