Timofey & Bartosz Brenes feat. Riya – Take Me Down

Artist: Timofey & Bartosz Brenes feat. Riya
Title: Take Me Down
Label: Be Yourself Music
Release date 16.08.2010
Reviewed by Rachel Rixham
Youtube Video Preview

Bartosz Brenes is a name to watch. This productive talented producer is dropping one biog tune after another. ‘Take Me Down’ is no exception. Teaming up with Timofey and with the lovely dreamy vocals from Riva, it’s a track with a big summer feel to it.

Timofey & Bartosz Brenes feat. Riya – Take Me Down (Original Mix)
This track combines a spirited dance of big fat juicy beats, crunchy claps and sexy synth stabs that pierce the melody with frantic energy. The vocals from Riya, harmonize the main melody with perfection, offering a succulent dose of much needed warmth. It’s definitely one for the Summer, a cracking track for your car, and I can see this doing very well on the more commercialised dance-floor.

Take Me Down (Binominal Mix)
A much more chill out version compared to the original. Gentle piano keys, sit within a nice deep and sleepy bass, lifted slightly by the main lead. Sit back, grab a glass of wine and seclude yourself with this calming rendition from Binominal.

Take Me Down (Felix Cage Remix)
Pulsating tones envelope your mind whilst the circulating vocal from Riya soothes. An instant relaxant, this track drives your mind, emotions and imagination in to a floating oxygenated bubble of romance.

Take Me Down (Red Avenue Remix)
Red Avenue progressively builds the hook around the very addictive Riya vocal. Whilst lifting the tempo, the additional reverb / delay effects, catchy toms, blips, pops and hiss heighten the vocalists pain, which in turn gives this track a raw emotional kick.

Other tracks in this release include:

Take Me Down (Dub Mix)
Take Me Down (Red Avenue Dub)