John Askew – The Witch Reviewed

Reviewed by Rachel Rixham
Label: Recoverworld

John Askew delivers this mammoth riff based monster in time for Halloween weekend. With early support from Armin van Buuren, John O’Callaghan, Simon Patterson and Sean Tyas – this is dark, hard teeth smashing trance for the peak of peak time.

John Askew – The Witch (Original Mix)
Disclaimer: Between me and you I had to decrease the volume in fear because this track shit me up!

A demonic beat thunders in opening this track with an overwhelming power for domination, pushed aside momentarily by an ever-growing angelic sweep that is suddenly and devilishly devoured by the menacing bassline. Additional elements begin to make an appearance, only filling the sound further as it mischievously gains strength. The build is slow, almost intent on gathering a deranged momentum. As the hook grows ever-still each detail injected lifts the pace, manifesting itself into an atmospheric Omen. Suddenly the air thickens, and the plot becomes clear.

“These Creatures are from another world – You can’t stop them using weapons, we must capture one, that is the only way we will learn about them. All of earth is under threat from ultimate destruction”.

As the words begin to fade in the distance. The demons and witches loudly infest and crawl the hook with heart-wrenching laughs and tormenting vocal sweeps. The chase is on! The track builds once more, dramatic stabs, and grumbling night-terrors construct a long hearted rushy sensation that will raise every bewitching hair on your cowering body – Let the Witching hour begin!!

This release is Phenomenal: John Askew has designed a Halloween banger intent on heightening that party experience, ‘The Witch’ is an essential addition for all Halloween parties global!

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