Eximinds feat. Aelyn – I Feel You (Shah-Music Digital) Reviewed

Artist: Eximinds feat. Aelyn
Title: I Feel You
Label: Shah-Music Digital
Style: Progressive Trance
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

‘Eximinds feat. Aelyn –  I Feel You’ has been tracklisted in the Mellomania CD series and has already received massive support and plays from the worlds Elite DJ’s. Finally we are seeing it’s 1st full single release on the Shah-Music Digital label.

This stunning remix package delivers everything from extreme halcyon beauty, to a nice collection of banging grooves, that will without doubt shake up the listeners emotions. As expected from any Shah-Music release, you hit the play button and within seconds you can guarantee that your entire human existence will be floating sedately through the hook, softly consumed by the alluring vocals of Aelyn.

Playton, Poonyk & Oxide have taken the surreal beauty and added a very palatable bass-line, crunchy synth-work and a firework display of vibrant elements that lift you right out of that chilled place and in to a progressive temperament that encourages pure action on the dance-floor.

Mobil has lifted the pace ever-still. A prodigious bass-line brings a pounding rendition teaming with soft pads, atmospheric sweeps and copious amounts of detail, in turn – delivering a very attractive progressive remix.

‘I Feel You’, is a delightful release well-worthy of a buy! 12/10

01: Original Mix
02: Playton Remix
03: Poonyk & Oxide Remix
04: Mobil Remix
05: Chillout Version

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