Listen, let the music expose your imagination

Within my work, I come across many artists and producers that I find muse my imagination, some stand out more so than the rest, simply because they connect within the music in a different way to most. They feel the music they create, the sounds in which they produce come from the heart, the deep state of focus in the vivid colours of their brains.

It’s those artists that muse me the most, their passion for the music deserves recognition, listen, let the music expose your imagination.

There is one artist in particular, that has mused me most of late, something within his creations stimulates my brain in a way I couldn’t even begin to explain. Let me introduce you to Thomas Decolita a sound engineer, DJ and producer from Norway…

Artist Information: Thomas Decolita

Thomas DeColita (Oct 2nd 1984 , Norway) is an inventive sound designer, music producer and DJ who’s been working on sound and music production since early 90’s. Running across a wide range of genres and styles, his broad aesthetic inspirations (from dark, ambient, classical, ancient, electrical to even a glitch passing through a beat) are poetically construed in his soundtracks and live sets, presenting rhythmical narratives far from prosaic and rather ingenious and original.

As an artist, Thomas’s originality and agility plus high quality production presented in his installations and productions, grabbed the attention of fellow elite DJs and producers around the world proclaiming him as one of the best upcoming names. And with soundtracks such as “ Trail of tears” , “Obnoxious” (which filled the second rank on for four continues weeks), “Gui Trance” and “Tritonal – Piercing Quiet” remix, Thomas has gained recognition amongst the world spread fan base of Trance and Electronic music.

As a DJ, he hold a strong stage presence showcasing vigorous mixing techniques making him one of the most sought out djs locally and internationally. Some of Thomas’s sets can be caught on his monthly radio shows: Serenity on and YouChoon on

Thomas’s music is diverse as night and day. Emotions, feelings and complexity are common denominators in his productions. His musical sensitivity and love for experimenting new sounds makes him a versatile producer that’s not just easy to work with, but inspirational for those around him. Thomas has collaborated with many artists, musicians and vocalists. His latest project “Paralysis” , formed with vocalist Ameera, is just one of the few things Thomas has planned for the coming year in addition to some movie theme projects and collaborations with other producers . Thomas has recently joined Cloud9Dance and is scheduled to perform side to side with some of the biggest names in the trance scene. Thomas continues to produce music perform live. Keep your eyes on this spot for more future updates.