Icone – Lightspeed / Andromeda Promo Reviewed

Label: Discover Digital
Release Date: TBA
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Icone releases have been gracing the playlists of many of the worlds best trance DJ’s for the best part of a decade now and over that time his name has become synonymous with quality.

His well constructed melodies, faultless production and unpretentious style has seen him win many fans and this latest two track E.P. sees the producer once again at his very best.

Both tracks are classic big room material in true Icone style and with rumours of a long awaited artist album on the horizon for 2011 this is a perfect way for Icone to round off his production year.

Icone – Lightspeed (Original Mix)
‘Lightspeed’ delivers a motivational and uplifting melody, warm-hearted bassline, and highly driven strings. As you step inside your transparent capsule, you are briefly given instructions “The only way to cross the universe, is to go faster than the speed of light” as those words linger in the background, you are promptly ejected in to space, let the inspiration begin!

Icone – Andromeda (Original Mix)
Andromeda streams in perfectly synced with ‘Lightspeed’ – offering a slightly faster pace, and breath-taking hook, this track is truly set on taking you one step further, closing in on the hidden depths of your mind. Locked within the sounds unravelling round you, you can feel yourself travelling at the speed of light, engulfed by emotions that spawn life to an increased heart-rate. As the energized melody implodes your senses, ice cold shots wash over you, constructing that rushing sensation we all truly love and embrace with perfection.

Open your mind, listen closely,  let this musical quest take you there!