Reflections 01

So how do you write a review?

Basically I hit play and listen but not just listen, I block out all of my surroundings and really listen. This stimulates my imagination and creates pictures within my head, these pictures create a story within the sounds that I listen to.

Are your reviews always positive or do you like to be a critic also?

Many people ask me that question and my firm answer is always I am or prefer to be what you would call a positive writer, I will only write a review for tracks that I feel stimulate my imagination, however, if a label or friend asks me for a review then I will do my best to please them also. But I find with this method not all of my reviews are to my liking because not all tracks stimulate a creative picture within my head. So I am not entirely sure whether I am a true writer or not but at least I do try my best to be. I am learning, and I am sure in the future things will pan out in the correct way for me.

My favourite friend at the moment is web definitions on Google, what a superb tool!

Interviews: how have you progressed?

A long while back I was confused about how I could create a good interview, but now I just go with the flow and in turn this is keeping me very busy. I am asked for interviews constantly, to the point that I am back logged which is interesting for me. I must be doing something right.

I find at the moment the best way to start an interview is to do some research on the person you are interviewing, this gives you a rough background in to what they do exactly, listen to their tracks and try to get a feel for who they are. This in itself creates many questions and that is how I go ahead with each interview. Some interviews really delve in to the background and personality of the person and some are box standard. Again I go with the flow and see how things pan out.

Presentation is always the key, I make sure that the presentation of the interview is as good as I can get it. I add pictures and display the questions in an easy readable way.

Would you say Beatsmedia is going to plan at the moment, are you happy with it’s progress so far?

I have run Beatsmedia full-time now since April 2010, It’s currently hitting 80,000 to 100,000 unique people each month. Am I pleased? yes of course what is there not to enjoy about that amount of people coming to your website. However, I do wish I could do more.

For instance, my writing skills are still not up to scratch, you would say why not just learn? fact is I don’t have time for that, if I did my website and workload would slip downhill, so I am now learning as I go. Not sure that is the best way but how better?

I still feel much improvement is needed for interviews, but I haven’t stumbled across the answer for that yet. Only time will tell and I am very patient.

I have managed to strike a rapor with many people I am collaborating with at the moment, I am lucky to have met some very acknowledged, hard-working and very experienced people, I am very grateful to them and will continue to work closely with them all in the future.

Lastly I would like to see Beatsmedia earning something back, at the moment my biggest flaw is offering all of my services for free. I do get a few projects in which I make small amounts from but sadly I pay my team with that, so I’m not actually seeing anything at the moment. How I will change that is another lesson still to be learned.

In addition, I would like to gather more team members together, I hate feeling I am pushing too much work on those working for me so far. The down side is most people want cash and we just don’t have much to give yet. The second downer is when you take people on and explain what’s needed, they agree but you soon find out they are doing nothing what so ever, or as I’ve noticed many times, they are only out to promote themselves (pet hate) which makes me wonder why the hell they asked to join in the first place. I only wish there were more people like the team members already present, but fact is there isn’t, and the more professional types want money. They don’t run on passion alone like we do, but then at the same time they have to earn a living and I fully respect that too. We will have to see how things pan out as with all hiccups.

To be continued…