Steve Kaetzel – Floe / Aurora Reviewed

Coming soon to Songbird
Reviewed by Rachel Rixham

Steve Kaetzel’s new single “Floe” found its way to our Songbird label and features the extra track “Aurora”. Many will agree that Steve’s new release could only have been released on our Songbird imprint. The label that houses the famous In Search of Sunrise series, the label that recently released Andy Duguid’s “Miracle Moments” and now the new single “Floe”. There is in fact only one thing to say here: listen to it and be mesmerized.

Steve Kaetzel – Floe (Original Mix)
As the track begins you will hear a very interesting sound that I can only best describe to you as repetitive raindrop hitting a tin can. As the track begins to unfold it’s story. A seductive female breath echos throughout your mind before surrounding your celestial body, indulging itself inside your willingness to capitulate. The main hook composes of crunchy and often choppy percussion, delightful pulsing beats and the addition of atmospheric synths that seem to swing back and forth inside a strong bassline, perfectly representing the shape of rainbow, before submerging your mind within waves of coolness – very cleverly created by precision reverb and delay effects.

The overall track has a very dreamy and seductive character, which is only heightened by the provocative bassline and swoosh effects. The break-down is subtle, yet oozes warmth which only encourages the melody to come back ever-stronger. Finishing off, Steve Kaetzel reawakens the listener by injecting the melody with electrical bolts of white noise, which in turn clears your mind, before re-tuning your full focus. The seductive echo evaporates and the melody gently disintegrates, intentionally preparing you for the next track ‘Aurora’

Steve Kaetzel – Aurora (Original Mix)
Aurora’s gentle builds and drops give the whole track a very driven and uplifting feel throughout. The synthemic chords are entirely impressive, the melody charming and the whispering vocal samples bewitching. Aurora takes you one one step deeper and seamlessly flows in from the first track, maybe Steve’s intention whilst in production was to create a part two of Floe? If not then he was definitely in the zone – because it’s a flawless transition.

01. Steve Kaetzel – Floe
02. Steve Kaetzel – Floe (Chris Domingo Remix)
03. Steve Kaetzel – Aurora

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