Affective – Gone Clubbing / Dive

Artist: Affective
Title: Gone Clubbing / Dive
Label: Discover Deep
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Discover Deep launches with this genre busting two track EP from Russia based “Affective” who first came to our attention after they were one of the winners of the Sensorica – Masta of Sound remix competition.

These tracks seamlessly merge influences from prog through to techno and electro through to trance as Affective launch this label with a style and class that is more than worthy of the Discover name.

Affective – Dive (Original Mix)
A crafty track that intends to manipulate your expectations from the start. A repetitive kick dives straight in and circulates, taunting your mind, before taking a huge leap forward and slamming down one hell of a dirty bassline. The short vocal snippets, add a very nice seductive touch which gives the overall sound a very edgy electric twist. I especially enjoyed the second leap forward, again very unexpected the track delivers a pleasing melody, driven with infectious jabs and elasticated twists.

Affective – Gone Clubbing (Original Mix)
If I had a fast motorbike this would be the track I would be playing full pelt, whilst speedily racing down the motorway and giving the moon a run for it’s money. Gone clubbing offers a plethora of finely tuned sounds, fused together with a fruitful cultivation of drum-racks, crispy high-hats, and pulsing toms, lavishly motivated by a corrosive bassline and sweet hook. ‘Affective’ step it up even further by introducing an oldskool beat that sweeps through your bones. Very soon after you will find yourself hyperventilating, whilst rocking it large.

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