Moonbeam ft Blackfeel wite – First Night

Artist: Moonbeam ft Blackfeel wite
Title: First Night
Label: New School Recordings
Release Date: 28th July (Exclusive via Beatport) 2 weeks later on all major.
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham

(Manuel De La Mare & Tyler Michaud Remix) The gradual build of this track is simply divine. Throughout you can hear an abundance of rotating metallic samples which sharpen your senses, whilst being drawn in ever deeper and rolled in to an emotional state by the very penetrative driven melody.

Manuel De La Mare & Tyler Michaud have added some very unique sounds, which help to perfectly reflect the vocalists feelings. A deep and dusky baseline sets the mood whilst being injected with reverbs and striking piano stabs aiming straight for your heart strings, the track leads in to a haunting vocal, that is intensified tremendously by the stuttered whispers.

3:30 introduces a short breakdown, the provocative yet haunting bellow takes centre stage for a moment, before being progressively built back up within an array of dramatic bubbled effects, warming tones and vindictive snaps of pulsating pops. A thick base devours almost giving you the sensation of the vocalist being suffocated within his own confused state.

It’s not often I come across a track and strongly suggest you go and buy it, but this is definitely deserving praise!!

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