Eleven.five – Metaphorical EP Reviewed

Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham
Label: Dangerbox
Release Date: TBA

eleven.five brings us this beautiful dark 4 tracker to smooth & seal the sound of Dangerbox for this cold Autumn season. Metaphorical is eleven.five’s newest gem. Whether the track is by itself, or together with its other three tracks serving as a backbone, he delivers quality once again with solid emotion, & beautiful basslines.

eleven.five has recently become a favourite of mine, and rightly so – there hasn’t been one time eleven.five has delivered a track not to my liking. His sound is unique and every release produced different from the last. Where does this genius mind wonder when in production. His imagination, delves deep down and on the return brings fresh inspirational releases to the surface.

Metaphorical: expressing one thing in terms normally denoting another; “a metaphorical expression”; “metaphoric language”.

Listen very carefully as each new sound emerges, you can instantly recognize a lot of dedication has gone in to nurturing every key element placed within the melody. Each stands strong on its own and yet excellently makes room the next, and what you have left is a circulating cultivation of intriguing sounds that seem to play around together, whilst reflecting affectionate glances. It’s a true chemistry of sounds interacting peacefully in tune with one another. The melody innocent, a sense of purity inhabits a dream-like yet magical theme. The bassline rides alongside, almost as though it’s keeping the playful elements in check yet safe from harm.

An edgy kick-drum sets the pace from the very start, shortly joined by tapping percussion, which goes on to rotate around an ever-growing hook. Suddenly the bassline makes a stabbing appearance and the looping kick and percussive instruments take a back seat. As the melody gracefully grows it composes a peaceful nature, heavily motivated by flickering bells that communicate and shed light throughout the whole track.

Remembering Us
I could explain it as glimpses of memories that flicker by reminding you of something, but you can’t quite put your finger on what that something is, until electrical pulses intoxicate the brain. The melody begins to grow and the picture becomes clear. Overwhelming emotions flourish and you are now overcome by happiness, that distant memory of a day that was so beautiful lingers, releasing a karma you could only wish would last forever.

Find My Way
The delightful piano steps effortlessly inside an uplifting melody. The bassline present but gentle, building, curling and embracing the airy space, it continually lifts the atmosphere little by little before fading out conducting a peaceful end.

Sadly we don’t have any previews to show you – but I will try and get one organised later this week, so check back when your next around because it’s well worth a listen.