Taleamus – Closed Gates & Remixes Reviewed

Release date (Beatport) – 16/12/2010
Release date (Official) – 30/12/2010
Label: Digital Insomnia Recordings
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

“Closed Gates’ is an uplifting trance track that takes you to a dreamy journey up into the skies and down into the oceans.” – Taleamus

Another great track is set to be released on the Digital Insomnia label namely ‘Taleamus – Closed Gates’ a mixture of sweeping melodies, driving lines and pulsing bass. A captivating dream-filled sound-scape of trance elements that will send you soaring the skies. On the remix front, you’re given a nice selection of Progressive, Uplifting and Tech renditions that come from ‘Arjona’ ‘Ben Hunt’ ‘Running Man’ ‘Q Bass’ and new comer ‘Rhodium’.

Most Recommended

Taleamus – Closed Gates (Original Mix)
Rotational stabs and swoosh effects lift and build the start, whilst the main hook gently makes an appearance. Soft piano pads pave way for the arpeggiated tones to breathe life and soul in to the track. The melody is born, blossoming inside a tight selection of rising toms, crispy hi-hats, and lots of reverb/delay effects which manifest themselves in to a sound-scape, a journey that sends you soaring through the skies.

Taleamus – Closed Gates (Ben Hunt Remix)
Ben Hunt’s take on this release is an energetic one, as he removes the soft under tones and sweeping melodious theme he continues by injecting the sound with a colossal bassline, and tightly driven drums. The break delivers splendor in every way, as the wooden percussion clicks away in the background, the magic within the piano pads releases euphoria, you can’t deny the captivation that overwhelms you. Moving on he removes the pads and brings the reverberated bassline for a short while, before allowing the soft pads to once again drive the track along. The end is fruitful one, neatly packed he invites every element back again for one lasting impression before silencing to an end.

Taleamus – Closed Gates (Running Man’s Fifth Dimension Remix)
By far my favourite remix of this release. ‘Running Man’s Fifth Dimension Remix’ brings everything and so much more. Starting of with a looped drum-rack he begins to construct the sound, within seconds the track begins to gallop, additional effects and elements are introduced, climbing, lifting and peaking for the break. The breakdown takes me home to (Scotland) the beauteous atmospheric bagpipes linger, setting the mood, gently nurtured along by what seems like a distant classical choir calling me there. The building stabs and rotating bass fills the air with amorous moments, whilst the fascination only grows ever-still. As we come to an end the main hook is silenced, the bassline lost in the wind and we are swept to the end with a sharp swoosh.

Other remixes in this release:
Taleamus – Closed Gates (Q Bass Remix)
Taleamus – Closed Gates (Rhodium Remix)
Taleamus – Closed Gates (Arjona Remix)

It’s another pounding release coming from Digital Insomnia Recordings – that has my full support!!

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