Tyler Michaud – Rock Is Dead 2010 / Glass World

Tyler Michaud – Rock Is Dead 2010 / Glass World
Released: August 10th
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

New School Recordings re-introduces two stunning tracks from the past repertoire of Tyler Michaud.

‘Rock is Dead’ & ‘Glass World’ are two melodic-progressive masterpieces that are clearly defining of the “Tyler-Michaud-Sound”. Truly unique stand-out tracks with a lot of character, both of which are in league of their own. Don’t miss this one!

Tyler Michaud – Rock Is Dead 2010: Grinding cogs, and finely chiseled loops design this tracks entrance very nicely, before streamlining the skies with a twisting psychedelic motivational thrust. In a very short space of time you will find you have been transported in to a stratosphere of pounding electronic base, reckless riffs and meteor showers of extraterrestrial bodies that vaporize and explode all over your imagination – Mind bombing

Tyler Michaud – Glass World: This track instantly takes on that devilish quality as it tries to manipulate you within a very light and airy beginning. As the ‘Glass World’ begins to develop you realize you were massively mistaken. In true Tyler Michaud expression the infected baseline kicks in with domination, you can actually feel the liquid vibrations striking the glass with uncontrollable force as it bubbles and spills in to a very dark and progressive trip.

More information on this release will come soon…

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