Ray – Somersault Reviewed

Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Ray is one half of California’s leading trance production duo Reverse.

Reverse had a huge release on Vandit earlier this year with a track called Absolute Reality and it is clear from Ray’s debut solo release with Discover that he is equally capable of delivering the goods working on his own.

Somersault is hypnotic, uplifting, melodic and very well produced. Ray is definitely one to watch!

Ray – Somersault (Original Mix)
The second you hit play on this track you know something very spectacular is about to unfold, and of course how could you be wrong! Somersault begins to construct it’s motive, lifting every inch of your minds imagination, before contaminating your whole existence with an exceedingly infectious bassline. Within moments you will find yourself locked inside, enamored, terrestrially adapted within the sounds. ‘Somersault’ does exactly that, as you begin to relax an unforeseen jolt, briefly shocks your body, before pounding back in to the main hook leaving you breathless. Expect the rush, because it most definitely comes and nips you in the back of the neck, raising an army that marches upright along the pathway to your soul.

Truthfully this track is colossal – well worth checking out!!

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