Jaro Sabo – Pray (Eve Records)

Artist: Jaro Sabo
Title: Pray
Label: Eve Records
Release Date: TBA
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Welcome to the very first promo for the New Eve Records.

As far as this release goes we kick off with the talented Slovakian producer Jaro Sabo who delivers two powerful mixes of “Pray”, both rinsed with deep bass, hypnotic leads and stabs and a production quality that is up there with the very best.


Jaro Sabo – Pray (Original Mix)
Imagine yourself gliding through space, whilst being captivated by the vibrant cataclysmic explosions decorating the distance. For a short moment you feel the loneliness surround your small self, as your minds eye focuses on earth in all it’s glory. The remarkableness of it all, the beauty, how can this vast earth, float so effortlessly. As you draw closer, you see the darkness that surrounds this beautiful planet. Fires rage, war hemorrhages earths existence, people cry, screams echo alone, they wonder in search of the loved ones they once knew, willing the end to come. The harshness implodes you, like never before you feel a strong urge to take matters in to your own hands, but your void, your insignificant, there is nothing you can do but watch as this world folds in to itself….

Jaro Sabo – Pray (Spiritual Mix)
Beyond the sadness you remain suspended, a spectator whilst the world in which you once knew explodes before your very eyes, everything turns to black, as her last remaining breath expels in to space. You sink, dissolve within your own shell, there is no hope, nothing left, what have we done, you lift your head for forgiveness and pray to suddenly witness a spontaneous display of life reinventing itself. Electrical storms strike down on earth with tremendous force, rapidly waking earth from it’s dormant heart.

Sometimes a box standard review of a release just doesn’t cut it. ‘Pray’ designs so much more depth and creativity; in my opinion! It’s well worth checking out!


Jaro Sabo – Pray (Original Mix) SAMPLE by EVE Records