JES – Awaken with Remixes

Magik Muzik

“Awaken” is known as the opening track on JES‘ most recent album “High Glow” and now receives a fantastic remix treatment. The original album version of “Awaken”, is a trademark JES song as only she, the Queen of Rocktronica can deliver: an uplifting, energetic and moving vocal song with nods and winks to the fantastic electronic music from the eighties.

And now for the remixes, Thomas GoldInpetto, Jonas Steur and Jontron Dragon got the assignments and they all did not leave their studios before they had brand new, state of the art versions for the clubs, the big rooms and the large events.

Check out this slamming package of remixes and pick the version that works best for you; not to mention that there will be plenty of DJs that can work with all six renditions. When you put this newJES release on, you know that you will “Awaken” everybody on the dance floor!

1.Thomas Gold Remix
2.Inpetto Remix
3.Inpetto Dub
4.Inpetto Instrumental
5.Jonas Steur Remix
6.Jontron Dragon Manufactured Superstars Remix

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