Ersa – Primus / Live By Night Reviewed

Release information:
Track: Ersa – Primus / Live By Night
Releasedate: November 22, 2010
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham
Label: Owano- Music

Ersa – Primus
A delectable array of tech elements greet you from the start instantly grabbing a hold of your attention. As the track moves on you are bounced along by a rich bassline that sends rippling vibrations around your body. The hook is contagiously vibrant, full of carefully honed sounds and samples neatly kept in place by the fiercesome grumbled bass, that continuously dominates as the track pushes on.

Ersa –  Live by Night
Ersa exhibits more of those crisp tech influences from the start, and yet this time he spruces things up even further by changing the elements around to make this track as unique as the first. Live by Night reflects the atmosphere of nightlife wonderfully. A strong bassline, yet far different from the first bats from left to right, cleverly lifted by crunchy claps, drum-racks and wooden chops, all seated in perfect arrangement with the main hook that oscillates throughout.

Massively impressed by both tracks! – This is the first time I’ve heard a release from Ersa and I must say it makes a palatable change, I look forward to many more. Keep it up!

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Ersa, whose real name is Erik Saathoff, was born on May 30th 1985 in Rotterdam. He inherited a great passion for music from his parents. Even when he was a little boy, Ersa was always listening to music and wanted other people to hear the music he was listening to.Years later he discoverd electronic dance music and when he saw some dj’s spinning on tv he know: “this is what I want!” He start saving money and soon he had enough to buy his first turntables and start practising. In the years that followed he discovered trance music and dj’s like Tiesto and Ferry Corsten, which both had great impact on him. Following his newly found inspirations he started playing trance music. Over the years Ersa became influenced by many different dj’s and music styles which became the ingredients for his own musical taste as a trance dj.

Ersa met a lot of starting dj’s during this period and one of the was another trance driven dj from Rotterdam, Cellec. Just like Ersa, Cellec was a starting trance dj and one of his ambitions was to start his own dance radio show called “Cellection”. He found a home at local station “Radio Capelle” and after being a guest dj on the show, Ersa soon joined Cellec behind the mic every week as his co-host.Ersa’s interest in electronic music grew bigger and bigger every year and inspired by several producers, he started producing himself. Together with his radiopartner Cellec he produced several trance hits like “Cellec vs Ersa – Traveller”, which had support from Tiesto is his widely acclaimed radioshow “Club Life” and from Marco V at “Trance Energy” in 2008. They also worked together under their “Arabella” guise which resulted in a couple of great releases, “Nabucco” and “Whisper”, and a performance in the biggest club of Scandinavia, “Slagthuset” in Malmo, Sweden.

Early 2008 Ersa and Cellec felt the need to take the next step and founded their dj agency “Owano Music” and recordlabel “Owano Recordings”. On this label they released previous named hits “Traveller” and “Whisper” alongside their own works, including “Traveller” follow-up “Bold”, which got played at Trance Energy 2009 by Paul van Dyk! Nowadays Ersa is also producing solo and in March 2009 his first ever solo EP, with the tracks “Momentum” and “Skindeep”, was released on Owano Recordings.Ersa has several goals for the (near) future and one of them is to break through as a talented and frequently asked dj. The question “is this guy going to make it” is not a mather of “if”, but a mather of “when”…


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