Julius Beat – New Home Reviewed

Label: Black Hole Recordings
Release Date: TBA
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Colombian DJ/Producer Julius Beat’s singles appear like clockwork and here’s his latest release on our Black Hole imprint, entitled “New Home”.

“New Home” seems to confirm what everybody needs this winter, and that’s warm, deep and embracing high quality trance music. It’s not only a superb track to dance to, but also one to listen to at home or in your car. Let the entire track sink in and marvel over that stunning arrangement that creates such and incredible drive; it will most definitely get everyone on their dancing feet. Strings swirl around synths, supported by a subtle but effective bass line and right after the break we can all experience the truly uplifting sound of the production.

George Acosta, Craving & Howe and Nick Stoynoff all delivered a killer remix for this release. We’re looking at a total of three superb and unique versions that will create perfect opportunities for every DJ to use the best version for any given live set. “New Home” by Julius Beat can’t be missed!

This whole package is one of luxurious gratification – combining swirling melodies, karma ridden basslines, succulent details and a wash of inspiration nestled inside a warm, and inviting package namely ‘New Home’  – Each remix offers something unique, honing in on a vast array of styles and tempo’s, which in turn deliver something profoundly different for everyone. Explore the remixes and decide which is the ‘New Home’ for you!


2.George Acosta Remix
3.Craving & Howe Remix
4.Nick Stoynoff Remix

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