Interstate vs. Tyler Michaud ft. Jessy Greene – Junkie [VANDIT] Reviewed

Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Boston-based producer Tyler Michaud threw a little production party. The two -only two- special guests were Mike Burns and Mark Lewis, better known as Interstate. Having a thing for deep, atmospheric music, the three masterminds combine their sounds into a new, future highlight to thousands of clubbers. Their highly addictive ‘Junkie’ awaits you with a strong build-up, combining deep prog with tough, rough-edged bass and effects, maddening electro-synths and stirring vocals. Both Interstate and Tyler Michaud reveal their harder, deeper and darker side with this one. Berlin DJ and producer duo Reaves & Ahorn joined this little ‘Junkie’ ride, presenting a more uplifting version of the energetic and intense original.

“Close your eyes, take a deep breath and clear your mind of every distraction around you, submerge within the vocals as they take you back in time, throughout your distant memories, capturing reflections, before total fixation.”


(2010 Mix)
The 2010 mix has a very infectious hook that will take you far and beyond, drifting through hidden depths and forgotten corners of the mind, you will find yourself gently switching emotions – like a flicker book. The melody is contagious, beauteous, and electronically narcotic at times.

(Reaves & Ahorn Remix)
Reaves & Ahorn design a soporific synthemic melody which builds within atmospheric swoosh and plucky stabs before unravelling the hypnotic vocal. I especially enjoyed the reverb and delay effects that encourage the vocal to wash in and out of your mind, with the intention of drawing you in even closer.

(Heatbeat Remix)
It’s well worth mentioning the Heatbeat remix too, for it’s ravenous bassline and energetic club tempo. If your looking for a banging bassline then this is the one for you.

01.Junkie (2010 Mix) (06:38)
02.Junkie (Heatbeat Remix) (06:31)
03.Junkie (N-Vision Club Mix) (08:24)
04.Junkie (Reaves & Ahorn Remix) (07:25)

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