Water Flame – Nebula / Corona Borealis EP

Artist: Water Flame
Title: Nebula / Corona Borealis EP
Label: Above Recordings
Release Date: August 20th 2010
Reviewed  by: Rachel Rixham

Water Flame makes his debut on Above Recordings with this fantastic EP. Nebula and Corona Borealis takes us on a journey through the emotional sounds of trance.

Water Flame – Nebula (Original Mix)
Nebula gently circulates the air you breath whilst hypnotically soothing and replenishing your senses. Before too long you will find the magical melody has gently driven you in to a natural and periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world is suspended.

A sudden twist exposes a perpetual sadness that envelopes your karma periodically, fostering your heart within it’s hands for a short distance, before entering a whirlwind of emotion that swiftly collapses yet designs a very compassionate lift, gently allowing the enchanted story to seep through it’s fingers like soft sand.

I especially enjoyed the intensified atmosphere this track breathes within it’s flawlessly honed reverb and delay effects, the soft drums give the track a glowing warmth and texture whilst the hats, captivating strings, hiss and panning, delicately fill the track with that much needed detail. The sounds from start to finish are harmonious & delightful.

Water Flame – Corona Borealis (Original Mix)
A little slower in comparison to ‘Nebula’, but still it retains the same epic sound. The atmospheric breakdown sweeps in with a twist, before pulling away and delving right back in to the main melody. Corona Borealis takes the soft bass from ‘Nebula’ and remolds it casting a deeper vibration which gives the overall sound a darker feel,
the striking hats seemingly open the track right up whilst defining the melody outline with a faultless precision.

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