Pedro Del Mar – Playa Del Lounge

Artist: Pedro Del Mar
Title: Playa Del Lounge
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Reviewed by:  Rachel Rixham

When I write these reviews, it’s often hard to convey just how good an album is, to make it stand out from the crowd, to let you know that this is something different and something special; it’s hard to say “this is one of those albums you’ll be ever grateful for hearing” – it’s not just sounds, not just emotions, but an evocative journey through yourself that leaves you remembering why you love music.

This album intoxicates the mind with a rippling warmth, you can instantly picture yourself sat on the beach watching the waves rolling in, whilst the gentle flight of birds dance around the sky. A warm blanket of hypnotic melodies tenderly embrace, as you are spellbound, inspired and locked within the journey that is about to unfold right before your very own eyes.

Pedro Del Mar’s – Playa Del Lounge:
Is a romantic novel in itself, compiling an emotional journey of ‘True Love’ through music. In the finest detail, every emotion you could possibly imagine is carved deep in to the heart of this album beautifully. From soft sweeping melodies, soothing vocals and atmospheric progression, ‘Playa Del Lounge’ unravels a remarkably attractive love story.

Pedro Del Mar & Blue Tente – You Left:
As the ocean waves roll in the melody washes up a sombre memory, you can feel the loneliness begin to surround your mind as the piano keys are lightly pressed accompanied by a deep drum, shakers, and tapped triangles.

The Movement – Rainmaker:
The clapping thunder in the background sets an electrical atmosphere, whilst the vocals soothingly carry you through the storm. I especially liked the progressive drum rolls, that seemingly focus your attention towards the heavy rain fall.

System F ft. Armin van Buuren – Exhale:
A grumbled base introduces the heartstrings of heaven, whilst raising the tempo within a mysterious and magical fluted melody.

Steve Forte Rio ft. JES – Blossom:
Taking the album ever deeper, the voice of JES sends shivers throughout your entire body. It’s quite amazing how someone humming a melody can actually express so much intense emotion. This comes in wonderfully after ‘Exhale’ I must admit!

Eximinds feat. Aelyn – I Feel You:
The whispers tell a story of something very special happening in this track you’ll understand more when you listen. Throughout the album so far you have felt lost, you have exhaled the pain, now we feel the passion blossoming. The journey ahead is finally in full focus now the pain has resided.

Daniel Loubscher – Never Give Up:
The perfect reflection of the strength that builds within true love, the challenges, the insecurities, the questions, the trust.

DJ Hashish & DJ Kopin ft. Marcie – Someday:
The melody is soft and gently driven, perfectly matched by Marcie’s focused vocals throughout. The tender piano keys and charming strings enhance the overall depth beautifully. Marcie illustrates to me a confused mind, trying to escape an uncomfortable situation, she searches for answers…

Pedro Del Mar – A New Beginning:
As we have all come to expect from Pedro Del Mar – ‘A New Beginning’ captivates from start to finish. A soft sweeping melody breathes within a heartbeat baseline, lifting, and caressing, whilst lightly manipulating your imagination. A true fable within itself!

Illitheas – Sunset Over Mooera:
As the ocean reflects the suns rays, the picture paints a perfect sky, once again the gentle flight of birds dance, whilst the soft breeze cleanses your soul from the stricken pain once poisoned.

Creative Meaning:
The creative story behind the first 10 tracks for me, starts off missing someone you once loved deeply and thinking about special moments you had spent together, passionate times, happiness, smiles and laughter. Within those collective memories comes the heart wrenching pain of loosing that special person.  As we all do, we design a picture within our imagination, we cry, we hurt, we cry some more, we keep on choosing to harbour those memories, and relive the pain over and over again.

As much as we like to think reliving hurtful memories is a bad thing, silliness even, the truth still remains that this is a very important healing process. If we keep on reflecting the love we once felt, eventually it becomes easier, through the oceans of tears we heal. When we finally heal ourselves, only then can we move on and learn to love once more, only then can we learn from our mistakes and make things better the next time around.

The lesson is learnt and the healing process begins, the sadness overwhelms but you survive, and before you know it you are ready to enter a new love. (EXHALE) However, ‘Once burned, twice shy’ this time you carry the burden of insecurities. You build the strength from your new love and see those insecurities through. Then the happiness and full meaning of album / true love can begin once more.

Final Thoughts:
So far this album has summoned many emotions, the provocative melodies have been atmospherically powerful, truly inspirational, painful at times but always heavenly. Each track flows in to the next flawlessly, the warm glow throughout charms and comforts whilst the gentle breeze rotates, lifts and softly falls, stimulating your emotions whilst intentionally intoxicating your mind.

I have enjoyed this immensely and I am truly grateful I have a copy in my possession. – I strongly recommend!!! 11/10


Full Track list:

01. Pedro Del Mar – Playa Del Lounge (Intro Mix)
02. Pedro Del Mar & Blue Tente – You Left (Alexei Zakharov Ambient Mix)
03. The Movement – Rainmaker (Chillout Mix)
04. System F feat. Armin van Buuren – Exhale (Tim Besamusca’s Lounge Mix)
05. Steve Forte Rio feat. JES – Blossom (Lounge Mix)
06. Hysteria! – Talking Eyes (Chillout Mix)
07. Eximinds feat. Aelyn – I Feel You (Chillout Mix)
08. Daniel Loubscher – Never Give Up (Adam Ellis Short Mix)
09. DJ Hashish & DJ Kopin feat. Marcie – Someday (DJ Hashish’s Chill Mix)
10. Pedro Del Mar – A New Beginning (Ole Van Bohm Chillout Mix)
11. Illitheas – Sunset Over Mooera (Chillout Mix)
12. Pit feat. Britta – Liquid Love (Chillout Mix)
13. The Chaser – Thinking About (Chillout Mix)
14. Derek The Bandit & James Nelson feat. Marcie – One (Original Mix)
15. Lost Soul – Strange Moments (Chillout Mix)
16. Zaa feat. Aneym – Dance With Me (Chillout Mix)
17. Konrad Blank – When The Sun Goes Down (Chillout Mix)
18. W.O.R.M. feat. Ira M – We Remember (Chillout Mix)
19. Danjo & aXess – Captivity (Chillout Mix)
20. Pedro Del Mar feat. Emma Lock – Guilty (Cafe Del Marco Torrance Mix)
21. System F – Cry (Unplugged Version)

“Playa Del Lounge” is available in stores and as digital download through Black Hole Recordings.