Johan Curtain – Forever Yours Reviewed

Coming soon to Above Recordings
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

“As the rotation of time cultivates the future, precious memories linger through the music”. – Rachel

A story of two souls coexisting, memories become plentiful, craving hearts cast clouds of warmth, comfort and appreciation. ‘Forever Yours’ perfectly illustrates a blossoming relationship, a union between two people, two people so in tune with one another.

Johan Curtain – Forever Yours (Original Mix)
The start combines two beats that revolve around eachother, as they dance in the foreground the melody begins to blossom, creating a prosperous yet soft start. The break delightful, the gentle piano affectionately and very beautifully illustrates the vision of a loved one. Johan’s attention to pace and placement of the piano pads – carefully crafted. It’s a short moment in the track that truly overwhelms you – Love seemingly holds no boundaries! Finishing off,  the warm and fruitful melody comes back in to play and calmly captivates you through to the end

Johan Curtain – Forever Yours (Resilient Remix)
Unlike the original, the ‘Resilient Remix’ storms in with a thumping bass, curvaceous tech twists and building synth lines, It’s all out carnage! However they knew exactly what they were doing, as the break streams in, you will find yourself unexpectedly swooped from the floor and suspended in the air, whilst being seduced by an array of melodious tones and strings. As we head away from the break, Resilient then decide to rip things up once more, and bring back the dominant hook. Devouring everything in it’s path the ‘Resilient Remix’ will leave you fist pumping til the end.

Johan Curtain’s “Forever Yours” maybe his last release on Above Recordings and it’s a good one. Recently signed to the big label “JOOF Recordings” we are really pleased to see Johan’s career progress so well.

A preview of this release will be included very soon!

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