Neptune Project vs. Luke Bond – Atlantis

Artist: Neptune Project vs. Luke Bond
Title: Atlantis
Label: Future Sound of Egypt
Release Date: TBA
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

A trip down deep, diving into the captivating world of trance music. That’s exactly what British duo Dan Willis and Jules Moyce have arranged for you. Together with Luke Bond, the Neptune Project guys invite you for a quest to the wonderful soundscape of ‘Atlantis’.

Original Mix:
A beauteous uplifting melody gently paves way for the dreamy, seductive yet emotionally charged vocal. As you connect with this angelic voice, you can almost picture yourself floating in the sky, twisting and curling within the soft melodious clouds, whilst exhaling your emotions to the world below. The original offers a stupendously delectable expression, which is ultimately brilliant.

Temple One Remix:
A little sharper yet warming this rendition will instantly take you one step deeper in to the imagination. Temple One have given this track a flawlessly mesmerizing composition, which tunes in to your concentration straight away. As you drift slowly in and out of consciousness, you can feel the energy circulate your body, revitalizing and refreshing your mind, whilst the captivating vocals glide in and out effortlessly, soothing every inch of your soul. Fascinating!

Mohamed Ragab Remix:
Instantly throws this track in to banging proggy groove which gets your fists pumping with immediate effect. This is without doubt the rendition for the dance-floor, and yet even still, Mohamed Ragab has respected the beguiled melody and still managed to deliver a radically distinctive end.

Neptune Project vs. Luke Bond – Atlantis (Original Mix)
Neptune Project vs. Luke Bond – Atlantis (Temple One Remix)
Neptune Project vs. Luke Bond – Atlantis (Mohamed Ragab Remix)