Moonbeam – The Lilt ft. Avis Vox Remixes Reviewed

Reviewed by Rachel Rixham

Our Russian friends from Moonbeam release their new single “The Lilt” on our Black Hole imprint. The track features the vocals of Avis Vox.

The original version of “The Lilt” was taken from their successful album “Around The World” and became part of a remix contest. It turned out to be the perfect choice. Many fans already loved the album version and mentioned countless of times that it screamed for a single release. They are right: “The Lilt” is a smooth, warm and moving deep trance track that comes in many layers and simply floats on the sweet vocals of Avis Vox. With thick, tight beats, scarce percussion, rolling bass and an attractive arrangement, the song simply grabs hold of you and does not let go until it’s done. True aficionados of the style know exactly what we mean when we say that it has ISOS sound written all over it.

So as said above, the original version of “The Lilt” caught so much attention, that the Moonbeam brothers decided to start a remix contest. It triggered hundreds, if not thousands, of highly talented producers from all over the world to do their utmost and, hopefully, win. By the time the contest had closed, Moonbeam faced the heavy task to choose the best mixes from what seemed to be a batch that contained nothing but perfect entries. How they did it will always remain a secret, but Moonbeam did it and now this package features all the winning remixes. Make sure to check them all out, one by one and from start to finish; it is worth it. “The Lilt” is a definitely a prize winning song that will fill the dance floors around the world!


Moonbeam – The Lilt ft. Avis Vox (Original)
Admirably beauteous, colours change wondrously slowly throughout your mind before contiguously drawing you closer to the light and entrancing melody. The superbly disciplined vocals of Avis Vox exhale shards of timeless reflection and aspiration, whilst Moonbeam gather and embrace the sound within a dome of affectionate warmth and hidden depth. I especially enjoyed the gentle taps at the start of this track that seamlessly capture your focus before, gently building ‘The Lilt’ within mischievous footsteps of space.

Abebe BekeelaAlex Batiqua Remix
Abebe Bekeela & Alex Batiqua have very nicely designed this track around percussive elements and wooden chops that instantly give a flickering fire of warmth, purposely captivating you from the very start. Soon to be softly enveloped by the more defined voice of Avis Vox. The tempo seems slightly slower but for the better I believe, you are given a few extra seconds to submerge yourself within the melody, whilst being enchanted by the magic in which this stunning release delivers.

Sound Quelle Remix
Sound Quelle steps up the tempo and yet very respectfully kept the magic along the way – good job! A nice bassline drives the melody swiftly along, whilst the vocals breed in energetic waves, motivating the listener; which in turn breathes life up on the dance-floor.

Other remixes in this release

DJ Prosvirin Remix
Zodiax Remix
Greenhaven DJ’s Remix

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