Danjo & Andrew Shartner – It Is Written Reviewed

Released on Flashover Recordings
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Danjo has been around for a while and his productions are still top of the bill. Teaming up with Siberian producers duo Andrew Shartner they brought us the fabulous “It Is Written”.

Danjo Mix
Danjo has designed his rendition around an exuberant abundance of nifty kicks, tucks and rotations, which suddenly stop for breath, before unravelling an almost distorted bassline that shudders through, enthusiastically motivated by glowing vocal snippets and lots of soft percussion. As the melody gathers pace, the air begins to twist in all directions, the silky sweeps bring warmth and the consoling strings begin to celebrate in a tranquil motion. The copious percussion makes a final appearance, the melody becomes distant and the last remaining wooden chops fall silent.

Andrew Shartner Mix
Andrew Shartner starts with a simple looped drum-rack, accompanied by hi hats (cymbols), gentle toms (drums), and shakers. As the elements begin to flourish the track awakens, a shortened pause contemplates before paving way for the plucky strings to deliver a sun-drenched entrance. The melody offers a low tempo / chill-out theme which is very pleasing to the ear.  Andrew Shartner builds and lifts the melody around swoosh effects which seemingly begin to take over, changing the once plucky strings and gently nurturing them in to synthemic pads, which in turn softens the melody ever-still.

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