Mr Sam Pres. Opus Quarto: Jerusalem (Instalment Une) Reviewed

Release Date : December 6th 2010
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Reviewed by Rachel Rixham

“Walking between Heaven and Earth, Jerusalem still Remains the Cradle of the World.”

Mr Sam invented and nurtured his Opus concept back in 2007 and since then, he annually catered the global trance community with not just another compilation. Music wise, the Opus series stands for complete artistic freedom, where quality rather than quantity is priority. With the release of 3 Opus episodes so far, Mr Sam once again underlines his exquisite taste in trance music. December 2010 sees the release of the long awaited fourth volume in this series, entitled “Opus Quarto: Jerusalem.”

The coming weeks I will review 12 exclusive tracks from this stunning compilation, before releasing a final review, unravelling the mystery, the full story, behind “Opus Quarto: Jerusalem.” This is the first instalment – Une review.

Amurai feat Sean Ryan – Killing Me Inside (Intro Mix)
A soft sweeping hook gracefully glows, alluring your focus, magically inspiring your willingness to listen. “Killing Me Inside” is a very emotionally driven track, that unlocks a passionate and powerful storyline. Within moments the gentle piano pads set the mood, encouraging a free flow of emotions to swell a thumping heart. A delightful melody begins to wash in to your soul, swiftly joined by the sentimental vocals that come in from Sean Ryan.

As we head in to the heart and soul of the track the melodious elements sway in and out, expressing an eagerness, a strong determination, whilst other times weak as though trying to reflect an emotional pain, an intense ache, a sympathetic sense of loss. “Killing Me Inside” constructs a delectable arrangement of warming bass, enchanting sweeps and a delicate vocal that will leave you floating around in your own destiny for hours on end.

Nhato – Dreamer’s Symphony
Strikingly beauteous are the atmospheric ceremonial bells, perfectly depicting happiness. The progressive lines hurl themselves around delicate strings and synthemic stabs, which in turn makes the hook very attractive to both melodic and progressive minded listeners. As the extravagantly lavish classical vocals float in, “Dreamer’s Symphony” flourishes delivering an overwhelming indulgence that fascinates, inundates, and captivates every pulsing vain in your entire body.

“Dreamer’s Symphony” is a stunning illustration of uplifting bliss, it reflects a time when you could visualize yourself standing on the highest mountain, arms to the sky, unafraid, untouchable, inhaling the suns rays whilst rejoicing this day, this day when you were so very alive.

Sesta – On Fire
A hovering bass attracts your focus, whilst wooden percussion fetches warmth, a comforting calmness envelopes for a short time, before thrusting in to a dominating display of vibrant elements that fill the melody with a fruitful prosperity. Streamers ribbon themselves around animated illustrations, the skies brightly illuminated offer a liberating rapture. “On Fire” is an oasis of feel good sensations that harbour your most cherished desires.

Mr Sam vs. Fred Baker present As One – Forever Waiting (Sesta Remix)
Finishing instalment ‘Une’ we have “Forever Waiting” a tightly packed construction of progressive lines, looping drum-racks, provocative vocals and chunky backdrops. The melody rotates and dissipates before re-building around the slightly haunting vocals which seem to pave the way for you to obsessively reflect on something. The gradual build and dispersing melody represents as entitled “Forever Waiting” a repetitive thought, feeling or need that circles consistently. However, this is one track you will have to listen to yourself to gather the full picture.

Full Tracklist

01. Thomas DeColita – Jerusalem (Opus Quarto Intro)
02. Amurai featuring Sean Ryan – Killing Me Inside (Intro Mix)
03. Makotrax – Persuade Me
04. Pinkflood featuring Tiff Lacey – Someone Like You
05. Mr Sam featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw – One Day (KhoMha Remix)
06. KhoMha – Sharem (Sunrise Mix)
07. Mr Sam vs. Fred Baker present As One – Forever Waiting (Sesta Remix)
08. Natho – Dreamer’s Symphony
09. Sesta – Runaway
10. Nuera featuring Szen – Love Lost (Electro Mix)
11. Ruby & Tony – Hindi
12. Sesta – On Fire
13. Moonpax – Ahava

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