Introducing Silence Through Music

It all started 11 years ago in a cellar in Mexico city, just where every true underground story starts: Below ground level.

Between the semi darkness of the night surrounding everything and a dim light behind the DJ booth, two paths crossed with a smile of satisfaction in the dance floor to what they were listening: That was Eduardo Moises’s and Jesus Parlange ‘s first act together in this world. From then on the friendship became stronger.

Having a similar taste in music, they decided to start doing music together. Nothing too serious, but the results from those experiments in that amateur studio in the middle of Eduardo’s living room and dining room were very well welcomed by friends and by masters producers like Sean Cussick and Tim Skinner. Being overwhelmed by such good reviews, they decided to remix Sasha’s Wavy Gravy. The result was fantastic and got support from many talented DJ’s such as the two mentioned before with the addition of Chris Fortier and Jimmy Van M, amongst every important Mexican DJ. But the real story behind that track is that due to a rookie mistake, the “final version” of it was just a draft, because forbeing careless, they didn’t back up their files and when their computer crashed the files inside could never be recovered.

The version released was at 70% of the power it must have had, a bitter sweet taste, but a mark was left: They knew that the next time they met at the studio something magical would come out of it.

Destiny decided that both Eduardo and Parlange had to master their own craft separated. Both of them traveled the world, bringing together a perfect understanding of sound and its consequences and the most amazing skills in a studio.

6 years later, that reunion just took place, and the outcome of it will start to be felt at this year’s Winter Music Conference.

Silence Through Music– The Record Label, comes from an understanding that only by transcending the mind and being silent can someone perceivethe true music of the Universe. Some people have called it the sound of silence. And since everything has it’s counter part, silence can be realized through music.

Both Eduardo and Parlange are determined to make history. They want to share their love for sound and music with the world. Let’s see what destiny has stored for this duo…

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