Resilient – From Nothing To Something

Artist: Resilient
Title: From Nothing To Something
Label: Above Recordings
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Above Recordings are proud to present Resilient, a collaboration between two young Norwegians, KjellOve Kvendbo and Jan Egil Hoel.

Original Mix:
Thumping floor-filler springs to mind as this track constructs a strong entrance. Packed with much energy this interpretation hones a pure melody sodden with thunderous bass, breathtaking chords, warming builds and an epic breakdown. A great track to lift the tempo within your sets, a sure winner when creating that trance energy atmosphere!

Newton Remix:
Newton keeps the thumping bassline intact to begin with, but very neatly wraps ‘Resilient’ in a pocket of love. This harmonious composition builds from the start, and continues to gently lift the atmosphere within it’s delightful melody. Swoosh effects sweep a cooling breeze, that will cast chill bumps all over your infatuated soul, whilst the additional piano chords bring warmth to a passionate breakdown that will leave you breathless. Very beautiful!

Johan Curtain Remix:
A punchy kick and some very cool percussive elements welcome the listener from the hit play. Pay special attention to the striking jabs that rotate throughout this whole track, designing a very interesting yet twisted effect. 2.28 designs a short pause that seemingly contaminates the listener with warping sounds, before constructing a solid platform on the way out of the big break. This track is ridiculously infectious and very different to previous impressions.

1. Resilient – From Nothing To Something (Original Mix)
2. Resilient – From Nothing To Something (Newton Remix)
3. Resilient – From Nothing To Something (Johan Curtain Remix)

Coming soon to Above Recordings