Julie Thompson – Shine

Artist: Julie Thompson
Title: Shine
Label: Magik Muzik
Release Date: October 4th 2010
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Julie Thompson’s highly successful album “Feeling For Corners”, produced by Andy Duguid, marked her definite breakthrough as an acclaimed singer.

“Shine” is the third single release taken from the album and represents everything Julie stands for. Heartfelt lyrics, and angelic multi track singing, carried by a tight electronic backing track. It is the perfect synergy for a deep trance set and many of the DJs, even if they’re mainly focussing on a more progressive performance, will be able to work with it.


Pyramid Remix – Pyramid goes all out and thrashes down a proud and banging d&b bassline, whilst the softly spoken vocal manages to sit upright and manipulate the power with perfection. It just goes to show that ‘Julie Thompson’s’ voice is rather unique, so versatile it will seamlessly fit in to any genre of music.

Raphael Frost Remix – Raphael delivers an outstanding remix, by far one of my favourites. You can expect a thumping bassline, lightly tapped piano keys, and swooshing vocals, flawlessly showcasing Raphael Frost’s impeccable production talent. For me he breathes the life and soul in to this remix, whilst carefully distributing the emotions in alluring waves, exactly what you’d want from such a release.

K1nK’s Remix – K1nK’s offers a unique twist which welcomes you with smooth percussion, shortly followed by a dreamy loop that envelopes you in to an almost karma state of mind. As the track begins to develop, the crisp and often reverberated vocals of Julie Thompson illuminates your soul. K1nK’s impression is one of pure chill out and yet the odd streak of devotion still manages to ‘Shine’ through.


01.Frontier Extended Mix
02.JPL & George Hales Remix
03.K1nK’s Remix
04.Pyramid Remix
05.Raphael Frost Remix
06.Raphael Frost Dub
07.Frontier Radio Edit
08.JPL & George Hales Radio Edit

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