Faruk Sabanci – Himalaya (Includes Daniel Kandi’s Rise Mix) Reviewed

Faruk Sabanci – Himalaya
Label: Arisa Audio
Release Date: 22nd November 2010
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Label honcho Faruk Sabanci’s eagerly anticipated ‘Himalaya’ is finally coming out! The Turkish 18-year-old delivers a splendid uplifting trancer with an angelic breakdown and massive riff. Definitely something on the banging tip for the ones who are looking for peak time uplifting trance!

On remix duties we are more than proud to present one of the best uplifting trance producers on the planet, Daniel Kandi. Kandiman did what he does best, turns the track into a more epic direction with his deep yet absolutely banging take. Just as expected, Daniel Kandi delivers another brilliant piece of art for all trance lovers out there.

Original Mix
An ascending start, motivated by a thumping bassline that swiftly takes a back seat as each new sound is inserted. The hook becomes fuller and settles for a short period, appreciatively paving way for the mesmerising piano pads to take the lead. As the soft pads disperse the melody ripens once more, soaring the skies it leaves you breathlessly animated.

Daniel Kandi’s Rise Mix
A smooth build opens this track beautifully – before gently soothingly your senses with a magnetizing melody. A short break encourages heart-felt piano pads that drift seamlessly throughout your mind, engaging your emotions and nurturing your soul towards the skies. The fluent combination of crisp synths and strong kick drums rotate perfectly inside the melodies walls, offering a roughened edge which drives the track along extremely well. I especially enjoyed the way Daniel Kandi continues to lift the melody in such a sentimental way and yet still manages to inject a strong driven influence that leads this mix straight to the dance-floor.

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