Moonbeam: Space Odyssey – Venus

Artist: Moonbeam
Title: Space Odyssey
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Release Date: 27/09/10
Reviewed by: Rachel RixhamIvan Novich

1. Avis Vox – Doors Opened Inside (Special Venus Mix)
Moonbeam start off with their signature vocalist, Avis Vox. The track instantly intrigues you and throws you into a capsule aimed out towards the heavens. Avis Vox debriefs you on the journey ahead, slowly all engines fire up, and technology takes over leaving you in wonder. Distant waves and foreshadowing of your journey are undeniably shifting through your head. Beginning your ascent your skin becomes cold and the only thing keeping you alive is the steady beat there to help your heart keep going at a nice rate.

It doesn’t take long to become comfortable in your new environment as you drift around at ease with the snare, enjoying the view of Earth becoming smaller and smaller. Avis Vox keeps beckoning you with majestic vocals, time is nothing now. You can discover the universe from a perspective you couldn’t ever before imagine. The arpeggio makes sure you have constant paradigm shifts.

You are now on a Space Odyssey.

2. Tiesto ft. BT – Love Comes Again (Moonbeam Remix)
Traveling at the speed of light to your destination you are speechless at this new depth you have entered. In the distance you recognize something familiar, BT’s voice. You are startled to find a piece of home out here. Straining to hear the distant sounds clearly, you approach nearer and a warm bass welcomes you, space isn’t so unfriendly after all. Just as you relax your capsule thrusts forward taking you out of your comfort zone, but you’re not afraid. With an infectious melody pushing behind you, the sounds of Tiesto ft. BT – Love Comes Again evolves under a moonbeam and develops in to a monster track.

3. Nic Chagall – Morning Light (Remixed)
As we float on through this magical existence, Nic Chagall paints a faculty of imagining through percussive fireworks. Arranging many vibrant colours, you will find yourself locked within the true karma, infatuated by the vast display of planets orbiting slowly round your head.

4. Marsbeing & Ange – Perfect Moon (Original Mix)
As the vocal comes in, your gaze heads towards the intricate details that glow periodically, reflecting your emotions within it’s flickering wings. For a moment you wander feeling safe within mother natures grasp. Your tiny body twists effortlessly whilst a family of meteor showers roll by, shadowing the glare, and constructing a pathway from beneath your feet.

5. Sound Quelle – Light Beam
You begin to stride the pathway, a shooting star exhibits it’s loyalty, beaming light ahead, shaping planet bodies all around, whispering voices exhale. You are captivated, this journey illustrates life in all it’s glory. Atmospherically bright glances wink new life repetitively right before your human eyes.

You find yourself heading swiftly towards a new place, as the capsule lands smooth, you exit. Quickly you are directed towards a blurred spotlight and ushered towards an active indefinite entity, on full-focus it seems to resemble a club you knew from back home, but the people here don’t look like you expected. You don’t understand their words, they don’t understand you, and yet each of you naturally accept and connect with one another through the sounds around you, the overwhelming feeling of happiness embraces all. The majestic voice singing, embraces freedom.

6. Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox – Star Way (Club Mix)
Avis Vox stands before you, with that; the bass remoulds the sky projecting a spectrum of colours, pulsing stars become brighter and brighter, closer and closer until their presence joins the crowd. It quickly becomes apparent that this universe around you is in celebration, and Avis is controlling it all, orbiting emotions, harvesting affection, singing truths. As this voice dwindles, Avis embraces the breeze, then the silence. An overwhelming need for more implodes you.

7. FreddySlav – Bewitching Decline
Self reflection takes over with no tolerance for oppression of thoughts. Swiftly your mind is taken over by a rush of emotion, logic, and serenity; allowing you to sort through, consider this a form of human maintenance. Slowly you are left with nothing but serenity and powerful untapped wisdom within. You enjoy the silence.

8. Memento feat. Ken Spector – Enjoy The Silence (Original Mix)
“All you ever wanted, all you ever needed is there in your arms, pleasures remain, so does pain, words can only do harm.” This new epiphany gives you a deeper appreciation of silence. Typically a rare commodity, now in abundance. You listen, learn, observe, your eyes scan over every detail, hungered, and then finally you are free, the empty words vaporize the clouds, clearing your view.

9. Exclusiv J – After Midnight (Original Mix)
You look to the distance, all new things wonderfully peculiar, structures unfamiliar, dark and accent-less, like things on Earth after midnight. The waking melody glides you to your destination, you suddenly become wary of reality. A trailing path of stars flicker in the sky, capturing your gaze, you feel alone, but not lost. Memories circle your imagination, you feel like a ghost traveling through the ashes of your dreams.

10. Plato & Jette Von Roth – The Ashes Of Our Dreams (Mossy Remix)
You fall asleep and wake in what seems like the blink of an eye, but your surroundings change. You see dust whisk around you, water reflects the sharp light, a familiar scene begins to unfold. A loved one, a gentle bird singing, a daisy swaying in the wind, chattering percussion, and focused chimes. An understanding streams in to your heart, you’re making peace with the past. An image of your lover burns, etched into your mind.

11. Lion Love & Kochnev – I Believe In Love
Memories of what used to be birth a sombre feeling from the pit of your stomach. You look around once more at the surroundings, how familiar this place feels. Like a camera on constant click, passionate scenes unfold, wrapped tightly within the once strong thought “I believe in love.” Back then, nothing could stand in loves way. Laughter envelopes your wondering mind, whilst the pain of what became lingers on, that shrilling stab within your chest continues, cutting deeply, draining away all hope. Two people so in tune, connected yet ripped apart. You close your eyes once more in consuming despair…

12. Spartaque – Raise Me
Within the darkest shadows a bright light casts across your face, warmth fills the emptiness, butterflies sow the heart back together and you find yourself locked within those loving arms once more. A smile, so sweet, so tender, so true raises you from this darkened hour. Locked within loves eyes once more, two souls rise, gently sharing an intense kiss, before soaring for the skies. As we float on through this magical existence, we find ourselves locked within true karma, infatuated by the vast display of planets orbiting slowly round our heads… the journey continues, no longer alone.

We have purposely not reviewed CD2, because we wanted to share with you our expressions of CD1, in the hope that this would open the doorway for you to continue the story from within your own imagination, the music is there, all you need to do is listen!

After listening to CD2, feel free to come back and share your experiences!



01. Avis Vox – Doors Opened Inside (Special Venus Mix)
02. Tiesto feat. BT – Love Comes Again (Moonbeam Remix)
03. Nic Chagall – Morning Light (Remixed)
04. Marsbeing & Ange – Perfect Moon (Original Mix)
05. Sound Quelle – Light Beam
06. Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox – Star Way (Club Mix)
07. FreddySlav – Bewitching Decline
08. Memento feat. Ken Spector – Enjoy The Silence (Original Mix)
09. Exclusiv J – After Midnight (Original Mix)
10. Plato & Jette Von Roth – The Ashes Of Our Dreams (Mossy Remix)
11. Lion Love & Kochnev – I Believe In Love
12. Spartaque – Raise Me


01. Andrew Salsano & JF Sebastian feat. Jayn Hanna – Walking On Fire (Original Mix)
02. J-Soul – Cry Of Clouds
03. Moonbeam ft. Blackfeel Wite – Song For A Girl (Moguai Remix)
04. Rosie Romero – Guru (Original Mix)
05. The Crystal Method – Sine Language (Moonbeam Remix)
06. E-Spectro – I Can Describe (DP-6 Remix)
07. Deadmau5 – Clockwork (Robbie Rivera Juicy Ibiza Edit)
08. Gianluigi Di Russo – Sound Wave (Dark Vocal Mix)
09. Freska – Jolly Is Upstairs
10. Shades Of Gray – I Want Some More
11. Tvardovsky – Above Zero
12. Steve Kaetzel – Aurora

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