Estiva – Adamas EP Reviewed

Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham
Release Date: 1st November 2010
Label: Enhanced

The on fire Dutchman Estiva returns with yet another stunning EP that once again demonstrates why he’s become a favourite in the wallets of everyone from Schulz to Armin to Judge Jules and ATB.

Three tracks of outstanding originality and quality, and a bonus Club Mix to boot will no doubt please the international army of Estivaholics that Steven ‘Estiva’ Baan has amassed over the past few years.

Adamas (Original Mix)
A beafed up bassline is nicely carried within a selection of thrapping kick-drums and claps, superbly driven forward by the swooshing tidal waves of enchantment. The break down brings freedom, pulsating beats that reflect life, and an enthralling melody that seamlessly propagates through space and time. Adamas delivers a dream-like effect that brings you in and out consciousness sporadically. The essential ingredient Estiva incorporates, is one of true karma, and undeniable bliss.

Foreverland (Original Mix)
Estiva nurtures every emotion and gently brings the journey forward within tightly packed percussive instruments, sweetly motivated the melody begins to build. Suddenly, your mind begins to wonder back in time, childlike memories wash innocence throughout, whilst an uplifting tempo, and Balearic guitar jabs at your heartstrings; a sudden rush is inevitable. I especially enjoyed the children’s laughter that bellows from a distance, giving the whole track a touch of purity.

Avalon (Original Mix)
Avalon seemingly steps it up from the word go, reverberated wooden chops, and bouncy bongo’s begin to lift the pace, the warm bassline gels well, whilst the additional cooling swoosh effects circulate around the ever-growing hook. The melody is one of a spiritual uplifting nature, if you can image for a split second you have just dived from a plane and you’re soaring the skies, looking down on this magnificent world, enveloped by it’s tremendous beauty and exaltation – it’s breath-taking. The striking synth pads, phase in and out, shortly followed by a thickened bassline that seems to coil it’s way around your soul. Finishing off, Estiva brings the detailed percussion back, gently tapped in to place by precise shots of hiss and bass.

Foreverland (Club Mix)
The club version heightens the atmosphere whilst increasing the tempo, delivering a stunning dance-floor rendition that will lift the roof from any club, due to the overwhelming excitement and admiration it produces.

Great work Estiva!!

01:  Adamas (Original Mix)
02:  Foreverland (Original Mix)
03:  Avalon (Original Mix)
04:  Foreverland (Club Mix)

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