Steve Brian – Calera

“Think of heaven and you’re almost there, this debut album ‘Calera’ has to be one of the most inspirational albums I have heard in a while. With It’s soft melodies and vibrant swirls of Summer you’re set for the most perfect sunset evening. Just grab a glass of wine, kick back and relax, allow the sounds to seep in, soothing and meditating whilst refreshing your soul”.

Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

Day Star: glides in preparing you for the journey ahead. You are met with warming echoes and gentle splashes sending you in to a dream like state, only to be softly awakened by the fresh droplets of the imagination. Britty’s vocals whisper there way from ear to ear, heightening your senses, whilst gently washing over your body with cooling summer breezes. A truly magnificent track, perfect for those late nights by the sea!

Yaya: begins with more clarity, a burst of base and intricate details submerge before rising to the surface within a lush driven melody. The added sweeping vocals give the track much depth, and yet, reflect their presence back in to the main lead with perfection.

Casa Maria: Almadrava’s Spanish vocals really set the atmosphere within this album, further adding to your imagination of being somewhere hot. Casa Maria swiftly removes lifes distractions, leaving you to soak in the environment that surrounds you.

Salida del Sol: The atmospheric curling of guitar riffs set the mood for this one straight away. Each riff seems to travel for miles, whilst being seduced by crashing waves and the stunning vocals of Britty. I can’t help but think that Britty sounds very much like Madonna in this one –just place the song like a prayer in your head when you hear her voice–  truly it’s uncanny.

Arure: Lifting the tempo, you can feel the vibrations from the baseline, the consistency is very rich and dark, and yet lifted by a very light and sweetly driven melody, with the addition of sweeping vocal snippets that seems to just float there way around your body.

Moving further on ‘Vueltas’ is centred around a warming fire of looped beats and thick baseline. Flickers of light bounce shaped glances across the mountains, as they breath echoed vocals that circulate before embracing the flames and dwindling down. David’s voice paints a wonderful illusion!

Garajonay: We enter a short track that seemingly sets the soothing atmosphere once again, tweeting birds can be heard, followed by fruits of vibrant detail that invite mother nature in to your soul; carving way for Almadrava’s expression in the next track ‘San Sebastian’.

Jenny: plucks a striking symphony, whilst nurturing a close affectionate bond between the fragile rattled taps, and delightful wooden percussion. The looped flute and drum racks give an earthy sound that seems to encourage the delicate tones to shift and play. The overall sound is light and airy and very harmonious!

Calera: has to be one of the most powerful tracks within this album, ‘wipe away your tears’ makes a very strong suggestion, you can feel the linger of pain grip your insides whilst piercing stabs shock your senses, producing that rushing sensation that swiftly stands the hairs on your neck upright. I especially like Britty’s vocals in this one, the track is well suited to her tone. Stunning!

La Playa: Imagine yourself underwater swimming to the ends of the ocean, you can see the rain hitting the surface as you rise for oxygen. The classic piano sets the pace within the idyllically calm and peaceful melody. Submerging your mind and soul in to tranquil and care free emotional state –Perfection


01. Steve Brian – Day Star (feat. Britty)
02. Steve Brian – Yaya
03. Steve Brian – Casa Maria (feat. Almadrava)
04. Steve Brian – Salida del Sol (feat. Britty)
05. Steve Brian – Arure
06. Steve Brian – Vueltas (feat. David Berkeley)
07. Steve Brian – Garajonay
08. Steve Brian – San Sebastian (feat. Almadrava)
09. Steve Brian – Jenny
10. Steve Brian – Calera (feat. Britty)
11. Steve Brian – La Playa
12. Steve Brian – Day Star (feat. Britty – Club Mix)


Artist Information:
In 2009 his solo career took effect with his new alias being ‘Steve Brian’.

Not wasting any time Steve produced a massive single namely “Yaya”, this track gathered ample amounts of support from prestigious names, not to mention a lot of airtime. In addition Steve decided to develop a new radio show called “Calera Sessions” which is hosted monthly via

In September 2009 Steve released his next big production called “Starlight”, this included a stonking remix by the fine ‘DJ Eco’ which was released on UK based label ‘Lange Recordings’. ‘Starlight’ features on many compilations like Lange’s Intercity Summer 2009 Compilation, ATB’s The DJ Vol.5, and In Trance We Trust Australia Vol. 2, with strong support from Gareth Emery, Blake Jarrel, Mat Zo, Roger Shah.

In 2010 Steve saw more support flooding in when he followed up with his release “La Gomera”, it became a “Future Favourite” on Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance show and furthermore “Record of the Week” on Above & Beyond’s Trance around the World. This track was supported by names such as as Andy Moor, Kyau & Albert, Menno de Jong, Dash Berlin, Ronski Speed, First State.

Steve Brian now brings you a further release but this time it’s a debut album named “Calera”. Steve has worked alongside vocalists such as ‘David Berkeley’, ‘Almadrava’ – a Spanish singer that has featured on  many ‘Chill Out’ samplers one being ‘Cafe’ del Mar’ – and last but not least; German vocalist ‘Britty’. This debut album is astonishingly good, Steve illustrates many creative elements throughout, feeding your imagination whilst captivating and luring your illusions. In my opinion you just couldn’t get any better than this, if you love your melodic compilations then this is definitely one for you.

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