How to sell your Online product effectively!

Before I start, I want you to know my experiences come from social interaction and daily hands on practical work, not from an over educative, or ignorant point of view. For that reason, I feel my ideas are more effective because I am not lost within the corporate regulations. I connect with people on a daily basis, tune in to their thoughts, ideas and needs, therefore know more about what they want and expect from you.

I work with many prestigious PR company’s, labels and artists, continuously in receipt of the freshest press releases, I read and study the way each one presents itself, but I fear most of them miss something special, vital in fact!

We’re not just selling a product here, we should be selling the creativity within it, good music speaks for itself in volumes, all we need to do is nurture it and help get it the recognition it really deserves. Connect with the buyers, draw them in creatively and encourage them that the product they should be checking out, isn’t just about the sales. We are not here to manipulate people, give people false hope in a product, for every item we sell, we should have faith, confidence in the fact that this product will benefit our buyers in some way shape or form.

If we have zero confidence in the product then why the hell are we selling it? you may think being less fussy creates more power and cash flow but in the end, people will loose hope in your company, become bored, and move on quicker than you can say “” –don’t ask it just fell out; one of those cheesy but fun adverts that make you smile, however great advertising because I remembered the name!

Pet hates

  • “CAPITAL LETTERS IN BOLD” – yes okay people can read, they don’t want it rammed down their throat, calm the duck down already! Honestly, the second I see a PR using caps I immediately stop reading…that worked, you suck, zero sales.
  • Over exaggerating an item by using big names and brands to get their point across – If a product is good then it should speak for itself, over emphasizing big brands and names within a PR release screams out “It’s shit”
  • I hate PR’s that take forever to read, you know the sort right? “get to the point before I leave, disgruntled never to return!”


  • Don’t be afraid to connect with your product, get to know it more, find out the good points and once you feel confident, then and only then should you be selling that product to the public. Far too many PR companies randomly write about a product, they know jack shit about, and that to me is highly unprofessional.
  • When reviewing a product, create a list of pointers, then go over the pointers and see which ones attract your attention the most, keep those and dump the rest, then continue by narrowing the pointers even further, then create your draft from those: Shorter, impressionable, and overall, reader friendly press release! As simple as you can.
  • Break it down, start, middle, and an end. Make the first line impressionable, this will encourage the reader to continue reading on, explain the product briefly in the middle, and finish on a friendly note – I especially enjoyed this because…blah blah blah, check it out see what you think etc (smile).
  • If you think it’s shit, simply don’t review it /push it / promote it, if you must sell it, you might know someone else who would like this kind of thing, pass it over to them and ask them to review it, they will create the biggest impact and sell it for you successfully.
  • If you have come to the point in your job where you find yourself reviewing a product from peer pressure, and expectations, then I’m sorry but you’ve failed miserably and you will soon feel the repercussions of your choices. Share and air your thoughts with your boss, be honest, tell them the truth, take more pride in the work you do for your company, they should respect your opinions, If they don’t, then leave already.
  • Lastly, forget about writing in an ultra professional way, people want to read a humans point of view –hence why blogs have taken over– A corporate review will instantly throw people off the idea of reading, not to mention buying. Why? it will remind the readers of that annoying Americanized, (no offence) loud, and in your face advert, that comes on after or in-between their favourite TV shows! they will either switch off or walk away. Just be yourself, explain it in your own words, feel free to add some creativity in there, play around with the words, you might just enjoy your job more – therefore making it more inviting to the reader.

I think what I am trying to convey to you today, is that becoming a key player, or for that matter becoming a successful company, isn’t just about making the money. It is just as important to build a firm rapport with your buyers, stop being so up your own ass and show some humanity, give back to those whom support you. Always take care and have appreciation for those who work closely within your company, listen to their opinions often, and take a moment out to ask yourself one question.

Do you spend enough time researching and taking in to consideration what the “buyers” really want?