Sebastian Weikum – Doomed Reviewed

Reviewed by Rachel Rixham

Polish producer Sebastian Weikum delivers his debut on our Songbird imprint, entitled “Doomed”.

Sebastian was born in 1986 and currently lives in Warsaw, Poland. He started playing piano and percussion at the age of 10 and his real adventure in music production started with trance music when he was 16. In 2005 he fell in love with Progressive House music and previously released the track “Strawberry Land” on Flashover Recordings. The fact that Sebastian has used all these years to carefully work on his skills as a producer becomes clear in this brilliant single “Doomed”. Expect a spaciously produced track that doesn’t shy away from the actual art of story telling in a trance cut. What gives the entire track an incredible drive, are the arpeggiated synth chords that keep hitting on the eighth notes throughout. Combine that with the goose bump triggering theme and it all comes together.

It’s clear that Sebastian Weikum knows his history and uses those marvellous sounds that most of us will recognize from the first volumes of the In Search of Sunrise series. To make sure that “Doomed” will also thrive in the big room trance sets, Sebastian reworked his own original and delivered the hard hitting and slightly faster dub version that features as second track in this package. In short: dance floor sure shot single!

Sebastian Weikum – Doomed (Original)
Don’t be fooled by the name! Far from ‘Doomed’ you are transported in to a new world, a place of innocence, a location you have dreamt about for a lifetime – Impressed by the richness of the flora, attracted by the tiny droplets of rain that once replenished the leaves, the sun reflects warmth. You tread carefully on the brake, to be met by the most grandeur of birds effortlessly gliding the bluest of skies. Audacious animals of all shapes and sizes graze around you, looking over at your human shape glowing in the sun. In the distance a waterfall envelopes your karma, at peace you kneel down on the pasture and soak in your enchanted surroundings.

The Original Mix: Illustrates a delightful melody constructed by dreamy synths, mouth watering bass, and refreshingly fruitful details. Sebastian Weikum has created the highest clarity of peace within music. It’s truly beautiful!

Sebastian Weikum – Doomed (Dub)
The dub mix designs deeper set, yet soaring synths, a crispy, yet thickened bassline, all congregated around a deliciously captivating hook. Doomed’s strong intention is to deliver a dream-like state for any listener; and that intention has been easily fulfilled

Both remixes offer something unique to the track ‘Doomed’, we have a nice light uplifting expression with the original and a thickened musky interpretation with the dub mix. Both remixes are stupendously good! and well worth checking out!

More Info:

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